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"I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole... . . ... The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” — Malcolm X. . . You can't fight oppression with oppression or injustice with more injustice. Sexual misconduct in any shape or form is a traumatic experience but so is being falsely accused of it. I am all for women empowerment but not at the cost of justice. Don't hijack a movement that has given voice to so many survivors for personal vendettas. When the facts are clear as day do not stay silent, but hold your judgements when they are not. This platform is more than siding with your gender. Don't be a cyber lynch mob.. be the voice of reason. Be the change you want to see in the world. . . #metoo #metoomovement #women #womenempowerment #pakistanimetoo #pakistan #lahore #karachi #islamabad #etribune #dawndotcom #malcolmx #bookstagram #bookstagrampak #timesup #timesupnow #useyourvoice #speakup #equalrightsforall
. . . . . . #timesupnow #stopharassment #stopvillianizingthevictim
An amazing day launching our #thatsharassment Chicago campaign with @chicagosmayor and @_schwim_. Thank you for your advocacy. Proud of our billboards! #timesup #timesupnow
Thank you @godmothernycinc for this! ✨Join us this Wednesday 4/25 from 9:30-11am for @denimdaynyc's Denim Walk against sexual assault and violence.✨ 🔸Meet @ Brooklyn Borough Hall's rotunda plaza.🔸
"...what clothes pulled from what rack will prevent an attack? tell me the store and we’ll go back and buy the right clothes this minute the outfit that prevents rape if she’s in it. I didn’t understand- I didn’t understand she could buy a shirt That says she deserves to be hurt I had no clue she could put on a shoe That says, ‘do whatever you want to do  to me, see your needs come first After all I am wearing a tight skirt Instead of the assault proof dress And I notice you have the fault proof vest So it’s my fault I guess Apparently I didn’t say no as loud as my clothes could say yes.’ I didn’t know that her NO wasn’t enough I didn’t understand that her body became less precious Because certain dresses make her look hot And I guess if she’s wearing the wrong top Then her ‘yes’ is the same as STOP And you shouldn’t have to  Just because she BEGGED you to I’M BEGGING YOU Tell me the magic outfit and I’ll buy it Apparently her no wasn’t heard even when she SCREAMED So we need her clothes to be quiet." #whatshewaswearing  @WhatSheWasWearing @paveinfo @steveconnell #whatshewaswearing is not a red carpet moment http://bit.ly/SteveConnellActivism  What were YOU wearing? Post Your Photos. Post Your Statement of Empowerment. Tag #whatshewaswearing @whatshewaswearing @paveinfo #notyourfault #repost #saam #metoo #timesupnow #denimday
We completely agree @theequalityinstitute! Happy Earth Day y’all. We’re going to spend it with a hike in the hills of LA. HBU? #girlcrewcollective
Nina is your....? 💕💋 . . . #nina  #ninadobrev . . #timesupnow  #marchforourlives2018
Its' #saam! #30daysofsaam #askmoreofhim #wheresyourcardboard #photographers ?! We need your help promoting awareness about sexual assault @timesupnow @oprah @terrycrews @shialabeoufdaily @tylerperry @dmx @antwonefissher @chrisgardnerjr @rkelly @charlamagnethagod @donlemoncnn @rahsaanpatterson @thetomarnold @rufuswainwright @scottweiland @icet @c.syresmith @pharrell  Join the @wenotinvisible_official movement . This is a great opportunity to support survivors of sexual assault together with @denimdaynyc and its 2018 theme #whatyoucansay #whatyoucando. #followthis: 1)Write 2) snap and 3) post your own cardboard message. And tag the team: @wenotinvisible_official @denimdaynyc @bkspeaks @bkstylefoundation @thechigroup @trudygiordano @aboutworkplaceharassment #metoo #timesupnow