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[Introducing] Sarah Shah from HAVENING one of our beautiful Tribe Practioners making a difference to lives. Watch out for our video showing the gentle technique of "Havening" with a combination of psychology and touch that helps in releasing psychological trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, sexual trauma and the list goes on... Its a gentle way to reconfigure the brain. Sarah's passion and love for her work is heartfelt. Thankyou Sarah for your beautiful gift.  Love AS xo . . . . . #amandascott#beinspiredevents#beinspiredacademy#lovewhatyoudo#community#makeadifference#connections# #positivevibes#mindbodysoul#love# Heartwork#positiveenergy#wellness# #positivemind#balance#transformations#
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back at it after a few weeks off to test the dodgy hip ... the class was amazing and I felt so good! but this morning ... not so much 😖 hip aches and old lady limps at 22 👵🏼 #healthehip #tlhappiness
Looking back on this weekend feeling blessed to be surrounded by inspiration 🔥 . Back in Orlando for Sunday funday then smashing it this week with my team.. keep eyes out for new SVG episodes this week 👹
Not to be gross here but I need some advice. As you can see I'm a little injured. I'll save you from seeing all of it. . . Significant bruising on my biscep and trisceps. Plus this. . . 80 Day Obsession has been amazing the last 9 weeks. But this is currently on hold for at least a week. . . I was going to run this week instead. But I just saw that snow is in the forecast for Tuesday/Wednesday. I mean isn't it Spring? But that's for another discussion. . So what workouts do you love that will not require much from my arm. I mean I can't punch, flex my biscep, or do anything push-up related. . . I'd love some ideas until I can get back and finish 80 Day Obsession. Phase three is definitely going to happen. I mean I'm down 10 pounds already and the lean phase just started. I'm not missing out on that. . . If you worked out with an arm in injury what did you do? What ideas do you have? . .
🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 My favourite quad stretch! The Swissball quad stretch 👌 Did you know the average adult can expect to loose around 0.25kgs of muscle mass every year from 30 to 60 years of age and gain approximately half a kilogram of body fat each year over that same time span. That’s a 7kg loss of muscle and a 15kg gain in body fat😐😐 👇🏻 What are you waiting for! Start building and preserving muscle NOW. There’s so many benefits to weight training.  Think of your future... I’m looking forward to week 11 this week 🎉 Bulk stretching is on the cards! I’ll be lifting heavier then usual as I am on the tail end of my 12 week training block🖐 Happy Monday everyone!!
Allow life to change you... 💚🍃 #transformations #mysteriousuniverse
Swinging into Monday. Getting things done👊
Mama to two teenage boys, carer to her 92 year old gran, Councillor and event coordinator... loves a good red... a gourmet meal & getting dirty in the garden... flautist, optimist & general lover of life! ・・・ I enjoyed every second in the studio with this amazing woman! Thank you Cate for having a little fun with me xo ・・・ hair styling by the very talented Jack Helyar of Hair by Helyar ・・・ makeup by Lindsay Gilbert of Lins Loves Buster (insta https://www.instagram.com/linslovesbuster/) ・・・ #cityofswan #councillor #redwinelover #carer #mamaofboys #flautist #finderofbeautiful #shabostudio #selfloveisthebestlove #perthmama #perthmum #perthwomeninbusiness #perthwoman #dotti #dottiecouture #feathersfordays #perthmakeup #perthstyle #empoweringwomen #perthwomeninsmallbusiness #transformations #finderofbeauty
Check out one of our former female grand champions of the 9 week challenge! Killer results.  We’re looking to coach 10 people this round! DM me to enter!