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I had a brilliant (or so I thought) idea for a photo, so I did the usual - made a rough pencil sketch and waited for the right day to click my best photo yet. I bought all the props needed, set up the scene; and voila! An uninspiring, plain and dull photo stared back at me. (Okay, that was opposite of “voila” !) I changed angles, redid the styling, tweaked the story idea. No! Nothing worked. Two hours later, I accepted defeat and fell into a foul mood. So now I have no masterpiece to post on IG but enough left over props for freshly squeezed juice and coloured flashy eyes to last me through this week. - - Care to share your stories of picture ideas that flopped big time? Pretty please? At least to make me feel better? 😘 . . #booksofig #libraryofbookstagram #slowandsimpledays
I love shelfies but my book shelf is at a weird angle to take any good ones. The rest of my books are crammed inbetween my clothes, hidden behind crockery, stuffed into cardboard boxes; you name it. So here is a more decent shelfie for your eyes only. 😘 - - We are heading out for dinner. What about you? If you are cooped up at home, come and  browse virtually through these beauties and tell me your favourites. . . #shelfiesunday #bookshelfgoals #bookstoreheaven
It would be a pity if #femmemarch (btw LOVING your posts for the tag) goes by without a picture of some beloved books by Austen on the grid. What else? Well, I’ve gotta share an amazing app that I fell in love with this week. Useful plus cute plus all the hearts. - - Try out IFTTT (If this then that). It is super useful to club your social media handles for publishing posts and much better than the in built Instagram linked connection (or any other ones I’ve seen). So when you publish a post on IG, it will get tweeted as a small excerpt of your caption and the picture along with the link. The Insta app gives you a generic link with one line of caption and no picture that no one would ever bother checking out. Did you all know about it already? 🤦🏻‍♀️ (okay, I live in a hole). - - Share an app or some trick that made you think ‘AHHH, Why didn’t I know about this earlier?’ Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Friday!! . . #bookishthings #simpleandstill #friday_night
Ever read a book and found yourself unable to put it down? That was exactly what happened to me with this novel that came as a surprise mail from @boroughpress . Eleanor Oliphant is such a darling that you simply cannot close the book until you are completely sure she is going to be fine. The characters spring to life and take you with them as they go about their lives. All the five stars 🌟!! I swear you would be amazed how a debut can be this perfect. #femmemarch - - Any new favourites you would love to share with everyone? . . . . #thebooksatchelreviews #eleanoroliphantiscompletelyfine #mindtheminimal
Morning cuppa in the balcony and birdsong. This has been my morning routine since Jan; a new ritual that I’ve grown very fond of (It is quite the incentive to wake up early). There are perching pigeons, fleeting swallows, kites and crows; and on lucky days I spy the elusive parrots too. #findinginspiration . . . #smallpleasures #insearchofjoy #littlebitsof_life #bookishescape #amonthoflovely #calm_collected #stopmotionvideo #stopmotionanimation #ps_movement #makingmovies #everydaymumbai #whimsicalart #ignitetheskillwithin #bevisuallycreative #staycreative #bookart #bookstagramchallenge
I found my kindred spirit in Lucy Montgomery’s Anne with her never ending supply of stories and wild imagination. Isn’t Anne a darling? Now Emily keeps calling my name from the shelves, but I’d rather start reading these after I acquire the third book. #femmemarch - - 🐙Tag someone who reminds you of a favourite book/movie character. Shelbi @thenobbylife reminds me of Anne because her captions are filled with the most delightful stories of her students. Always makes me chuckle. . . #naughtyteas #hyggehome #nostalgicmoments #lmmontgomery
Yesterday we headed out for late night ice cream (blueberry & mulberry) for old time’s sake. Today I woke up with a runny nose and droopy eyes which meant all Sunday plans went kaput. But this made me realise that we have the power to create our comfort blankets to get through the not-so-good days; be it unicorns of powdered sugar and rose petals or Sundays propped on pillows sipping lots of ☕️ and surrendering to the much needed rest. - - What’s your fav ice cream flavour? I don’t think I have any but I ardently dislike butterscotch and pista flavours. . . #whp🦄 #ibelieveinunicorns #creativemornings #coffeeinbed
I am loving these book spreads. Some more amazing books by women that I loved recently. I had a streak of good reads with @tinder_press; so  I got thinking, why not talk about my favourites? - - But before that- (I might sound like a parrot reminding you guys of the INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY running right now). Two winners can grab one book each - a copy of the paperback ed of Tin Man or The Immortalists . Simply put up a post celebrating women’s work before 17th March and use the hashtags #femmemarch and #femmemarchga18 . More details on the Highlights of Femme March in my bio. - - Back to the books: While I loved See What I have Done for how wonderfully atmospheric it is, I enjoyed Gather the Daughters because it gave me sleepless, stomach churning nights. I enjoyed Tin Man for the quietness that speaks volumes about love and relationships while The Immortalists (new fav) made me ponder for long hours about life and death. And my FAVOURITE from Tinder Press is What it means when a man falls from the sky by Leslie Nneka Arimah. Still haven’t forgiven myself for forgetting to grab the book while taking the shot. - - How was your weekend? I had planned for a long day taking pictures for IG but ended up taking none. Tomorrow then.  Maybe... Maybe not. . . #booksonbooks #newbooks #coffeeandcroissants #hyggelife #coffee☕
