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I’ve found my way back to my FearLess Journal. I’ve missed it. I’ve miss @heatherbleasdell who started me on this journey. Horace showed up in morning meditation from Lori Snyder at Splendid Mola. 30 days of happiness for writers. Horace is that voice within me that says I’m a fake and a hack. He is showing up every day as I inch toward February 20th PUBLICATION DAY. It doesn’t matter how many wonderful reviews I get, Horace is louder. If you have one of these hecklers lemme know. Give em a name and I will Be your holla back girl, shouting down that voice that doesn’t serve. //Horace was often a pain in the ass. He always knew how to get your goat.//
#nimbus for #navigatingthroughnovember  When your husband gets the perfect picture for your prompt and doesn't share it until the next day.  #fionamariepeach  #sailwindspark #cambridgemd #taleswothfriends
Saving the fair maiden from her castle keep. swordplay, lasagna, and a happy birthday with chocolate cupcakes and a fire pit to come.  A belated birthday celebration for my hubby. A beautiful day out. Family who was mostly well behaved. #sundayfunday  #backyardfun #backyardshennanigans #siblings #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach  #kidsofinstagram #taleswothfriends #creativemamas #liveinthemoment
Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe . This gentle man was my everything when I met him. Still is. We just sat on the couch tonight and giggled to ourselves about how when you move beyond a certain point, it's knowing the bad and being ok with the upcoming worse. #wedding​anniversary #taleswothfriends  #bride #backyardshennanigans #october #happiness #anniversary#
#30daysofwhatmattersmost  I fought hard for this tire swing for my kids. Because they needed a tire swing to fill up their childhood backyard memories. Their joys and adventures and exercise for that matter, are priorities to me. Their memories and mirrors are my responsibility and I take my responsibility for all of this very seriously. #fionamariepeach #backyardshennanigans  #tireswing #taleswothfriends
My gift to you for your weekend. Dance like a four-year-old. While her brother plays piano in Jazz band.  In the Mood! Happy Weekend Lovelies! #fionamariepeach  #taleswothfriends  #creativemamas
🌹Retro Day 14 #ourcreativemay 🌹14/31💝 So busy this weekend I took no time to art or schedule my blog post today . 5:30 this morning I was posting "Question Your Own Authority" to Shalagh.com. Link in my profile.  The inspiration for this was first Miriam @ikibana_banana . She and I often inspire one another.And my son is playing a song on the piano called The Road to Lisdoonvarna which is in County Claire in Ireland on the West coast near Galway Bay.  Looking at the pictures I am reminded of how happy all those brightly colored houses looked perched along the town roads. Made me giddy. So here's my ode to the most lovely place on Earth I've been. #creativechallenge #ourcreativeselves  #taleswothfriends  #collage #createeveryday #creativityfound #liveauthentic
Finishing my Mother's Day with a bonfire. Eamon doing the escaping I wish I could be doing. One lone cricket struck up after the house wren finished her concert. And in a few minutes, a private piano concert for me inside. Life is often way better than you know. #taleswothfriends  #backdeckchillin #backyardshennanigans  #eamonspencerpeach
This is a gift from the immensely lovely and very talented Chris @crushed_ini , mama, architect, and artist from Germany. #ourcreativeselves ! I have had the immense priveledge of making friends with wonderful people all over the world and am humbled by their friendship. Thanks for being my friend Chris even when we speak different languages and live halfway around the world from one another. #taleswothfriends  #igconnections  #createeveryday  #manifesting #ourcreativemay
