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"I think timing really is everything because if I met you three years later or three years earlier, we’d be in a completely different spot- so thank God I didn’t, because I like where we are right now. And if I met my last boyfriend when I was in college I wouldn’t have been ready. And if I met the guy I loved when I was 18 for the first time today, I don’t think I would have felt the same way, but he was exactly what I needed back then. I think the reality is sometimes the “when” is more important than the “who,” and this goes for all kinds of relationships. And at certain points in your life, someone can be exactly what you need, but at other points, that same someone can be just another person." - i-wrotethisforme on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
"I guess what I wanted to say was I'm sorry. I'm sorry I can't be there for you anymore and I'm especially sorry that I can't be happy for you. I can't watch you fall in love and take her to your favorite restaurants. I can't watch you tell her the same lines and kiss her with those lips. So I guess what I'm trying to say now is goodbye, I love you, and I'm sorry" -j.n on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
"I must be mistaken but it appears my heart belongs to you and yet I feel it in my chest  beneath bone given cause to protect  pumping habitually  to a beat you have swayed  for it sings in your name  soaring for your soul  seeking and reaching  until we are two no more.  Blinded by emotion  dancing in delight it cannot see past its tunnel vision sight for if my heart had taken a moment to think and pause to deliberate effect and cause it would have seen the devilish, practiced smile  disguising a trickster's pocketful of lies which is now one heart heavier as you walk away with the trophy you’ve gained." -via unknown on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“This side of the city is made out of hues of black and melancholic shades of white transmuted in rainbows while apologies lie forgotten in the curls of last kisses. This side of the city has clouds made out of vanilla and here, constellations transude to form raindrops falling quietly, slipping gently through the course of time while they sing meekly of their sins and how theres no glory in the fall of a shooting star or honour in it slowly imploding in the flames of its self destruction. But this side of the city once had you, which is more sunshine than this skyline can hold, more hope than this body can shelter, more love than this ungodly life can return.” -via ayeshasyedaa on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
Q; When's your birthday and what's your zodiac sign? A; September first, virgo! “See I am the girl everyone likes to forget
I’m the one they all move on from
It’s fine I suppose, I’ve learned to be okay with being alone
The more okay I am with it the more everyone feels okay to leave, and that’s fine to
I know everyone gets better when they leave me
So when you left, the last favor I ever asked you
Was to just be okay, because I can’t stand knowing you’re miserable without me
But I know I’d be okay if I knew you could at least be happy” -via late-nights-and-daydreams on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
Q; How old are you? A; I'm 18!! I turn 19 on the first of September! "Do you ever just listen to an old favorite song really loud in your headphones while staring at a skyline and fall in love with the world and your life and the person you’ve become even if things aren’t actually going well for you at that particular moment? Because it’s surreal and it’s empowering and I think it’s bliss." -via i-wrotethisforme on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
Q; What's your favorite color? A; a pale yellow or pastel yellow - “This my writing problem: I’m indecisive with the words I want to choose. There are so many possible ways a piece of writing can manifest itself. I don’t know if I want to choose the word beautiful or lovely or gorgeous. I don’t know if I started a piece right or ended a piece wrong. I don’t know if I wrote something too early or too late. Feelings are so hard to put into words. That’s why I think it’s important to set deadlines so when it’s done; it’s done. There’s no need to play with it or jolly it up. There’s only the next poem or prose. Moving on to the next big or small piece of writing is the only way a writer can stay alive in the art of creating. It’s both simple and complicated like that.” -Juansen Dizon . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“These palms are growing tired of holding such heavy stones. I’ve been fossilizing my body’s shape into the plush of a queen-size mattress, saving its empty opposite for a soul willing to decay alongside me. I’ve lungs begging to process clean air, but have only offered up smoke for years now. These feet plead to sprint full-speed into an adventure, and yet, I stay firmly rooted. With eyes that yearn to see even the slightest bit of beauty in everything they gaze upon, I am only allowing them to admire the destruction. These legs are growing so, so tired of supporting a mind so unwilling to live. I do not blame it. I have not treated myself with kindness for a long while now. And I am sorry. I am so sorry to this little heart that tries so hard to continue beating, when all I’ve ever done is attempt to cease it. This vessel deserves so much more love than I am able to provide.” -Haley Hendrick . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
