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BOOTH NIAGA UNTUK 2-3 HARI JER?? MANA CUKUP!!! . KAMI BIARKAN ANDA BERNIAGA SEHINGGA 30 HARI !!!! BARULAH PUAS !!! . Buat pertama kalinya, RAYA KARNIVAL TERBESAR akan diadakan besar-besaran di AIRPORT MALAYSIA!!!✈️✈️✈️ . Tahukah anda purata 80,000 RIBU pengunjung yang akan menggunakan KLIA & KLIA2 SETIAP HARI !!! MEREKA INI PROSPEK ANDA!!!💲💲💲 . Tempahan untuk booth telah DIBUKA dan ia semakin TERHAD.🚨🚨🚨 . Kunjungi kami segera!!! IG/FB : A.T.Runway . Whatsapp : 016-2322 377 . E-mail :info@atrunway.com  #atrunway  #atrunwayboothbooking  #vendor  #vendorwanted
God create someone who is wise & who only knows to love & make sacrifices..one who encourage & one who never give up...God create women.Wishing you Happy Women’s Day❤️
My family #airmatasyurga 💖#Repost @elliesuriaty_azryiskandar with @get_repost ・・・ Kita dengan the very beautiful Tasha Sheila😘💞💖 and the very funny 😂😂😂and smart Afiq Muiz 😄 #airmatasyurga #hyppetvsensasi116 #directorrajaahmadalauddin @darkwavepictures_my @datorafiena @udean53 @tashashilla @muhamadafiqmuiz
But darling, In the end ...you have to be your own hero,because everyone is busy trying to save themselves. ❤️ #beyourownhero
We try to hide our feelings,but we forget our eye speak. ❤️ #throwback #imissbeach #sunshine #peace #behappy #beyou 😊
Thank you Abang Wan a.k.a Karl for the write up.Grab your Berita Harian Paper today. Stylish: @Mawar_adriana  Mua : @chuckyhilmijanudin  Dress : @poplook  Accessories: @yasminbella
#iwokeuplikethis! it is the truth! I had a very long day yesterday at work and my face looked so tired. But I still managed to apply my @SKII #overnightmiraclemask last night and I feel and look so fresh. I have only had a few hours sleep but thanks to @SKII my skin is looking bright and feeling refreshed. It’s perfect because I am now ready to start my day 😍
It’s been such a busy time for me shooting my new drama and very tiring. But thanks to @skii I love to apply my #overnightmiraclemask as it always makes me wake up feeling fresh and energised the next day. After a great nights sleep, I am proud to say #iwokeuplikethis 😘 #inpartnershipwithskii
It has been sometime since I have last posted but I haven’t forgotten you all 😊... So today i would like to wish all my fans to have a great day, work hard and believe in yourself .. Happy Thursday .. LOVE YOU ALL ❤
Always in my 💓 #tashashillateam #jauhdimatadekatdihati #8tahun #friendshipsgoals
Thank you sayang-sayangku #tashashillateam ❤️ #jauhdimatadekatdihati
Thank you team #airmatasyurga.❤️
Great experience dining high in the sky last night. Thank you #ditsmalaysia for sponsoring our location for shooting my new drama series Air Mata Syurga. #hyppsensasi #darkwave #airmatasyurga #ditsmalaysia #fashaallana
She cries every night tears streaming down her face She needs to be loved again she's forgotten the taste.  The taste of the sweet kiss that once made her smile She needs to be held again if only for a little while.  She needs someone to talk to when she needs a friend She has a broken heart  that she feels cannot mend.  She needs to be loved forget the tears She needs someone who'll be there forever throughout the years.  All she thinks about are the times you had together; You both said you would be forever.  She needs someone there for her she knows she can trust; This isn't just a want this is a must.  With all the signs of 'true love' she has been shown She still cries at night 'cause she's still alone.  She needs to be loved again someone's baby girl; Someone who will tell her she is his world. -Larackkaba-  Make up : @arishadhz 👗 @syafieq_ayman 📸 @nizarhafizmustafa
Thank you @richiamocoffee menaja tempat penggambaran untuk drama series Air Mata Syurga. #hyppsensasi #darkwave #richiamocoffee @rajailya
I have always love the idea of not being what people expect me to be. Wishing you all happy Monday 💖 📸@nizarhafizmustafa  Make up @arishadhz 👗 @syafieq_ayman 📸 @nizarhafizmustafa
Thank you abang @iman_imran75 for your write up.💝 and thank you to all my supporters.I love you so much.Jauh dimata dekat dihati ❤️ 🙎🏻‍♀️ @arishadhz 👗 @syafieq_ayman 📸 @nizarhafizmustafa
#airmatasyurga #hyppsensasi 🎥
So here it is my secret that I want to share with you all. @skii Airy Milky Lotion helps my skin to stay hydrated smooth and full of life. Even after a long day of shooting I use this as part of my bedtime routine to help maintain the brightness and softness of my skin. 😍  #skiirnapower #skii #changedestiny #airy