🌏💝Ending💝🌏 I want to wax poetic about how each ending is a beginning. About letting go and allowing for change. But my brain went sideways. .  I began to think about how if you poured yourself into a collective purposeful world, there would be no end. It's that Buddhist Atman/Brahman thing. You allow yourself the permission to not be the center of the universe and you won't be afraid of an ending. Loving yourself means there are no endings. .  So perhaps "ending" is all in the way you view your situation. I am glad again that I hosted another Soul Selfie Challenge because I always need to be in touch with a deeper me. I adore the connection with you all and this ending only marks another week of my life's fabulousness. I am so very glad you were here too. #soul_selfie #soulgoals #ending  #taleswothfriends #liveauthentically
🌼BLOOM is what children do best ⭕💝 And Bubbles are super fun and don't you ever forget it. 💝⭕💝⭕ #aprillove2017  #taleswothfriends  #fionamariepeach  #backyardfun  #gingershavemorefun  #toddlersofinstagrem  #creativemamas
Twilight. The start of Spring Break. Fabulous weather. New rug. Siblings surfing the web before bath time.  Sigh.  #taleswothfriends  #siblings #fionamariepeach  #eamonspencerpeach  #backdeckchillin
Be the change, do things differently, break the #pattern. My blog post today is about the value of doing and seeing things differently. I got the idea from our @leung.lily . An idea that's just the idea of change repackaged but well worth investing in a thought. Link in my profile to my blog post at Shalavee.com. .  This is the 8 x 8 photo book I made on Shutterfly. Had a coupon for a free book but paid for shipping. The design I chose was vibrant watercolor with such fun frames and patterns to choose from to adorn the pages. I wasn't sure I was capable of doing this. Especially when my first attempt of 13 pages suddenly disappeared. Ahhhh what the...? .  I sat there. It was 10 o'clock at night. And I asked myself how free this book was. And then I persevered. Between that next two hours and a couple the next day, I'd gotten the hang of the program. Pretty easy. And then I said Good Enough. Letting go of my inner perfectionist is one of the very best things I've ever chosen to do differently. It's a pattern breaker for sure. Fiona is going to adore looking at these pictures! And what a nice gift it would make. .  Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!  #aprillove2017 #taleswothfriends #photobook #shutterfly #change #ontheblogtoday
Today on ye' olde blog, I ponder the validity and entitlement of my voice. So often I police what I think. I question how much I know as compared to others. Or how witty or wise I'm being. Is what I say "enough" to say.  We know the answer is OF COURSE. But being aware of this battle of opinion entitlement is the first step to winning it.  I want to hear myself say what I need to say. I need to hear myself have an opinion and know I'm entitled to have one.  And I want to show my daughter it's ok to speak for yourself or anyone who needs a voice.  Link in my profile to my post titled Opinions, Entitlement, and the Value of Your Voice. Link in my profile. #bathtime #mermaid #ontheblog #taleswothfriends #writing #writerslife #ihaveafouryearoldcanyoutell
My Work Commute... . "I read blog post after blog post today. And were these to be the story of someone I did not know, I may have cried for how beautiful the soul of the writer was. The rawness and gentle words of someone with knowledge that was won from grief and heartbreak. But they were my words so they didn’t have such an impact on me". .  From my blog post today titled My Forgotten Soul in My Writing , my work is to write. It is also to see myself as I am. Which is one of the hardest jobs I've ever had, outside of parenting Fiona.I tend to forget myself while I'm immersed in my everyday. #everydaycreativemoments  #fionamariepeach #downtowndentonmd #taleswothfriends #ontheblog
Thanks to Fiona, I have a mouse toy infestation in my wooden fruit.  Redecorating today for her birthday party this weekend. I may just leave this art installation. #storyofmyday #interiordecorating  #taleswothfriends  #livecreatively  #makeart  #creativemamas
We picked some "ledow" flowers ! I think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. But I have my doubts. We're surely in for one more snowstorm. Not going to say the "S" word too soon and jinx us. .  On the blog today, Do you think or do you feel : trusting your intuition.  Daring to trust yourself can be a really hard thing. Letting Intuition be your guide instead of your head. Link in my profile.  #ontheblog #fionamariepeach #daffodils #taleswothfriends #childhoodunplugged #toddlersofinstagram