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Our free Interview Skills workshop was designed to help participants compile their CV; write a good cover letter; understand the importance of interview preparation and creating the right image; and ask concluding questions. Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday.  For more information about our business courses, please contact us on 25754802/8.
Donner de la confiture aux cochons :donner quelque chose à quelqu'un qui ne le mérite pas, qui ne sait pas l'apprécier ou qui n'en a aucune reconnaissance #expressionsfrançaise #expressionidiimatiques #francophonie #français #anglophone #kuwaitcity #kuwaitstudents #q8city #q8student # #languageaskills #languages #translatorsinkuwait #traductionfrançaise
Education is a life long processes. Through learning, we tend to discover new things and overcome ignorance that we were previously unaware of.
inlingua Kuwait thoroughly enjoyed a concert by the Armenian State String Quartet at AbdulHussain Abdulredha Theater in Salmiya, Kuwait on Friday, 9th March 2018. This wonderful concert was hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia to the State of Kuwait in cooperation with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature. The music of Armenia has its origins in the Armenian Highlands, where people traditionally sang popular folk songs. Armenia has a long musical tradition that was primarily collected and developed by #komitas, a prominent priest and musicologist, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
inlingua Kuwait wishes all women a happy Women's Day. You have the power to create, to nature and to transform. Have a wonderful Women’s Day!
Liste de noms de couleur en français😀#francophonie #france #learning #languagesskills #traductionfrançaise #teachinginkuwait #kuwaitcity #kuwaitmoms #q8student #q8city #q8moms
الصفحة الرسمية لأكاديمية فيكتوريا للتدريب الأهلي و العلوم الإدارية و اللغة الإنجليزية #كويت #كويتي #كويتيات #الكويت #q8 # #student #students #q8student #cba #kuwait #kwtk #kuw #طالبات #طلبة
inlingua Kuwait delivered on-site corporate English language training to Barakat Food. Your company and your training needs are unique. When training is delivered on-site, our facilitators can tailor the workshop to fit your needs. For more information about our corporate training services, please contact us on 25754802 / 8.
inlingua Kuwait is urgently looking for native Japanese speakers to teach Japanese to non-native speakers. How do I apply? In order to apply to become an inlingua language instructor, you must meet the following minimum requirements: 1. Have native proficiency in the language(s) you wish to teach. Complete grammatical and lexical command as well as literacy skills equivalent to those of an educated native speaker of the language are required for approval to teach with inlingua. 2. Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in a field related to language education (e.g., (applied) linguistics, language education, foreign languages). 3. Have experience relevant to teaching foreign languages to students at the postsecondary (adult education) level. 4. Have at least intermediate proficiency in written and spoken English. If you meet these qualifications and wish to embark on an exciting new journey as part of the inlingua team, then please e-mail your résumé to our Director of Studies, at zdenah@score-plus.com. Please be sure to direct all questions regarding our application process to Zdena Hruskova, Director of Studies, at the e-mail address above.
inlingua Kuwait invites you to a free Interview Skills Workshop, which takes place at ScorePlus Kuwait Learning Center in Salmiya on Wednesday, 14th March from 5:00-6:00 pm. This workshop is a powerful and proven interview skills seminar that gives you the ability to make the right impact, develop the skills needed to succeed at your next job interview, beat off the competition and get the job offer! Please note the registration is free, but mandatory for logistical reasons. To reserve a seat, please email zdenah@score-plus.com.
inlingua Kuwait is currently looking for teachers of German to teach non-native speakers at our center in Salmiya. The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following: - a minimum of Bachelor's Degree in a relevant area, - a minimum of two years' teaching experience, and - a native fluency in German. Interested candidates, please send your CV to Ms. Zdena Hruskova, Director of Studies, at zdenah@score-plus.com.
The expression of the date for February 8, is to be on tenterhooks. If you are on tenterhooks, you are very nervous and excited because you are wondering what is going to happen in a particular situation. Tenterhook is a hook used to fasten cloth on a drying frame or tenter. Examples: He was still on tenterhooks waiting for his directors' decision about the job. We were on tenterhooks all morning waiting for the phone to ring.
BlÉ🤗 Blé literally translates as wheat in English. However, figuratively it has become a popular way of referring to money. (Another common way of referring to money in slang terms is fric or pognon). Here is an example: Il gagne beaucoup de blé. He earns a lot of money 👍👍⚘#slangs #francophonie #france #françaisaukoweït #français# languagesskills #translators #traductionfrançaise #traducteurs #q8student #q8city #q8moms#q8city #kuwaitcity #kuwaitmoms #learnfrench #learning
10 French Slang Verbs Every French Learner Should Know #slangs #frenchlanguages #frenchslangs# French lessons #francophonie #translators #translation #q8student #q8# #q8city #kuwaitcity #kuwaitmoms #kuwaitschool
Il y a des cicatrices physique cachées avec des vêtements, et des cicatrices émotionnelles cachées avec des sourires. There are physical scars hidden with clothes, and emotional scars hidden with smiles😉😉#francophonie #france #expressionsfrançaise #englishexpressions #englishstudentinkuwait #studentsinkuwait #q8student#q8city #traductionfrançaise #translators #translation#languagesskills