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Another amazing day at our monthly @haircuts4homelessuk still such a privilege working with @verityofthevanitybox  and the team and making these guys feel 10x better about themselves with a haircut that most of us take for granted! 💙💙💙💙 . . . . . . . . . . . #haircuts4homeless #helpingthecommunity #givelove #givingisbetterthanreceiving #skinfade #gentlemenscut #besttimeofthemonth #feelingproud #todaywasagoodday #smallthingsbigimpact #itsthatsimple #benicetopeople #bekindtopeople #donttakethelittlethingsforgranted #everydayisanewbeginning #lovelife #supportandlove #staystrong #barberlife #barbering #clippers #wahlclippers #straightrazor #shaveoil #sarahlouisehairessex
A little throwback to my last foreign trip. Sound on 🎦 • • • • • • #outdoor #enjoyingnature #carp #carpe #carpfishing #baitrunners #carpfishingteam #carpphotography #bird #greattit #smallthingsbigimpact
🌱💧❤️ in our greenhouse #repost @maedaehayday ・・・ “The sea is made up of tiny drops of water that have come together one drop at a time. Together we can change the world. #greenhouse #smallthingsbigimpact”
The sea is made up of tiny drops of water that have come together one drop at a time. Together we can change the world. #greenhouse #smallthingsbigimpact
[Terima Kasih]  Sudah sebelas bulan berlalu, semenjak kami menjabat. Beragam kisah telah terukir dalam perjalanan panjang ini. Kami Badan Pengurus 2017/2018 mengucapkan terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya kepada semua pihak yang telah ikut serta menyukseskan segala kegiatan yang telah dilaksanakan selama satu kepengurusan terakhir. Mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan-kesalahan yang telah dilakukan.  Kami segenap Badan Pengurus U-Green 2017/2018 pamit undur diri.  #smallthingsbigimpact #areyougreenenough
[Earth Hour 2018!!!] Ini aksi kami, mana aksimu?  #earthhourbandungxugreenitb  #smallthingsbigimpact  #rugreenenough
I’m here to remind you that you are important. Here’s why: • Paper holders/clips are the smallest office tools that make a huge impact. They can hold up paper stacks mich more then l their weight and keep office managers organized and tidy. •  No matter how “small” you feel and how “insignificant” you think your position in life is, know this: you are important. • Even if your work is not seen and your good deeds go unnotice (so much like these paper clips), take care of the small things because they are what hold the big things together and in place. • Happy Friday 🙃
It’s that day again! That day of the week, Wednesday, when I share a book we love with you. This #whatwerereadingwednesday book is one of my favorites from my dear friend Emily. She’s gotten in the habit of buying my girls children’s books with a great story line, and often ones that emphasize a strong young girl who perseveres and fights for what’s right. 💪 👧 We looove Aunt Em. ❤️ Imogene’s Last Stand reminded Emily of my dad and me. When I read it for the first time, I couldn’t believe it! A young girl and her dad, trying to do a small thing to make a big difference in her community. Not to mention the patriotic aspect of it. 😉 I have a lot to learn from Imogene, so I get to learn from her right alongside my girls as we read about her together! Super fun read, and especially fun to read out loud! 😄🇺🇸 By the way, I share these posts not because we just read so darn much together around here that I feel like I have the expertise to talk about it. Rather, I’m sharing books each week because I truly believe in the power of reading with kiddos, and I WANT to get *really good* about reading A LOT with my kids. Some weeks are better than others ‘round here. Good children’s books (i.e. ones that are actually fun to read) really help keep me accountable to that, and so does sharing them. When I share good books with you and share encouragement with you, I hear it myself, and it reminds me: slooooow down. This matters. A lot. Lots of things I want to improve upon (whew, and that list gets longer every day), but this is pretty close to the top. Slow down and read with my kids often. Wanna try to do that together?
Measuring out your food can be a tedious task, BUT portion size matters! .  If you are eating in a deficit all it could take is an unmeasured handful of trail mix to throw you off. 🤯😬 All those small things can add up big time in the course of a day. . If you’re struggling to see the progress you’re looking for, paying close attention to the size of your servings could help you out!
It’s officially my 2nd post of #whatwerereadingwednesday, and I can’t help but introduce you to Nancy. If you’re a mama of a little girl and you haven’t yet met the smart, hyperbolic, and slightly sassy Fancy Nancy, you need to march right on over to your library or hop on Amazon to get yourself some of her books! We ❤️ Fancy Nancy around here. For one, her *adorable* dramatic side reminds me a bit of myself as a kid, but two & three, the stories are totally adorable and are brilliant at teaching vocabulary. Super sweet stories that I love to read with my kids, and ones that I don’t mind reading over and over (and over...you know the drill!). I’m all about #simplygathering around here, and one way we *try* to regularly do that is through stories. As I mentioned last week, those handwritten notes (behind Fancy Nancy) are stories that my dad wrote that eventually evolved into our children’s book (also on Amazon 💃🏻🎉), The Adventures of Pootsey the Wonderbug, so we have a history of connecting through story in my family, and I’m trying to make sure I pass that awesome (and super simple) tradition right on down! Make Nancy an addition to your kiddo’s bookshelf. She’ll surely bring some giggles (and impressive words!) your way! #gather #gathersimply #smallthingsbigimpact #readwithkids
Remember when I mentioned I wrote a children's book? I can't take too much credit for it. It wouldn't even exist without all those notes you can see that my dad wrote for me when I was a kid. 📚 For anyone who knows my dad, this comes to no surprise, but he always found little, meaningful ways to connect with me, especially when he had to travel frequently for work. When I was about 9, he decided to start writing mini stories for me about this little bug he made up, Pootsey, and Pootsey's daily adventures with our pets & myself. Pootsey became a really special tradition in our house. 🐞 My dad always saw the potential in Pootsey to bring joy to other families, but it was years later, after my first daughter was born, that I myself started really seeing Pootsey's potential. Good children's books are a precious commodity, especially ones that are fun to read over and over again. I learned this fairly quickly as a new mom. 💕 So, after researching (to almost no end) how to publish a children's book, we made a decision, I spent a few months crafting a manuscript based on those stories, we hired an *amazing* illustrator, and ended up with a treasured book we can now share with others. 📖 But, with Pootsey, we get to do more than share yet another children's book. We're slowly but surely getting to share our story. That family traditions are super important, but they don't have to be grand and complex. In fact, it's almost the "accidentally created" ones that we then intentionally stick with that are the most meaningful. Right? And we get to share encouragement with others that, in this nutty, chaotic world, there's something so wonderfully simple they can do to make a bigger impact than any of us can wrap out minds around: read with kids. That's it. We make things so complicated (believe me, I'm very gifted at that), and yet, we can move mountains when we just sit down and read with our munchkins. 😀 Now that my kids + Pootsey have given me a keen fondness
Corissa and Jane Anne encourage everyone to find ways to be a leader in their community.  Even the smallest of commitments can make a great impact.  #tailoredetiquettellc #tailoredetiquettenashville #musiccityetiquette #modernmanners #modmanners #mannersmatter #kiwanis #smallthingsbigimpact #boardmeetingsarefunwithafriend #reunited