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The wind is blowing, O7. But how wonderful it is to be outside in the snow. #hetboerengenieten #afarmersdelight #turnthelensonself #shuttersisters
Currently: sipping hot tea - knitting (always) - slightly feeling a good kind of sore after a gym session - daydreaming - loving this life #tinytinymoments #justfivethings #turnthelensonself #gratitude #myrightnow
some thoughts on aging on my blog today, also some links to a couple interesting written and video pieces - find the link in my profile, loves . . #ewriting #selfportraittuesday #turnthelensonself #aging #thoughtsonaging
In these quiet moments, I think of my mom and how much she would love seeing this work. She was the most precise, detail oriented sewer/crafter which is so NOT my tendency.  More than any other feature, it is my hands that resemble hers. Her thimble reminds me she is present with and within me.  #turnthelensonself
Ritual for #turnthelensonself Sleeping, going to sleep and waking up, we have a lot of rituals around these things. Even when we are sleeping somewhere else than at home.
Quiet #turnthelensonself
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening . . .  The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  But I have my step goal to keep,  And 5,000 steps before I sleep,  And 4,999 steps before I sleep. -Robert Frost
missed out on the final day due to a too busy schedule, now here I am, closing, and moving on #turnthelensonself
The ritual of packing for a long hike is therapeutic. Preparing for hydration, calories, along with other essentials puts me in a certain mindset. Heading out to spend hours with myself on the trails, listening to podcasts, and learning more about what my body is capable of drives me. I love Saturdays for the potential it holds. Day 5 #turnthelensonself #ritual . . . . . Thank you, @michelle_gd, for the encouragement to take time to record self. It’s definitely been a way to revisit myself and my place in my corner of the world. The things that matter...the little things that make me smile. The things I want to remember.
. ritual .  i only have a few rituals.  and they are sort of funny.  everything else in my life ebbs and flows.  i pick things up at odd times and stick with different things until i am done with them or until a schedule changes.  some things i do in fits and starts.  the few things i do every day :: * put on mascara * drink coffee * pick out my clothes for the next day before i fall asleep * tell my family i love them * . . still working on @michelle_gd ‘s #turnthelensonself prompts #selfportrait #mascara #eyes #eyesupclose
Self-portrait Day 5: ritual Mostly 'daily rituals' for me are just good practices that I am trying to instill in my life. Not true rituals; not yet integral. Ritual, for me, comes in the evening and is mostly related to sleep...and all that goes with it. @michelle_gd #turnthelensonself
Self-portrait challenge from @michelle_gd , day 5: Ritual.  My day begins with a cup of tea as my morning ritual,  but since I used that for day 1, the easy answer was out. Then I realized my day ends with a ritual as well. My little dude always gives me goodnight kisses in the same way: both cheeks, chin, nose, right eye, left eye, forehead, then Eskimo kisses on my nose. Every night. He made this up, and he insists on it. I treasure it because,  if there is one parenting lesson my children have taught me, it's that nothing lasts forever; one day he won't insist on giving me "all your kisses, mama"--but here and now, it's a precious ritual to end our day.  #turnthelensonself
Good Evening Everyone  I hope that you All are Well I'm joining @michelle_gd this week for #turnthelensonself  Ritual (5/5) Daily, I wake up before Dawn to Pray, Study, Meditate, and have a Delicious Refreshing Cup of Herbal Tea. The hours before Dawn are the ideal hours for me to have Quiet time and Prepare for the activities of my day. . . #dailyinhispresence #prayer #study #meditate #tea #wellness #positivity #positivityinspires #tinytinymoments #ritual #negativityfreezone #notimefornegativity
Day 5 of #turnthelensonself with @michelle_gd.  Today's word is #ritual.  I try to pick up flowers at the grocery store on a regular basis.  Adds some pretty color to our house.🌺
#turnthelensonself #ritual
Self-portrait challenge day 5 prompt: Ritual ... I begin my day with a poem. I sometimes read it aloud, or copy it into my journal in order to connect more deeply with it. ... On certain days, I reach directly for a specific poet. But mostly, I scan the shelf of poetry books and if I’m patient enough, quiet enough, I hear one of the books calling out,”Pick me!” So I do. And I wait for the surprise. .... The reflections I write often seem unrelated to the poem I’ve just read. But this is one of the reasons I am drawn to poetry: it has the power to brush against something in me I hadn’t noticed was waiting to be touched, to be held up to the light. ... I’ll let the last words of this post be those from the poem that followed me into my day. .... “Situated in the pause between one thing/ and the next. The particulars of absence...” — Anne Simpson, Usual Devices
Ritual=Habit=Ritual: FriYAY afternoon journaling & cuppa tea. #turnthelensonself
I’d already missed the photo op for “hot cup of coffee with steamed milk First Thing” by the time I read today’s prompt. I do, however, have a deep-rooted daily photo habit. I also love self-portraits in black and white, but you can scroll to see the colorful version. #parallelogramscarf #parallelogramkal #mdkfieldguideno5 #freiahandpaints #turnthelensonself #ritual
“Oh, it's a bad, bad ritual Oh, but it calms me down” today focus is #ritual and instantly I thought of our favorite ritual of the week. Unwinding and reconnecting. Happy #friyay everyone and thank you @michelle_gd for helping me look at myself with a new focus. #turnthelensonself #happyhour
Ritual. And this is a great photo to end the week with. My daily ritual… me filling the slow feeders with hay and Oscar stealing food from behind. I know this isn’t the way people would advise it to do. Oscar is showing his dominancy. But he’s an old gentleman and it makes me chuckle. As long as he is taking notice that I’m there it’s ok. I’m careful anyway. Thank you so much @michelle_gd to host this inspirational week of self-portraiture. I enjoyed it thoroughly. #turnthelensonself #oscarsretirement #ahorseslife #shuttersisters