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#Wiscansin University now open ⬇️

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Do they have Twitter awards? This guy needs three of em.
“The world is watching. Give em a show, kid” 📸: @Brianwinstonfraser
Psa for the weak. “Grow a pussy! Ppl usually say grow a pair of nuts but a pussy can take a beating” -Betty White
I think somebody is trying to build a doomsday device on the roof of this hotel
Back in Europe for the first time in a few years! Let's get it, tix at tpain.com. What songs ya'll wanna hear?
12 more hours until the @wiscansinuniversity shop closes @ 12pm EST..who copped somethin so far?
Me comin home drunk to @amberghini1122 at 4am from the studio tryin to make magic happen
This is the guy you put on your team and send in to negotiate the big Money deals. You’ll come out on top every time. Dude was legit like this for the full hour that I was out there. Fucking, beast. I need to party with this guy. Remember the dude from The Longest Yard movie that they got from the basement 😂 that’s all I can picture rn 😂
The SHOP over at @wiscansinuniversity closes for the semester this Sunday at 12pm EST..Look out for the new launch in a few months for the fall semester
Everybody on the internet waiting on you to fuck up so they can give their opinions on how much better they are than you.
I gotta wrap this bitch bro. I’m a Florida Boy. I can’t stand black cars. Our shit gotta dance in the sun for real. What color should I change it to?
Li dog in the target teen section look like he got two cars already