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Prayer retreating . . . . . #retreat #prayer #meditation #quiet #countryside #ontario #nature
This is in my cards yesterday read by a lovely woman Lynsey who does healing with herbs and also records your voice whilst you are speaking to denote which parts of your chakras need balancing. Pretty amazing stuff. She also lines it with your astrological chart and then uses crystal bowls to help you “tone” ie hit the notes that you need to so you can balance out your chakras with sound. She is not on social media but dm me for her info if you want her contact information. She is in West Orange NJ.
Took this shot awhile back showing my sultry side...thought I'd post it now...thinking of going back to red...hmmm? I know that would make my friend Gareth happy 😜! Oh the hair dilemma?!
Research has found that women and men who moan and make more noise during sex tend to report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than those who stay quiet. 🤭 There are a few reasons for this increased satisfaction: One, moaning serves as a non-verbal form of communication, which can be used to help convey your preferences to your partner. Two, from a psychological standpoint, moaning can also reassure your partner that they are doing a good job! This reinforcement makes it more likely that your partner will repeat that pleasurable action in the future. One caveat to note though is that those who reported making the most noise during sex were also the least apprehensive about sexual communication and had the most confidence in their skills. So while it’s entirely plausible that more noise can lead to more satisfying sex, it’s also possible that people who have more enjoyable sex tend to be noisier.  Source: @justinjlehmiller
Sending love and light to all who need it from #claridgehouse #candle #flame #light #love #takeamoment #tobe #quiet #quietplace #quiettime #sacredspace #peace #lighttotheworld
Week end essentials 💅🏼📚 . . . #weekend #chill #reading #quiet #magazine #paris #march #spring #nails #break #essentials #lifestyle #parisianlife
Rêve #cat#quiet#cute
#repost @mybundleofrescues with @get_repost ・・・ THIS PUP WAS SAVED FROM THE EUTHANASIA LIST. SHE NEEDS A FOSTER FOR ONE WEEK AND WILL THEN BE SENT TO THE ADOPTION FAMILY. ALL FOSTER EXPENSES FULLY PAID. CONTACT @unothewonderdog IF INTERESTED.  Regrann from @unothewonderdog - 🚨OUT OF STATE ADOPTER NEEDS A RESCUE TO PULL🚨 ・・・ 🆘#4th NIGHT LISTED!!🆘 TO BE DESTROYED 3/22/2018💔 Publicly #adoptable . Hello, my name is FAITH 🌺 My animal id is #22842 I am a female tan dog at the #manhattan Animal Care Center. The shelter thinks I am about #4years old. I came in as a #stray on 14-Mar-2018.  #cirdc . Our little #lowrider blonde #bombshell is beyond 😍adorable, and hasn't wasted a minute capturing the hearts of volunteers and staff💘. #quiet in her kennel, but always ready to accept an invitation for a walk😀, she's #great on leash, motoring along on her little #short legs and doing some skips and bounces as we walk! So cute! She seems to be housebroken, potty a priority, and then it's treats and tail wags. Faith is a cuddler💓, happy with paws in lap for kisses😘 and snuggles💓, and of course, she's always lobbying for a treat showing off her 'sit' as she gazes longingly at the treat in my hand😍. Faith is #social and #happy to meet all humans, greeting with a little jump and wag. It's no surprise she ROCKED her 🌟#behavior assessment with great scores across all categories🙌, joining in the game of 'tag', assuming the play position. #sweet, #friendly, adorable, what she lacks in size she makes up for in her sweet personality and LOVE💗. Watching her with another volunteer getting and giving hugs and kisses😘, with her tail wagging a mile a minute, is PURE JOY 💝. We know that Faith's new person is right around the corner, shouldn't it be you? . ***CONSIDER #fostering, ALL expenses paid for. 🙏🏻EMAIL helpdogs@urgentpodr.org if you're local to NY/NE USA & can #adopt/#foster THIS pet. - #regrann
swipe left👉👉👉.. #whyiwrite😫😫 ...#happy #sad #empty #mind 😫😫 #quiet #alone #thoghts ..
Reminder that sitting with your thoughts is a completely valid cure for boredom. I’ve been working hard to find moments disconnected from technology in my off time. In the morning I’ll take 15-20 minutes to meditate. In the afternoon I’ll try to set aside some time for writing or reading. Today I woke up, got a coffee, with the intention to read for a bit. Instead I sat with my thoughts without realizing what I was doing, for about 45 minutes in silence. It seems like a small thing but I’m recognizing it as a product of daily meditation. Sometimes meditation can feel incredibly frustrating in the morning, to sit in efforted silence knowing you have 200 things to tackle before noon, is not always natural to me, or maybe anyone for that matter. Let’s be honest, meditation can be weird as hell. But we all deserve mornings like today. We all deserve freedom from our phones, our computers and our to do lists. Finding what supports that is worth the practice.