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It's been a month since he broke up with me and I still think about him everyday but today I decided to block him on both instagram and snapchat because I'm tired of 1. Me checking his social media and 2. Waiting for him to one day talk to me again. So yea I just need to forget about him
Even though I'm still really upset about my most recent break up, I keep thinking about my ex bf that I actually broke up with because of 1. The distance cuz hes in college and I'm in high school and then 2. I kinda fell for another guy which is my other ex now. But like idk if I'm just thinking about him because I'm like single now and stuff or cuz I wish we could actually be back together. Idk I'm kinda really stupid for breaking up with him looking back at it and I'm pretty sure he hates me now so I'm pretty sure even if I wanted to get back together he wouldn't wanna but still I often think about him these days.
I’ve been laying here with my face on my heating pad listening to Tupac and just scrolling through memes while my ear burns off and is like dislocated off my head but I don’t care enough to get comfy cuz that’s hard ‭ •I kinda hate all my hashtags but have no care in the world to change them #feminist #gay #lgbt #memes #tumblrposts #stillemo #2018 #imgay #okaymingo #brendonurie #imtrash #doggo #ifyouhavereadthisfargodblessyou #bitchwhere #halsey #fob #patd #blackbear #art #drawing #homoflexible #fucktrump •
ok goodnight off to my sims
but please, no bite.