Turn a page, look around and the book situation is already out of control!! Send help....(or maybe send more 📚 please?) - - How do you keep your TBR under control? I once tried a system of buying one book only after reading three on the shelf, inspired by Michelle, @bookmusings . But sadly that didn’t work out for me. I am pretty good with book bans though. - - Right now I prioritize my reading to help me keep a sane mind and an insanely good TBR. I read a few chapters, see if the writing interests me and only then decide to stick with the book. Sadly enough, some books don’t get read. But I love that I am devoting my time to the books I truly love reading and it helps me recommend better ones to you guys too. So I call being picky a win-win. - - ➡️ Do you have any tips on keeping your TBR under control? I’d love to know. . . #ireadeverywhere #fridayplans #booksonbooksonbooks #bibliomania
What is the language spoken in your country? India is so diverse that we have a different language for each state. @harpercollinsin has released these new editions called ‘Perennial 10’ consisting of books translated from regional languages. How awesome is that? - - HEY! There is an ongoing GIVEAWAY (India only) where you can win The Liberation of Sita by Volga in this stunning edition and The High Priestess never marries by Sharanya Manivannan. I’ve read and loved both the books as some of you might remember. All you have to do is submit a picture using the hashtags #femmemarch and #femmemarchga18  before 17th March. Good luck! Details on the Highlights of Femme March in bio. #womenwhowrite - - I was elated to receive ‘Chemmeen’ which is one of my favourite novels in my limited stash of Malayalam reading. Did you know? - Thakazhi wrote the novel in seven days. - The first print ran out of print in two weeks. - This translation is beautifully done by Anita Nair. The novel was adapted into a mega hit movie too. - - ➡️ What is your first language? If not English, do you know how to read and write it? I am from Kerala and Malayalam is my mother tongue. . . #bookishallure #indianbooks #diversebooks #translated
I’ve fallen in love with magic and magical worlds all my life. But when you are wallowing in adulthood, it just doesn’t seem as real as it should be. So then you need to put up fairy lights in glass jars, then clap loudly and proclaim ‘I believe in magic.’ That saved Tinkerbell, didn’t it? - - What’s something in real life that seems magical to you? . . . #fairylights #ibelieveinmagic #theeverydayproject  #beautyyouseek #bokehlove #theweekoninstagram #awakethelight #lightinspired #bevisuallycreative #mycreativecommunity #aslowmoment  #creativewomen #plotagraph #seekinspirecreate #tinytinymoments #daysofsmallthings #stillswithstories #abmhappylife #holdthemoment #cornersofmyworld  #magiceveryday
Ah! That’s one chunky book you are holding, Resh. Is that what you are thinking? Trust me, Zadie’s new collection of essays is a lovely read; so that’s no problem! - And THANK YOU for all the love for #femmemarch . You guys are awesome. Make sure you check out the giveaways on the Highlights in bio too 😘. - - I love Zadie’s non fiction more than her fiction (Anyone else with me?); and I started reading this from the last section titled ‘Feel Free.’ I loved the essay about diary writing where Zadie mentions her Yahoo account (remember those days?) being the eye opener to the foolish human being that she is. The second essay was thought provoking named ‘Bathroom’ is more personal and about her family. I think I am going to love this collection. Thanks for spoiling me, @penguinukbooks ! - - ➡️The essay mentioning the Yahoo account made me nostalgic. What was your first email account? Did you have any fancy names for your accounts? 👇🏼 My first one was a Hotmail account and I also had a ‘cool’ Yahoo account for friends that had the words ‘cyber’ and ‘angel’ in it 🤦🏻‍♀️ . Cringeworthy user names huh? . . #feelfree #readingweek #coffeefliicks #bookscoffeelifestyle
Do you meditate? Or spend some quality time with your own thoughts for a few minutes every day? I don’t have a set schedule for mindfulness but I am always lost in thoughts about ‘what is the purpose of life’ (I might add these thoughts crop up especially when internet is down 😝). - - Gian Kumar says “The state of our becoming is far more important that the state of our being.” In his book ‘Spiritual Power - Being & Becoming’ from @hayhouseindia , he talks about self realization, balance in life, spirituality versus religiousness, perception of god & reality and how one can strive towards achieving a higher plane of self awareness. He encourages the reader to ask questions because it is only when we go looking for answers that we find them. #sponsoredpost - - What questions do you keep mulling over in your mind? I’d love to hear the serious and funny ones. . . . #portrait_ig #girlscreating #mindfulnessmatters #creativegrammer #upintheclouds #bookishescape
