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When in Switzerland have chocolate. I’m also having espresso for the first time here in the form of a 🍸. Due to gut issues I’ve been avoiding β˜•οΈ. I order a salad starter which was overdressed πŸ‘πŸ‘—πŸ‘ (I ate it up anyhoo) and then a gnocchi with truffle sauce (to make my daughter jelly @ashlynnkatzz) which was over salted and had it taken back πŸ™ˆ and opted to go straight to dessert and an after drink which you see here.  Maybe it’s me but it seems the high altitude is over-sensitizing my tastebuds and I prefer simple white wine and unsalted butter (on tasty crispy πŸ₯– sticks of course) which by the way is so good here. .. just for my taste buds and not for my waist line and wallet. Ouch! And what gets me soapy is the number of elder people: women, men, couples in their 80’s walking around in stores and using public transportation- alone, with friends, and spouses on and off the tram and trains and they even helped me with which is which train or tram to take with their cute gestures and clear mouth movements and pointings. This made me miss my beloved Great Aunt Harriet in heaven. πŸ§‘πŸ’œβ€οΈ- - - - - #zurich #toomuchchocolate #solotravel #primetower #viewbetterthanfood #drinkingalotofwater
Had the overrated seafood by the seaside today. Waited 1 and a half hours for our dishes to arrive but terribly disappointed with the taste and it's not cheap lehhhh!! No more next time! πŸ˜’ #viewbetterthanfood #beach
Lunch at Tosca in the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. #ilovehk #michelinstar #viewbetterthanfood
Heresay lunch after shoot. Yum(ish) #viewbetterthanfood
PrimeRib 35th floor. #stbonaventurehotel #viewbetterthanfood