"I look for happy in my phone gallery and all i find is pictures of the sky and the clouds and ruins and me in jagged smiles with rough eyes with people who dont know one thing about my tragedy. I look for happy in my room. And all i realise is ive not once slept in there in 4 years. All i see is a bed too small for me and my swollen heart and my candle smile. I look for happy in people and with the first beat i know that its a lost cause. I look for happy in my words and they smell of the dead, how did i let them rot?  I look for happy in songs but all that i find is new endings and not one of them is happy and you. I look for happy in my colors. All of them are either black or white and none of them are good enough while I’ve been bleeding red all my life while in search of my yellow. And finally, i look for happy in me. Ill look for it with all the light in me,  with all the love in me.  This time i know ill find it in some corner of my body; all curled up, withered, a little sad, a little almost dead, a little like me.  I bet my happy will look like me with jagged smiles and rough eyes and a swollen heart and giving hands and a body full of light and a tongue which never gets tired of sending prayers and hoping that she will finally be heard.  I bet my happy will not look like me." -via ayeshasyedaa on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
"I’ve over filled myself. I’ve collected people without realizing my home was overflowing. My space was being taken over by those who got the keys, I had so losely handed to them. Some stayed and brought my dim home some light and others forgot to bring warmth to a once so cold structure. I was starting to see cracks in my foundation, a foundation that wasn’t whole to begin with. I lost myself in my tenants, I allowed those who signed the lease to come in and continued to shelter them even after they had broken the lease time and time again. I’ve ran out of space, I have a house divided between those I need and those who are in need of having a place to control. I’ve lost the keys to a place that wasn’t ready to be put use, a place that was still under construction." -via cherrys-aid on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“ It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the sound I heard when I was 9 and my father slammed the front door so hard behind him I swear to god it shook the whole house. For the next 3 years I watched my mother break her teeth on vodka bottles. I think she stopped breathing when he left. I think part of her died. I think he took her heart with him when he walked out. Her chest is empty, just a shattered mess or cracked ribs and depression pills. - It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s all the blood in the sink. It’s the night that I spent 12 hours in the emergency room waiting to see if my sister was going to be okay, after the boy she loved, told her he didn’t love her anymore. It’s the crying, and the fluorescent lights, and white sneakers and pale faces and shaky breaths and blood. So much blood. - It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the time that I had to stay up for two days straight with my best friend while she cried and shrieked and threw up on my bedroom floor because her boyfriend fucked his ex. I swear to god she still has tear streaks stained onto her cheeks. I think when you love someone, it never really goes away. - It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the six weeks we had a substitute in English because our teacher was getting divorced and couldn’t handle getting out of bed. When she came back she was smiling. But her hands shook so hard when she held her coffee, you could see that something was broken inside. And sometimes when things break, you can’t fix them. Nothing ever goes back to how it was. I got an A in English that year. I think her head was always spinning too hard to read any essays.  It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s that I do. ” extrasad on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes
