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Too many resources to FAIL! @salesremastered
When you sound like a Salesman you will meet more resistance to the message you’re trying to Sell, but when you sound like a Consultant, you will find it is easier that your prospects accept what you are giving. Salesman ask, Consultants give. Be the Consultant, not the Salesman @garyvee @askamillionaire @hardcorecloser
I'm a need $10grand a month guarantee #salesmanager and a demo to buy that $300,000 for their chain #ufc223 this is new to me #realestate deals like it was 2006 again got a younger brother ready to list his we going to be roommates if I don't move 2 Cali #ownership they in apartments renting
Join Our Team...We're Hiring Guys...Experience Is Preferred And Should Be Hardworking Multitasker With An Excellent Communication Skills...Dm Or WhatsApp Us Via +233265808975 With Your Resume 👉🏿📋✌🏾 #hazzastreet #hazza #hazzaians #vintagelifestyle #hiring #marketingpersonal #fashion #denimlover #denim #salesperson #salesmanager #socialmediamarketing
Our people make the difference! Meet our Sales Manager, Peter, at our dealership!! 🤗🤗🤗 Here to help you get the best interest rate on your loan! 🚘🚘 #usamotors #2099838888 #salesmanager
Can you go the distance? Do you have the stamina to do what it takes to win the round? I’m looking for a national sales manager and a national sales rep who have that killer instinct. Who aren’t afraid of a challenge and taking action. If you’re at NADA and you think you have what it takes, I challenge you to stop by my booth 2398C and prove it. Wimps need not apply. Ask for Tim or Justin. #nadashow #nadaconvention #nada2018 #salesmanager #kintz2018 #challenge
Неплохо отпраздновали 100 тысяч клиентов в Модульбанке😎 #novosibirsk #russia #salesmanager #modulbank #2018 #rockcitybar #modulsales
Come in ogni #evento sono i dettagli a fare la differenza #life of #eventorganizer 💲🎲🥂 ••••••••••••••••• Ph. @renato_rosati 📸
There are few reasons salespeople don’t perform as well as they are able.  Too Little Activity: Sales is an activity-based endeavor. Even though we would much rather measure outcomes than activities, if the outcomes aren’t being delivered, the root cause may be that there is just too little activity. In this case, more activity is what is necessary to produce better results now.  Too Little Effectiveness: Effectiveness is the other side of the equation when it comes to results. All the activity in the world won’t help you if what you are doing doesn’t work. Your approach, your processes, your methodologies, your ability to communicate, and dozens of other factors make up your effectiveness. The reason most sales leaders focus on activity is that effectiveness is more difficult to improve.  Too Little of Both: You can produce poor results because you have too little activity while also being ineffective, in which case you must improve in both areas.  Too Little Leadership: Some salespeople produce results that are less than they are capable of because they are simply being poorly led. They are not given the leadership and the help necessary to take more action more consistently. They are not being challenged to improve their effectiveness in sales. #sales #salesprofessional #salespro #salesmanager #salesexecutive #businessdevelopment