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Earth Day... 🌿 today I am appreciative of what life, Earth offers us. _____________________ ‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.’ { Psalm 119:105}  ___________________________________________ Consider how some trees look totally dead in the winter and yet come back to life each spring, it reminds us that God will bring our lives back into full bloom even if we feel our circumstances are hopeless. — God speaks through natural things, @joycemeyer _______________________________________________________________ #earthday #earthappreciation #centralpark #nature #earth #grounding #life #worship #god #lifestyle #blogger #influencer #enthusiast #ministry #faith #heargod #trusthim #pray #blessings #spiritualgrowth
Sólo en Dios halla descanso mi alma; de Él viene mi salvación. Sólo Él es mi roca y mi salvación; Él es mi protector. !Jamás habré de caer!  Noche de introspección, ¿es verdaderamente Dios mi roca? O ¿solo soy un individuo que vive sujeto a las pasiones del mundo y apoya su fe en material inestable? A veces nos confunden las prioridades y nos encontramos con que, por un lado, profesamos que Dios es el Señor de nuestra vida y por el otro colocamos todas nuestras fuerzas en una relación, el trabajo, un proyecto, un deporte, etc. Esa confusión es tan sutil como común entre los cristianos y deberiamos plantearnos, de forma continúa, como superar esa debilidad humana; oración y ayuno como medida principal, si, nos llevarán a una mayor comunión con el padre pero mas allá de esta práctica, cuando no hay tiempo, cuando el sistema nos acorrala contra la pared pareciendo asfixiarnos, quizá sea un buen método "sentarse un rato frente a la fogata" mirarnos desde afuera y pensar sobre el orden de nuestra vida así como el orden que quisieramos darle y a partir de ahí construir una vida en torno a Dios. Celoso como nadie en la existencia, Él  anhela estar con nosotros y está dispuesto a usar todos los medios para llamar nuestra atención, no dejes que pase el tiempo y te llame con dolor, pone atención a tus prioridades, reflexiona y reacciona de inmediato y verás que Dios traerá crecimiento a tu vida seguida de una paz inigualable y plenitud de vida, cuando estamos con el Padre, estamos completos y cualquier elemento en esta vida tomará su lugar y podremos disfrutar de aquello. ¡Esfuerzate en conocer al Señor! Es mi anhelo conocerlo, que lo conozcas y que lo conozcamos todos... #trusthim
If you #pray then you must have #faith and if you have #faith you must #believe that God has the perfect plan and even if we don’t always #understand I‎t, if we pray then we must #trusthim #itrusthim #amen
Seeking the kingdom of God 1st and everything else will fall in place. @latina_writer “She focused on God so her vision and interest was different” ps. If Bae can’t pray. Bae can’t stay. #toallmyqueens #prayfirst #seekgod #trusthim
God doesn’t work according to our timing. He doesn’t operate according to our schedule or plans. His ways are so much greater than our own. He may not show up for you today or tomorrow, but he’ll show up when the time is right for his perfect will in your life. Never to early. Never to late. Trust Him. He’ll never let you down. #trusthim #godisalwaysontime #nevertolate #nevertoearly #believe #pray #serve #greaterishe #mylordandsavior #blessed
P R A Y.....IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE!* * IN it, .....stop and pray! In that very moment....stop! Instead of a complaint about it, close your eyes and talk to God about it in prayer! I know that is not “easy” when we are all in our “feelings” and just was to call and tell someone to get it off our chest.* * That boss, money probs, that diagnosis from the doctor, gossip you heard from your friends that hurt you, someone you love that is dying, mocking you about your love of God, the family member(s) or friends that causes fights/division, depression, anxiety, PTSD, every day life just to get through each day... no matter what or who it is .....PRAY! PRAY! PRAY* * That is the “vehicle” that opens the door for God to come into whatever you’re going through. He hears you!!! Did you get that? He knows your name. He knows you! That prayer brought Him to help you. He will now have your “permission” to do what “He planned” to do in it. Jeremiah 29:11* * It may not be what you want or expect. He is a loving Father and He will give you what HE intends for your life and His purpose for your life! It is ALWAYS more than we can actually ask for or see. That is faith. We can’t see it. So keep hoping for it.* * Pray for a greater measure of faith to believe He has a much better plan for you. Think about it like this, if we would be 1 prayer away from a breakthrough would you pray??? A breakthrough in that 1 prayer, you’ve been praying for, for years, that healing, that husband or wife, that ministry, getting pregnant, what career to choose, the healthy baby, healing this land, reaching the lost and wanderers, freedom from mental illnesses, that person on drugs, or family to come to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.* * Stop and PRAY!  Don’t let hell have its way! Daniel prayed and prayed and prayed! He stood in the gap for others. Just as others stood in the gap for you.* * #intercede #travail  #canigetanamen #pray #prayer #daniel #daniel9
Stay FAITHfilled! • • • What is meant for YOU will ONLY be for YOU! It will NOT pass you by! #knowthis #trusthim #bosstip #fittip
“God doesn’t call us for our own personal benefit. Sure He can bless us through our calling, and more importantly through our obedience, but that’s never the end goal.” Read more on my blog (link in bio!) . . . . . . #findinnerbeauty #matthew28 #obedience #obeygod #swhw #thegreatcommission #disobedience #lovinggod #faithblogger #followgod #trusthim #findinnerbeauty
"GOD is within her, she will not Fall" - P S A L M 46:5 - . . . #blessing #sunday #strongwomen #believeinhim #trusthim #noworries
Trust and Faith in God gets me through the day, how about you, my friend?
🙌🏽Indeed... Nothing will cause you to grow and mature like a tough season! God is working in you.. #trusthim! -Paula White-Cain
You think I’m done🤔.....I’m just getting started🙏🏽💯💪🏽 @lemack.photography  #lemackphotography #trusthim #faith  Revelation 3 verse 8  I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.
Today’s focus was about change and what 2nd Corinthians 5:17 says. One statement my Pastor said that keeps repeating in my mind is “Stop trying and start TRUSTing”. It’s true. Quit trying to change yourself from the outside, and start TRUSTing the change that God has for you inside.  I can vouch for this. When I was saved I didn’t change overnight, but I am changing daily because I TRUST Him.  #glory2god #blesses #godisgood #trusthim #glock #glock43 #multicam #sundaygunday #churchcarry #concealedcarry #edcgear #everydaycarry #carryyourcross #barracudatactical #bible #pewpew #2ndamendment #guns #firearm #gun
@prettyandsaved THROWBACK “Beauty breakfast” FB always reminds u of your past lol today in 2017 “Breaking barriers to become a better Me” a lot can happen in just 1 year 😌❤️ 1 month even 1day #godisgoodyall🙏🏾🙌🏾 #trusthim #imcovered❣️