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Throw another one up in the grave, I don't need an AK But a double sided blade in the main vein Watching you leak like a broken pipe I'm the soft-spoken type but when I channel the archetype I cannot speak, only dig deep Into abysmal depression to find what I cannot unsee I'm a fiend for the Secrets of Alchemy.  #tumblr #tumblrboy #grunge #grungeteen #vintage #alternative #aesthetic #rock #metal #punk #indie #sadboys #hipster #grungedark #tumblrgrunge #sadlife
¿Por que vas tan deprisa? ¿por que no te detienes? a observarme un segundo, a platicar conmigo a reirnos un poco, a invitar a alguien mas a unirse, a ver el cielo o simplemente ver a la gente pasar... Seria un mundo mejor si nos vieramos a los ojos, que vernos tras una pantalla, podriamos conquistar mas tras un texto que con una serie, podriamos aprender mas platicando con la persona que esta a tu lado, que escuchando lo que una persona sentada desde su sillon señala que esta bien o que esta mal, si tan solo pudieramos abrir los ojos no creeriamos lo que el señor de traje con un peinado bonito nos dice que esta pasando y que no. Si tan solo no fueras tan deprisa, si tan solo no tiraras tu poco tiempo en esa caja llena de mentiras, de prejuicios, de falsedades y de "valores" tan inmorales! Si tan solo la nana a color no educara con vielencia y sexualidad, si tan solo los padres se hizieran cargo de sus hijos y fueran ellos los que les hablen y muestren valores, si ellos los enseñaran a pensar y a usar las herramientas, gal vez esto seria diferente, si todo pudieramos hablar escuchandonos y expresandonos, seguramente esto seria un mundo a color y dejariamos el blanco y negro! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vscocam #tumblr #tumblrboy #tumblrquotes #adidas #vans #vansmx #adidassuperstar #tumblrpost #grunge #tumblrgrunge #aesthetic #tumblraesthetic #tumblraestetics #aestetics #love #selfie #photography #gray #bnw #black #dark #photography #photographer #television #lg #vhs
que me duelen, que me hieren.
Uh uh ninja, guarda, uh wow. #warez
"Have you ever missed someone so much that strangers in the streets started to look like them?"
N  O  O  o  o  o  o 。 。
. “I know I probably don’t cross your mind much anymore but I hope someday you see something that reminds you of me and the things we used to spend hours talking about and then your throat gets tight and your heart skips a beat and you finally miss me back.”
Depression. - not wanting to get out of bed, even to do something you love. - dreading taking a shower. not because you don’t want to get clean but knowing you have to see your body in the mirror. - looking at old scars craving them to be open and bleeding again. - having a great day just to get home, alone in your room, to cry into your pillows. - pushing people away because of fear of attachment. depression is something major that can happen to anyone. girls, guys, people who wear all black or all colors, the one who listens to Papa Roach or Taylor Swift. anyone can suffer from this.  it can hit you hard whether you’ve had the best day of your life or the worst. and it isn’t something that will go away over night.
Where's all the love?... I can't find it.. . . . . #aesthetic #emoboy #tumblr #grunge #pastel #aestheticboy #emo #pastelgoth #cringey #tumblrgrunge #xxxtentacion #mcr #lilpeep #lilxan #trippy #lucid
Not me or my picture. Also really want those south side serpent high tops in the second picture. Birthday present idea
. “the thing about depression is that you dont feel sad, you feel sick.  sick of life, sick of yourself and sick of everyone and everything around you. depression, makes you hate everything, it makes you angry. its like being trapped in a place full of drunk people and youre just too sober. its that feeling of being so lost, its heaviness in your chest, its numbness in your heart. and its confusing for your mind.”
. “when you wish you could cry to release some of the deep sadness you’re feeling but you are actually completely numb and incapable of forming tears so you just have to sit and wait for the feeling to pass without feeling any release or comfort whatsoever”