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What rating would you give Harry’s performance yesterday from a scale of 1️⃣-🔟? 👇
We all still feel like this. This was our biggest chance and we blew it 😞 #coys
Chelsea have made it through to the FA cup final and will face Manchester United. So now, once again, another top six side is guaranteed a trophy and we are the only top six side with no chance at a trophy now. It’s disappointing because we all know on our day we could easily win any trophy, but it seems every time we have a chance to win something it’s not our day and the players disappoint. Let’s face it we’re the smallest team in the top six and we will be until we win trophies and one is not enough to even be near all the sides who we challenge with, it’s not good enough anymore⚪️🔵 - - - - - Follow @thfcnation_ for more👋🏾 - - - - - Follow @mousa.army for Dembele news💪🏾 - - - - - Follow @bendavies33 aswell🔥
The feels... 😩
Was this is a foul on Dembele?👇 (Yes/No)
Through thick and thin, myself and I hope all of you are Tottenham Till We Die. We move on⚪️🔵 - - - - - Follow @thfcnation_ for more👋🏾 - - - - - Follow @mousa.army for Dembele news💪🏾 - - - - - Follow @bendavies33 aswell🔥
Still really disappointed after yesterday but we have to take some positives from it. Poch is focused on bringing in young and talented players for the future. I know you're probably tired of hearing people say this but I genuinely think next year will be it. We have the youngest average age out of anyone in the Top 6 and it's only getting better. Just you wait yids. #coys 💙
I have to admit it, I really miss the old Danny Rose. We need him, a lot of fans are saying sell him and I agree a lot of the time but seeing Ben’s performance yesterday it just makes me want this guy more. If he is still here healthy and fit next season I want him to start a lot more games. If we sell him I’d only be happy with Kurzawa or Sessegnon or maybe Shaw to replace him. Last season we had the best full back pair in the league and we fucked it up because let’s face it, Kyle left for a much better, mature team who know how to win trophies and we all hated him and called him a snake and all that but think about it, he won zero trophies at Tottenham in nine years and in one season with Man City he’s already won the league and the Caraboua cup. I’m starting to miss Walker and Rose bombing up the wings, performing every game. If we sell Rose and Toby in the summer then we’ve sold last seasons best defence and we can’t do that. I only have just realised how much we need Toby in our squad, he’s vital and the best defender in the league and we all knew that if he didn’t play yesterday then he was almost definitely gonna leave. I just hope he signs that contract⚪️🔵 - - - - - Follow @thfcnation_ for more👋🏾 - - - - - Follow @mousa.army for Dembele news💪🏾 - - - - - Follow @bendavies33 aswell🔥
He was our best player today. What a performance by him 💙 Agree? 👇
Lets be real and serious here, Kyle Walker spent 9 whole years of his football career at Tottenham Hotspur, and won 0 trophies 🏆 He goes to Manchester City and in the first season he goes there, he wins the Carabao Cup and the Premier League. Can you really blame him for leaving? This is gonna happen soon to our top top players *Cough Cough* @chriseriksen8 @harrykane @dele and so on.
Overall, what were your thoughts on the game? 👇
Manchester UTD 🆚 Tottenham 😳 Next year maybe? 🏆👀 🎥 @ap7editzhd ❗️No copyright Intended❗️
Did we need this man @tobyalderweireld today? If he does eventually leave, will it be possibly the worst bit of business from Daniel Levy?
You know what I find hilarious? How it’s all ‘big players leave when the club wins no trophies’. If this is the case then explain this to me, if your meant to be our main, biggest players then why on earth are you not turning up in all the big games and then complaining? We were terrible in the final third and defensively we were dreadful, if these players want trophies then they need to put in the work, The passion and the determination. But today they didn’t, I love our full backs but we need to upgrade. At the beginning of the game I thought Vorm deserved the start but we should of gone with our skipper today, I’m not blaming Michel but I feel Lloris would of saved that second goal. I’m truly disappointed with the lads today⚪️🔵 - - - - - Follow @thfcnation_ for more👋🏾 - - - - - Follow @mousa.army for Dembele news💪🏾 - - - - - Follow @bendavies33 aswell🔥
As #thfc has given Mauricio Pochetino a budget of £120m to spend in the summer,if you could buy a couple of players to improve the squad, who would you try and sign? ⚪️🔵
Everyone laughing at us right now. 😩
Just want to move into this fucking amazing stadium and want this season to end. I want a fucking trophy next season and i want us to play champions league football here as top 4 is the only thing we can go for now. From so high, to so low.
When it was all going well... 😭