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Welcome to Small Business Startup Guide (SBSUG)! SBSUG is an ebook written by three San Diego small business owners. The goal of the guide is to provide you with a no nonsense to-do list, with the hows and whys, for getting your business idea off the ground. Please give us a follow and we promise to provide you regular tips to make your small business a success.
This is not a ⛔ panic alert, Instagram is only changing the way you visit links while viewing stories😌. Earlier, users had to swipe up on a story to go to the link which was provided.  However, this has now changed as Instagram is introducing a new tab while viewing stories.  Instagram has added a new option called 'See More'. Users just have to click on this tab instead of swiping up so that they can check out the links posted by the user, whose story is being viewed.  To return back to the story just click on the 'x' icon at the top.  P.S: The swipe up option was only available to users with more that 10,000 followers.  So many updates lately but what do you think about this one?
Custom order being delivered to a new customer today. This is going to be a lovely touch in her guest bedroom. Do you have the perfect idea for something you would love to see in your home? Let’s get started on it today! #mamabknc #linkinbio #we❤️customorders #smallbusinessowner #reclaimedwood #reclaimedwoodart #reclaimedwoodsign
"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will let it pass over me and through me. And when it has passed I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where it has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain." -- Quote from one my favorite movies Dune.  Get rid of the fear. Let's love ourselves!  Caption: @xviiduke  Photo: @imoanmik *There is an underlying message within this movie. Watch it and see for yourself. Let's chat about it!* _ _ #nn #nelisenasheida #mats #rugs #independantartist #yoga #meditation #canvas #textiles #yogi #newark #brooklyn #smallbusinessowner #banner #motivate #selflove #lovethyself #healthyself #nofear #love #lovealways #wearelove #dune #dunemovie #etsy #etsyshop
1 large left (model on right)...available online www.luc2lew-styles4u.com #luc2lewstyles4u #luc2lew #onlineshopping #blackandwhite #womanentrepreneur #smallbusinessowner
There are some new friends following Peace On Po, so how about #meetmemonday real life style! This is my Monday look; no makeup, air dried hair and all powered by the nectar of the gods, COFFEE! I love tacos, whiskey and dark chocolate. Reading, creating and being outside are my jam. I’m a nature lover, dislike the winter (except for Christmas time😊) and yellow is my favorite color. Yoga and easy runs are my preferred exercise, but paddle boarding is next on my list. I’m a wife, mama and a Nurse Practitioner too. I’m an essential oil nut, who digs holistic wellness approaches thru natural goods. And I have always loved creating potions for others and thus, Peace On Po was born! It makes my heart happy! I’m on the journey of living my best life in the most authentic, true to myself kind of way! Thank you for following and for supporting my little heart and soul-filled business! ❤️ #peaceonpo #meettheartist #welcome #mylife #creator #smallbusinessowner #reallife
As you plan your branding session, as you post to social media, and as you communicate with your clients, this is such a crucial question! • Dig deeper than the surface-level answer. Dig deeper than just this particular job. What is the big fat WHY that drives you? What is the common thread that you can see running through your hobbies, your jobs, your passions? WHY do you do anything you do? What motivates you and gets you fired up? • • • • #indianapolisheadshots #brandheadshots #lifestyleheadshots #creativeheadshots #websitephotography #lifestylebrand #brandphotography #indyheadshots #indianapolissmallbusiness
In my happy place 🙃
More announcements! If you’re a business owner wanting to know some of the latest trends and proven strategies to help grow your business, join us on June 18th and 19th!
Chilling in Cannes ☀️
You’re only living one page of your story right now. This isn’t the whole thing—promise. I know it can feel like it when you’re waiting for God to turn the page (goodness do I know: #stillwaitingbook), but there’s a whole lot of your story that’s still being written by Christ’s loving hand. . Only He knows what’s up ahead, but take heart—whatever it is, He will go with you. And when Jesus is in the midst of a story, the ending is always glorious. Those middle parts can get hard and confusing and can even feel like death, but He always (ALWAYS) ends with resurrection. 🙌🏻 . If Christ is with you, your story is a good one, friend. Even if the page you’re on today is hard. Take heart. You’re in the middle of a good story. 💛 . . . . . . . . #gritandvirtue #amwriting #author #writer #writersofig #writersofinstagram #christian #faith  #christianwriter #faith #abmlifeiscolorful  #entrepreneur #smallbusinessowner #amreading #writeitmama #writermama #momlife #momtribe #amwriting #waiting #writersofinstagram #writersofig #thegospelcoalition #relevant #bedeeplyrooted #lampandlight #thatsdarling #lifelivedbeautifully #thegospelcoalition
I'm more of an 11ish to whenever kinda person. The joys of working for yourself.  #workathome #toocreative #funnysaying #smallbusinessowner #handmadebusiness
Our book, Don't Panic, which is now in its second edition, took a lot of work to make it a reality. . We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge just a few of the people who helped make this book a success. First we’d like to acknowledge our student interns and former staff who helped us write and research this book, including the many interns whose work served as inspiration for this book. . We’d like to especially acknowledge Erika Lee, Cara Laursen, Emory Roane, Joelle Bartkins, Leopoldo Gabriel Estrada, and Nicholas J. Petruolo, who each assisted significantly with this book. . Special thanks also go to Shaun Spalding whose work at New Media Rights informed this book, as well as Cy Kuckenbaker and Alexander Johnson for their invaluable feedback. . We’d also like to thank California Western School of Law for being an amazing home and partner for the New Media Rights program. . newmediarights.org/book . OR click the link in the bio .