“ Aries: You will eventually have to trust someone and let them in. - Taurus: You’re not forgiving them for them, you’re doing it so you can stop keeping grudges as bedmates. - Gemini: You’re scared, but you are a warrior and you are the storm, stand firm. - Cancer: Stop breaking mirrors because your scared of what you might find, everyone else can see the good in you. - Leo: Maybe it’s time to let go of those friends, and to move on. - Virgo : Maybe if you stopped hating yourself so hard you could see why we love you. - Libra: Its time to get better, it’s time to heal. - Scorpio: Its painful, it’s fucking agony in the moment, but you will be better for this. - Sagittarius : Find your voice, because people miss hearing your words. - Capricorn: Its time to get your act together, because they won’t wait forever. - Aquarius : You’ve been so brave and stitched up all your old wounds, be proud. - Pisces: It’s time to go back to everything you loved, it’s time to pick up all those hobbies you regret stopping. ” -(via late-nights-and-daydreams on tumblr) . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“ hold me when I’m low because it hurts so bad to bleed. after bandaging me up, lay with me until I fall asleep. today the world is heavy and I need some peace. - jump on the bed with me when i’m high and I can’t catch up to the beating of my own heart. my to do list will grow longer than paper can hold, so support me as I try to conquer it all. today the world has so much to offer. - trace my skin and play with my hair as I try to drown out all the noise. know that right now, there is not much more to do than to love me. today the world is frightening and I want to leave. - run away with me when I can’t bear the feeling of my own skin draped across my bones. don’t tell me I’m beautiful, because I won’t believe you. today the world is cruel and I feel lost. - and please remember to kiss me with clashing teeth and desire when I finally laugh at the top of my lungs. take it in and hold it there, because these moments are the most special. today the world just is. ” -vaind on tumblr . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“I am sick of the girl being pretty once her glasses come off. I’m sick of the boy suddenly staring at her because she’s taken her hair out of a bun. I’m sick of that dances that she said she didn’t want to attend suddenly being the place where she shows up and learns to live. - I want a movie where she gets kissed because her lab goggles left circles around her eye sockets. Where she doesn’t go to the dance and isn’t ashamed of it. Where she wins the science fair and the way the blue ribbon looks on her makes somebody’s knees weak. - I want a movie where the girl doesn’t get tamed. Where she’s still a badass bitch at the end of it. Where she doesn’t need a man because she has a killer girlfriend who is a cute nerdy radio technician. Where her freckles don’t get concealed on the big night. Where she shows up to prom in a suit and a model on her arm. - I want a movie where the queen bee is also a 4.0 student. Where she wears makeup and styles her hair and gets her work done. Where the pretty girl is also pure of heart, works on the weekends at soup kitchens, shows up with heels on. Where the queen bee lets the new girl have the boy because she doesn’t see the point in trying to compete. Where they end up friends at the end and the boy ends up with nothing. - I want a movie where girls are art without having to be painted over. Where we are beautiful without reason, where we don’t need to prove ourselves as being worth a boy’s affections. I want a movie where we don’t have to be secretly fuckable in order to get a happy ending.” (via inkskinned on tumblr) . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“When you crush space-stuff between your palms, do you not notice the infinities leaking between your fingers?
Can’t you feel the singing rattle of life being made anew? It’s incredible, isn’t it, just how persistently the universe struggles to keep going
The joy of being alive balances with the fear of imminent failure
And the momentum of time continues to push everything forward; Nothing will crack under your arrogant pressure,
Your hands will be rubbed raw with the effort
Does it fill you with awe to realize this? As your clasped hands give way to prayer for forgiveness and your cruelty melts into cries for mercy,
The cosmos will whisper words of remission for the rest of eternity
(After all, the first steps to becoming resilient is learning how to forgive those who act out of fear)” (unknown on tumblr) . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
