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It’s just bcz u be pure with the one u love ❤️ . #selflove #loveyourself
Gratitude is key!🔑🔑Always be thankful for what you have and where you are. . . The universe responds to this by sending more abundance into your life💕 your words are powerful. So speak unlimited blessings into existence and remember all that you have have to be grateful for. . . When you wake up each morning, name 5 things that you are grateful for and see how much this will shift your perspective on your life and enhance your day!💕✨🙏🏾 . Have a beautiful day people🌻🌺🌟 . #abrahamhicks #manifestation #gratitude #vibrations #love #selflove #lightworker #divinebeing #goddess #spirituality #asabovesobelow #inspiration #morningritual #dailyritual #luna
Happy Monday! Don’t be too hard on yourself, focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t 😊✌🏻💕 #motivationalmonday #happymonday #selflove #motivationalquotes #youcandoit #icandoit #letsdothis
Hier word ik heel gelukkig van... ☺️✨ Een van de mooie Rise & Shine deelnemers plaatste deze post: “Yesterday I had the first meeting of the Rise & Shine program. I have been wanting to do something like this ever since I first learned about it. And yesterday it finally happened and I got to meet such wonderful women 💕 I am still trying to process all the things that were said, all the stories that were told and the information that was given. But I can’t wait for the next meeting.” #riseandshine #bohemianrebels #selflove #selfdevelopment #personalgrowth #icandothis
Great Morning! ☀️ My name is Marlyn pronounced like MARLEAN because I’m going to be LEAN! ✨🤣💁🏼‍♀️ I will turn 25 years old this Sunday, April 29! ♉️ I currently live in Miami, FL! 🏝 I originally made this Instagram to hold me accountable to my results on my weightloss journey & lifestyle change, especially with my eating habits! I am officially 70 pounds down! 💥 As a result of my weightloss I’ve been able to generate an extra income aside from my full time job, very part time! I realized I was doing it for free & I said woah, woah, woah... if I’m already on the Herbalife Nutrition products (second time on Herbalife because the first was a disaster, who can relate?!?) why not share how my personality has progressed since I decided to say YES to a better, healthy & definitely more active lifestyle! 🙌🏼 my goal is to continue inspiring people to go after their dreams! & believe me, if ME out of all people can achieve this mental switch, anyone can do it!! Everything looks beautiful now but I came from a very dark place. For starters I always wore all black.. I was not friendly, I was insecure, anxious, always angry at the world, completely negative.. to say the least I was a tad depressed... for sometime in 2015 I had lost a significant amount of weight while dieting, but I gained it all back as soon as I got back to my unhealthy eating habits (can you relate again?!)... & I grew this fear of losing weight again & “dieting” incorrectly & a HUGE fear of failure.. I come from a family that didn’t really teach me positivity & that’s okay; because within my weightloss journey I have met a ton of people who inspire me and have believed in me to become the leader I am striving to be. . . My point is; don’t be afraid to dream big my dear, you have one life to live! Set goals & accomplish them. Because it is possible!!! I lived a life full of fear & I realized one day I’d be laying in my death bed thinking back how I
You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone. #candid #glares #rayban #selflove #beardlove #beard #life #instagram #instapic #oldpost
Stop watching other people live your dreams and step into the arena. If you Fall down, get up. Fall down again, get back up. You can fall as many times as you need to but every time you get up you will come back stronger and with more courage. Soon you will be the last one standing and The one that gets to reap the rewards. Push past your fear and drop your limitations. The goal that requires the most sacrifice also leads to the greatest success. 👊🏼💫 . . Smetti di guardare le altre persone vivere i tuoi sogni e mettiti in gioco. Se cadi, rialzati. Se cadi ancora, rialzati di nuovo. Puoi cadere tutte le volte che vuoi ma ogni volta che ti rialzi sarai più forte di prima e avrai più coraggio. Vai oltre la tua paura e oltrepassa i tuoi limiti. L'obiettivo che richiede il maggior sacrificio porta anche al maggior successo. 👊🏼💪🏼💫 . . P.s. Non sto preparando una gara anche se mi vedete in tacchi alti, posa e bikini! Ieri mi sono solo divertita con lo specchio 😅 Mi piace che sembro altissima nonostante sapete anche voi che sono una puffa😍e per il momento mi basta sognare 💭 sorridere e vedere la donna che sono diventata dopo tanti alti e bassi💫🎈 . .  #bikini#bikinifitness#dreaming#fitness#fitbody#fitnessmotivation#healthy#selflove#shredded#summerprep#cut#diet#weightloss#fatloss#dedication#fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel#strong#muscle#bodybuilding #bodybuilder #abs#toned#gym#gymlife #gymgirl
Who are you trying to be? Then ask yourself what’s stopping you from being that. What’s holding you back, what’s scaring you. What’s in your way? The first step to elimination is coming in terms and recognition of the obstacle. Second is realizing that the person you are meant to evolve into is much stronger than grenades. Once you start eliminating what doesn’t belong, you make room for what does. ✖️ ✖️ Happy Monday!! Let’s start our week by detoxing the negativity and making room for the positivity. 🙏🏼🌻
I don’t like to follow. I like being followed. #selflove #istagram #selfcare
Life is really about giving.  Today we were able to impact the lives of many children at the CDCA Kapan Project by going to the orphanage and providing them with much  needed love and supplies. . . .  @ericbdonoho organised the most incredible wheelchairs that are tailor made to the severely physically disabled. : @iamheathert and @fab4fit organised @ugg boots (that the kids loved) and medical supplies.  And Trevor organised harmonicas which the kids blew till our ears hurt.  Tomorrow we go for day two. : :  #revo #sponsor #give2giveback #mera2018x #running #fun #fitness #energy #selflove #laughter #brisbane #nepal #travel #beofservice #education #children #pdtraining #catawbasox #claritycards  #trekking #dangerous #insurance #adventure
Love me in your white tee #selflove #mostimportant #issa5course 📷: @noelleabelll