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Stratford is one of group of young rabbits that was set loose late one night on a canal bank in Manchester. One of our volunteers was alerted to their plight and we went to help kindly members of the public to try and catch them. When we arrived 4 had been caught and we took them into our care where they have been ever since.  Stratford is approximately 7 months old and has all the exuberance a young buck should have. He simply loves life! Every morning when he comes out to play he does the most splendid array of bunny binkies. He really is such a happy chap and it is a joy to have him in our care. Stratford is a confident chap and knows what he likes, which is pretty much summed up as plenty of space and food! He especially love things to leap on and off and skip around and is anyone's for a few tasty veggie treats. He’d make an ideal house rabbit and provide hours of entertainment, far better than the telly! The only time Stratford is unhappy is when you try to handle him; he really finds it terribly stressful so we keep handling to a minimum, just for health checks. Stratford was neutered on 8th of February so is ready to begin to date a neutered female bunny if you would like to pair him. We have a bonding scheme for anyone interesting in bonding a neutered single bunny with a new buddy.  Stratford has received the combi & RHD2 vaccinations and has also been microchipped. He will be suitable to live either indoors or out so long as he has plenty of space and enrichment. If he is to live outdoors he will need a neutered female for company as we don’t rehome single rabbits to live alone outside. Due to his confident nature he will be suitable for a family with children aged 5 and over. If you’d like to meet our little star and give him the home he so badly deserves just get in touch!  For more info on our animals and our adoption process please see our website (link in bio)  #rabbit #rabbits #buns #bunny #bunnies #rabbitsofinstagram #rabbitsofinsta
#grosetkollen 😎🐶 #hikingwithdogs #oslove
Good luck to everyone at the #londonmarathon today! You can do it 🏃🏼‍♀️
Yummy 🦊 💩😊
Best. Day. Ever. If you couldn’t tell by my facial. #bestdayever #sydneycavaliers #happypuppy
It’s grandmas birthday this week so we had her a special card made!!! #grandma #birthday #beardeddragon #dragons #beardie #reptile #westie #animaladdicts #petscorner #grandmasarethebest #petsofinstagram #birthdaycard #moonpig
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@babaparis handcrafted collection,  #collar+#leash Trio 🧡🖤❤️ #babapets
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