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This moment with a cup of coffee in my hand☕️ slow down for a moment and hold the time filled with peace ✨
We finally got to try the bathtub caddy out on a proper claw foot tub- in this case, one out in a redwood veranda sitting outdoors on a cliff overlooking a whole valley of trees leading to the ocean. I would say it passes the test. You can order yours at www.mtzionpress.com // @wadulisiwoman . . . . #bigsur  #furniture #furnituredesign #woodworking #interior #sofa #table #homedesign #decor #homedecor #casa #art #design #woodworking #handtools #furniture #reclaimed #midcenturymodern #interiordesign #makersmovement #aquietstyle #makersgonnashare #handcarved #woodcraft #shopsmall #handmade #makersgonnamake #peoplescreative #slowlived
Hheelllooo Spring!!! ☀️🙌🏼
My dining room is probably the least brightest room in the house. I normally opt to have my coffee or dinner in the living room where I can bask in the light that comes through the window. However, this new found sun is making my dining room bright and cheery, and I look forward to spending more time in here. • I made it through day one without any products from animals. I struggled with being hungry throughout most of the day, despite doing my best to fill up on other forms of protein. Vegan friends, any tips?
On Monday I started @plantlabculinary classes in Milan and I’m having so much fun. I get to make and eat delicious food all day. That’s the dream! I can’t wait to see my improvements in the kitchen by the end of this 👩🏻‍🍳 . . . . #slowlived #bloooms #worldinbloom #myspringmanifesto #curated_nature #bloomandgrowtogether #bloomandgrow #tinytinymoments #pursuepretty
Petals in the sun. ☉🌿
My go-to breakfast for the past week. 👌🏽 - Chia Seed Pudding with sliced bananas, frozen blueberries, and cacao nibs. Omg yum. - What’s your go-to breakfast?? . . . #breakfastqueen
Meet the Rose Gold Knot Studs! 👋 ⚡️🌹 I hand-form these puppies to order and then donate a portion of the profits to animal shelters (pun definitely intended). Because I firmly believe we can shop consciously and do good, all at the same time. ❤️ Spread the love. {Link in bio to shop 👆👆}
This lovely moment ! Bravo @lenaruna for this cute picnic picture ! 💕 we love it ! 🍷 Tag us in you favorite picnic pictures and we repost all our favorite ones ! #picnicollection
And then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anyone else have ‘strong’ boys? 🤦🏼‍♀️ ..working on the art of gentleness.
Clear evidence that we got our garden ready over the weekend. Dirt is a best friend around here.
Do you allow yourself a social media time out now and then? I have this sneaky feeling that we all should do it more often ;) Rainy indoor day here. Have a good one and do what you love!
the concepts of home and space are ideas that i've been sensitive to for as long as i can remember. i'm extremely influenced by my environment. • • i recall staying with someone when i was little and being truly depressed because their house was so dark and sad feeling. i remember, young as i was, telling my Mom how i couldn't stand being there due to the lack of sunlight and dark aesthetics making me lethargic and unhappy. • • another snapshot of my childhood is remembering how chaotic i felt in regards to my possessions. i had so much stuff and so little semblance of rhyme or reason to how it was all stored. i remember this pivotal moment of being 13 and deciding to be better at taking care of my things. as i progressed into my teenage years i remember being extremely organized and labeling things and knowing (despite the mass amount of possessions i had) exactly where everything was. • • both things are still true of me now. i am still easily influenced by my environments and i have to create small anchors of peace and beauty in my world even if it's just putting on a certain kind of music, lighting a candle, using a well designed tool or organizing the things on a table to be just-so. i still know exactly where all of my possessions reside, though i am striving daily to lessen the amount of them. i am very close to being able to say that everything i own i either find to be useful or inherently beautiful. everything i own has a story. because i am so in love with stories. i want to own what i own for a reason. not just-because. • • as i'm getting older, and my friends are buying houses and putting roots down more permanently and contractually, i am again thinking about what it means to live in a space. what it means to call a place home. i have little desire to own a home in the traditional sense at this point in my life. though i have untraditional ideas on the subject. but i do love nesting and cultivating things that make me happy and
Happy birthday to me, happy to be exactly where life brought me 🎂 tanti auguri a me, felice di essere esattamente dove la vita mi ha portato, felice delle  cose che ho, che poi non sono ‘cose’. La mia routine fatta di dettagli apparentemente insignificanti che per me sono fonte inesauribile di benessere. Le esperienze condivise con i figli: la scoperta di un posto nuovo, preparare insieme i pancake (ormai siamo maestri!) nei momenti morti. I cinema d’essai del giovedì sera con mio marito, ché giovedì è la nostra serata in libera uscita senza figli. Il silenzio in cui piomba il mio soggiorno la mattina dopo il caos del lavarsi-vestirsi-raccattare cartelle e schizzare verso la scuola. I piccoli riti, come accompagnare la mia primogenita a danza e aspettare che finisca la lezione rifugiandomi nel solito baretto, dove mi siedo a scrivere e a bere un centrifugato.  Non desidero regali oggi. Ho già tutto. (Grazie @straficola per questa foto che mi rappresenta moltissimo) . . #daysofsmallthings#ofsimplethings#smallmomentsofcalm#the_gentle_manifesto#nestandflourish#embracingaslowerlife#ofquietmoments#slowlived#thesimpleeveryday#aquietstyle#theartofslowliving#inspiremyinstagram#feelfreefeed#aquietlife#seekmoments#liveauthentic#asecondofwhimsey#myeverydaymagic#simplethingsmadebeautiful#tamphoto#thehub_lifestyle#smallthings#allwhatsbeautiful#simplepleasures#thisismycommunity#seekthesimplicity#meandmyeverydayvibes
I'm having one of those writing days when I look in the mirror and realize I only did one eye, one side of my hair, and I forgot to eat. I have glasses half full of water in all the rooms. I guess being immersed in thought is good when writing but mostly I feel like a distracted squirrel. What are you halfway into today? Please tell me I'm not alone! . . . . .  #prettycitylondon #thisislondon  #littlestoriesofmylife #liveauthentic #bedeeplyrooted #theartofslowliving #momentsofmine #thatsdarling  #thisisglamorous #flashesofdelight #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #thehappynow  #prettylittlelondon #livethelittlethings #seekthesimplicity #shareyourheart #encouragementgallery #mymonthofsundays #collectedsaturday #thisishome #verilymoment  #itssimplytuesday #athomeintheworld #mytinyatlas #postitfortheaesthetic #livecolorfully #slowlived #amwriting #writerslife
Bouquets for days 🌸🌷🌹🌺🌻 📷: @native_poppy
Stop by @offthebeatentrackartists this weekend to see our studio IRL! We’ll have our full collection for you to shop + sniff, plus we’ll have some goodies on sale including discounted seconds and old products that you won’t find online. You’ll even be able to shop our founder @aminanotameena’s watercolor illustrations! Join us and our artist and maker neighbors for a beautiful Saturday in the warehouse. Follow our IG stories to get more sneak peeks at our space and we’ll see you Saturday! 12-5pm at Off the Beaten Track Warehouse 🌸🎨