“ To the Zodiac Signs,  Dear Libra, crawl under the covers & make a cup of tea. It’s okay to breath. _ Dear Scorpio, does it help if I say I’m proud of you? You’ve come so remarkably far my darling, keep going. - Dear Sagittarius, it wont always hurt like this. I promise the rain will clear and life will be hopeful again. Hang in there my love. - Dear Capricorn, you are so missed by the ones you love when you’re not around. It’s okay that life forces paths to diverge, but do not forget how deeply you’ve touched the lives around you. - Dear Aquarius, you are the sun and the stars, you are enough without the admiration of those too busy to notice your beauty. - Dear Pisces, please let go. Please, it isn’t healthy to hang on and obsess this way. The air will flow through your lungs much easier once you allow life to take its course. - Dear Aries, your view is not wrong, but you cannot fault someone for seeing the world differently if they’re standing on a separate mountain. Be patient with others as they make their own climb. - Dear Taurus, I hope the peace you’ve found is met with a renewed sense of purpose. The ground beneath you is your support and the air above filled with potential. Possibility lays in your hands. - Dear Gemini, it’s alright to start over. Take a breath, close the door and move on. No one will fault you for making a mistake, but it’s up to you to move forwards and allow the grass to grow. - Dear Cancer, your hard work is admirable and I promise if you stick with it you will find yourself at the destination you’ve always imagined. Don’t listen to the cynics, you get what you give. - Dear Leo, I envy your new found purpose and believe so strongly in your ability to succeed. Please have faith in yourself and if ever you waiver know that you are loved, trusted and believed in by many. - Dear Virgo, it’s okay that you’ve closed the door to the past. Just make sure you’re certain before you lock people behind it. Old
“I want someone who will call me when they know I’m upset and stay on the phone with me until I fall asleep. I want someone who will bring me my favorite food if I’m sad or soup if I’m sick. I want someone who will come over just for a single hug. I want someone who will cuddle me when I’m sad or mad or frustrated and I want them to tell me I look beautiful when I cry even though I don’t. I want someone to teach me that love does exist and it’s not just some fairytale that I won’t ever experience. I want someone who will read to me when I’m anxious or when I can’t fall asleep at night and someone who will not be ashamed of me. I want someone I can eat junk food with and have pillow fights and sleepovers that don’t involve sex. Someone to build a pillow fort with. Someone who will not let me go to bed angry or upset. I want someone who will believe in me no matter what.” - i want you to make me believe in love (unknown on tumblr) . . . #tumblr #tumblrquotes #tumblrquote #poetry #poems #poem #tumblrpoetry #tumblrpoem #tumblrpoems #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #astrology #tumblrastrology #astrologypoetry #astrologypoems #tumblrastrologypoetry #famousquotes #popularquotes #relatable #relatablequotes #latenightthoughts #latenightquotes #quotes #quote
on a scale of one to ten how sad are you. you almost say seven but the answer floats in your lungs like rising mud. you shift your shoulders. some part of you is already forming an excuse. that it’s not that bad sometimes. one, two, three on a day that the clouds are out. you’re just complaining about stuff. yesterday you laughed past a brick of a four, does that make the brick come down to a two-point-five. the solid seven panic attack of last tuesday feels somehow like a little thorn, just a regular day full of a gentle three-point-nine earthquake rocking after yesterday’s close-to-an-eight. see but if tomorrow you have a real bad day, it will make today look simple. and what if. what if tomorrow it’s a big old red eight-point-nine. like one of those days where sirens are going off in every part of you but you’re stuck behind a glass window watching it all burn down. like one of those days that your skin against the air feels foreign. like too much of everything. like sitting-in-the-shower, like can’t-eat, like the tide isn’t just coming in, it came while you were sleeping and now you’ve gotta learn how to swim. like bounce me against a bullet hole kind of day. you keep numbers like nine and ten way out of reach. those are for the people who really are suffering. you’ve got no excuse. nine and ten are funeral numbers, for real problems, not yours, no. and sometimes you’re fine. and you’re kind of used to it. and it’s not sad, it’s just numb like a television caught on static. numb like i can’t remember if i care about this. numb like nothing works but i can’t be bothered to fix it. that’s not sad that’s every day stuff. everybody feels like this, right? feels like they’ve been shut off. right.  maybe five. right in the middle. like not gonna shoot myself but i’m not wasting your time. a nonanswer. like could be worse could be better. like i need help but i don’t want you to worry even though i need someone to worry about