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We all get a blank canvas in life, How will you turn your's into a masterpiece. 👣 Adelaide. #NBHT ⛪️ Snapchat : 👁zefroniac👁 Z Find me here ⚫⚪

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Change is coming 👣☠
I wanna be a baller please, but the liqour & the bitches keep on calling me.
Out from the shadows, I will shine once more.
Spot the Mexican gringo 😎
The only way I can escape the shadows of the darkness is to step out into the light & shine.
Change is coming 👣☠
I'm a producer before im a DJ, But this enables me to be able to play MY music in sets & mixes, or have other DJ's play, it all starts with the music in studio.
If theirs hopelessness, theirs a revolution & that brings change.
*Time to shut off* 🌌🍗 After 11 hours in the studio tonight, no breaks, it feels good to switch off.  We are moving forward 👣
While they party, I hustle ☠👣
It's long weekend, get your boogie on 😈😇
My names Busta, Alpha male, takes selfies 🐶
Church or party? 🤔💭 😇😈
Write track, mix track, master track, listen, fix track, tweak mix, Re-master track, listen × 7,000
Thanks @roland_us for the hookup 🎹
Some people just don't know how to be real, they will never understand, they will fall☠👣
Not sure if it's summer ending or these tracks that's creating these cold storms I feel 👣☠
I was always taught Self-discipline, respect. So I train to stay ready, be sharp, both mentally & physically, everyday I want to be better than yesterday, so I work on my game, improving my self, staying motivated ☠👣
Bruce Lee once Said "Art is an unrestricted expression of an individual's soul" In his form meaning martial arts, music is how I express mine. Everytime you do something new, it's a blank canvas, just like painting a picture. Art is a beautiful thing, because theirs so many different types of it.
Emilio estevez, the mighty duck man.