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Чешский фотограф-любитель Marek Boguszak @marekboguszak (Марек Богушак) родился в 1952 году в Праге #praga, где живет и сейчас. Фотографией начал увлекаться еще в студенческие годы. Но, после окончания института Мареку пришлось оставить любимое занятие почти на сорок лет. И вот сейчас фотограф снова вернулся к своему хобби – фотографирует удивительные пейзажи Чехии и улочки родного города. Марек Богушак признается, что для него фотография - это способ захватить и выразить настроение, эмоции, чувства. Больше работ здесь: aboveart.ru/portfolio_page/marek-boguszak Короткая ссылка: goo.gl/6YUdwB  #marekboguszak #landscape #aboveart #contemporaryart #art #современноеискусство #арт
The notion that the moon is an artificial object caught my attention since I first heard of it. Like with most far-fetched theories, the immediate response is to feel inherently resistant to it. How can something that is present during our daily lives could have such an estranged origin? This perception only furthers the mystic essence that our beloved satellite has garnered since men can keep record of the phenomena around him. In more recent times, some testimonials by astronauts that have stepped on the surface of the moon report a hollow and metallic sound. Others go so far to claim the moon is an antenna that projects and blocks signals into our earth. And of course, the prize winner is the whole fake landing conspiracy.  The fact that the moon has inspired so many works of art speaks volumes on the intriguing nature of this celestial body. As you might have already picked up, my favorite album is The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Here, the earth represents the natural state of men, the sun is regarded as well-being and the moon as the hardships that, if let out of control, can eclipse the goodness in life and ultimately drive someone to madness. The truth is that the moon has always been regarded as a frontier. It has inspired space races and now seems to be the stepping stone for further space exploration like Mars. It is no wonder that Noel Gallagher chose this concept as a leitmotiv for his last record given his influences of the likes of Bowie and Pink Floyd, but to be perfectly honest his whole cosmic pop experiment didn't translate as well as intended on the record. The artwork on the other hand... #travelphotography #praga #noelgallagher #pinkfloyd #darksideofthemoon #writing #caption #photography #instapic #rockandroll #inatagood #fbf
Wszędzie mnie znajdzie. 🙄✔️ #prague #johnlennonwall
My mother is my diamond, my everything ❤👩‍👧
Yummy Pragues food ❤🍗👌
My lovely place - my Bulgary ❤🏖 I would like to go there again and again 👼🌅
My lovely place - my Bulgary ❤ Sunny beach - wait me !! 😎😇
Staré časy v Prahe 🤗😇
Najkrajšia vec, čo žena môže nosiť na tvári, je úsmev 😊❤
Jedného dňa sa ti všetka láska, ktorú si dal, vráti a budeš šťastný s osobou, ktorú miluješ ❤
HOY SÁBADO 21hs en @infiltradas.tv un nuevo #amoviajar... Hacemos el Tour de la #cerveza en la bella #praga 🇨🇿 #repúblicacheca. #sanpatricio 🍻🍀 Te esperamos en la pantalla de @nuevelitoral
Šťastná žena = šťastný muž ❤😇
600 anos e ainda funcionando perfeitamente.  600 years of history and still working.  #astronomicalclock #astronomicalclocktower #praga #prague🇨🇿 #pragueoldtown #praha #czech
❄️⛄️❄️ #praga  #praha #muitofrio