Book recommendation time! Children of Blood and Bone by @tadeyemibooks is on every book list of 2018! It is a fantasy inspired by West African magic. #femmemarch - - The pacing was fast and the fiesty heroine who wants to bring magic back kept me glued to the book. The story has underlying themes of racial discrimination and murder of those who posses magical abilities. I had hoped for more depth to the magic in the book but often it read like the ‘chase-and-escape’ fantasy. But the ending!!! That was a cliff hanger! I can’t wait for the next book. Fingers crossed there will be lots more magic. Thank you @fiercereads  #thebooksatchelreviews 4/5 ⭐️ - - Longer review #ontheblog . Link in bio. - - What’s the last book you finished? ▶️ Tag your pics of books by women with #femmemarch . . . #readwomen #fantasybooks #diversebooks #cupsinframe #quietchaotics #fridayreads
Today we begin a month long celebration for #femmemarch to celebrate women and their work. Thank you for all the support💕. So excited! - - I couldn’t think of a book more perfect than One Hundred Nights of Hero from @jonathancape for the occasion. It has friends who stick together, princesses who dance, sisters who ‘read aloud to each other, write in ink,mud, paint, charcoal and pencil and luxuriate sinfully in the written word’ thus getting branded as criminals and a Secret Society of story tellers. - - Isabel Greenberg’s striking art work combined with her captivating story telling is inspirational to every woman out there. - - ➡️ We all are part of the thriving society of storytellers. Share a part of your story - something happy or sad; something you regret or perhaps a memory that came to your mind right now? . . PS: Watch out for posts by @bookmusings and @mybookbath tomorrow for some amazing women writers of 1800s. . . . #bookishlove #graphicnovels #dreamerswelcome #storybehindsquares #creativehappylife #readwomen
I am very excited and nervous thinking about #femmemarch kicking off tomorrow. It is going to be soooo goood! (At least I hope so). - - Who else forgot that Feb has only 28 days? My month has ended in a bit of rush and sleeplessness but I am so pumped about the next month! - - When your mind is everywhere, #bookhaul for picture goals! I’ve already finished reading The Immortalists and it was fabulous. Let me know if I should bump any up my TBR. - - What about you? Relaxed end to your month or still running around to put all pieces together? . . #booksonbooksonbooks #bookhoarder #idratherbereading
Casually posting a picture I took over a sloppy winter day (#missingwinter). The temperatures are on the rise and I am not happy! But come summer or winter, I’d be petting my 📚 everyday. - - Talking of books, do you have a library membership? How do you source your books? - I used to have a library membership long back but cancelled it. I hope good public libraries open up here because I’d definitely be joining them. Fingers crossed. - - #memyselfandi #booksinfinite #booksinmysquare #bookishme
Why do I have a spread of some amazing books by women for today’s post? I’ve got some EXCITING news to share with all of you!! March is nearly here. And it is time for the second edition of #femmemarch !! The idea is to celebrate women and their work throughout March. - - I am nervous and happy with butterflies in my tummy because we are going to have this again. Thank you to all of you who supported me last year with the hashtag project. I owe the second edition to YOU! - - ...And that’s not just it! Eighteen wonderful ladies will be talking about books by women writers this year. There will be posts on books published in 1800s, 1900s and present day. So this Femme March is going to bigger and a LOT OF FUN. 🎉 🎊 - - I hope you will join in because I can’t wait to see all your favourites next month. There are some amazing giveaways lined up too (get those drafts featuring books by women crackling already 😝). - ▶️Don’t forget to tag your pics with #femmemarch so that we can view and interact with one another. - - ➡️Are you as excited as me? Will you be joining in? . . . . #celebratewomen #readwomen #booksonbooksonbooks #bookscoffeelifestyle #coffeeinbed
Some days you read books, some days you get excited because you are twinning with the book cover. - - Happy Sunday everyone. How did your weekend go? Mine was filled with numerous rounds of Code Names, coffee and long chats with friends. Also awesome food!!(making me miss home even more) - - . . #whptwinning #bookstoread #sametosame #morningscenes #snackingtime #readmore
#friyay, Friday, any way you want to call it. My Friday evening plans include playing Code Names (The BEST game, seriously!) with friends and drinking bucket loads of tea. Dinner plans are still in a mist of confusion. - - I read so many incredible books released in 2018. Here are the new releases that I really enjoyed and would recommend in a heart beat. (Okay, Tin Man is a 2017 release but look at that new paperback edition, will ya?) - - Recommend me something (anything you like - Food, games, movie, TV show). . . . #booksbooksbooks #seaofbooks #booksofinstagram
Just trying to find my way through the big, bad 🌎 . Life is strange. Some days I sit and think and think and think; trying to figure out where I am headed. On other days, I just go with the flow. - - Are you the anxious kind, super chill kind or a bit of both? . . .  #creativityatitsbest #asecondofwhimsy  #fromabove #myhappyviews #dontworrybehappy