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Anime: The Ancient Magnus' bride Today was long. After having returned at past midnight at home, i was beat. But it was nice yesterday despite little issues. And today i learnt from Binomial that Childhood was the happiest he'd been in a while which is really great. I am so glad and relieved to be honest.  So woke up tired. Guide was interesting. The chieftains and i had a meeting with the scout chiefs and discussed about next year's concert and therefore fund raisings. It was long and tedious and by the end of it, i think all our butts turned into flat stone boards. After that i went for tuition where i sat beside my ex perverted cousin from ages ago. I guess i am now a bit indifferent towards him but like it's arkward. We practically ignore each other.  Yesterday, during the repetition, i went around, asking the tall guys how tall they were (to be able to see how tall is 1m80 in real life - Trovert is that tall). Tree is 1.80 and i was quite surprised. It's not often that i notice how tall the guys are. And well wow. Trovert is quite tall. I went to this other guy too, some popular guy that i play baby foot with for Tree's birthday party. And at some point, i stepped back and he put his hand on my back to prevent me from walking into someone. I was surprised and slightly uncomfortable but not as badly as with Childhood.  After tuition, went for dinner at the mall. I updated my parents about a few things - how i hugged everyone in the group on Friday. Honestly, it was mainly for Childhood cause hugs are sposed to be quite comforting and i guess it worked for him. And then i told them how i let Tree and Curls know that i am here for them and spoke to them to try to help them. And then they were like, would you come to us if you had problems. I didn't directly answer that. Honestly, no. I don't even go to Binomial and Muffin when i have issues. It's mostly Perv, Trovert and then Joker. In that order. Why? Cause i feel like i drag on too much my issues with the
Anime: The Ancient Magnus' bride  Today i woke up at 7a.m. something, certain it was past noon. I was quite surprised when i was proved wrong. Especially since last night i stayed up till 2a.m. or 3, reading. Mom stayed in my room till i had to kick her out so i could go to sleep. She's back to her k-drama😐  At 10:01, i scrambled for my results. Entered the website and was pleasantly surprised. I got a distinction! 4 As, 1 A*, 2 Bs, and  2 Cs. C in addmaths (no surprise) and in business (πŸ˜… oops). Either ways, i am quite very satisfied.  Binomial? She aced it. 9A* and 1 A. Muffin? Pretty good, merit.  After all going intensely capital (our letters were all in capital - due to intense emotion) we went awol.  My sister just beeped me twiceπŸ˜‚  Read. Napped for a while. Then read. Then electricity went out. It was quite boring. Tried reading a new book. Then moved to an old one that sat on my shelf for favourite books. But all i wanted to read was that book from this serie i just started.  My sister is definitely restless. She's bery touchy and beeping me.  Electricity thankfully came back. Chatted a bit with Captain, Joker and another guy from our squad. Was. Asked about their results for most.  I kind of want to talk to Step but he's not very enthusiastic to chat with me sooo i guess I'll just give him space.  Anddd i ordered a really cute dress online (my first! And willingly - bon okay mom kinda influenced me but it's also quite cute so yeah). And i am pretty excited to get it.  Feel somewhat lonely. No one to chat with. Whatever.
To myself,  Waah, you've done a hard work... Good job, and you've worked hard.. μˆ˜κ³ ν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€ 그리고 κ³ μƒν–ˆλ‹€ ..... #pattinghead #patmyhead
Manga: Mahou tsukai no yome  Ever since I've been back from camp, I've been waking up at around 8a.m. which is just plai weird for me. But an hour or two afterwards, I'd start getting really sleepy and tired.  Today was eh. Got back home, napped, then went to the mall to watch Thor Ragnarock. Wasn't extra. Honestly, i found Justice League better. There was this group of people, three guys i think or two, with two girls behind. And at some point one of the guys laughed and his laughter was so cute and adorable.  And then by the end of the movie, one of them dropped something. While they looked on top, i turned on my flashlight and knelt and found a coin. Gave it to them. When i was about to walk away, i noticed that they were still looking for something. So i turned on my flashlight again and knelt on the floor. At the back of the seat, i saw car keys. Picked them up and handed them to the guy.  Well i feel pretty sleeepy mais bon.
Anime: The Ancient Magnus' bride  This anime is seriously fully of head pats.  Today was okay. I guess. Went to the capital. Had guide. Then went to my gran's where i learnt that both of my grandparents knew of my climbing habit on their kitchen roof. Even my parents. What i thought i hid well was actually never the case. πŸ˜‚ and then i imagine them seeing a smaller version of myself climbing the to their roof. I honestly can't remember when it began. It feels like I've done this forever. But i know its not the case. It still soothes me though. And i feel slightly sad that i shared this place with other people. Although i feel like they don't go there when i don't bring them up, which has been ages ago. Hopefully.  And my mood just plummeted as  night approached. I feel like i am suffering from severe withdrawal of lack of communication with Trovert. It's like he went AWOL on me. And it's really annoying that the fact that he hasn't spoken to me in days makes me so moody. It's scary how i allow him to have so much power over my mood. And it annoys me how he can so easily not speak to me for days when even a 9 hours after not speaing to him, i itch to message him.  I have this stupid idea that if i can get him to hurt me enough emotionally, I'll be able to just get over him cause i can't have this kind of friendship/whatever  relationship with him when he doesn't respond. For days. ARGDHABDJAKD  And honestly, the annual guide camp just feels like an impossibly big deadline hanging upon my head.  And i wished this friend happy birthday today, this friend who used to be really close to me. But we eventually faded when our group disbanded. And she thanked me, addressing me as 'mrs beck'. Denver beck used to be our obsession when i lent her my favourite books. And i was just really touched she remembered that it made me tear up slightly.
Anime: The Ancient Magnus' bride  Last night, more like early morning, i spoke to Trovert. Started late i guess. After midnight. Chatted with him. Wifi was really sucky. Then video Skyped. I used to think that a video call always had to be two-ways, both being able to seas each other. But since we started video calling, Trovert and i, i sometimes find him staring at me intensely. The intensity of his gaze is sometimes too much. Makes me feel self-conscious. But then his face would break into a grin and he'd be just too damn adorable and cute for his own good. And i got to see his back and i just love it. It's curved and all. And his hair is the best. It's curly and flops on side, sometimes over his eye then he'd push it back.  I admitted that i could fall asleep to his voice and he told me that he liked my voice too. And at some point we played a game, and he admitted that he wanted the game to last because he wanted to talked to me/liked talking to me and once the game was over, we'd have to go aleep. That was just so sweet. And it's just makes me wonder how he can sound so in control, so unaffected when i stumble, mumble and just nod even when he can't see. Sometimes i feel to embarrassed and end up just typing the message. And yet he sounds so at ease. It's just wow.  And by the end of the call, i told him i really liked him and straight away afterwards, ended the call. I think i scared him away. I probably creeped him out but he is waaay too polite to say anything about it. Part of me hopes he just didn't hear what i said. So today didn't talk to him. Since well, the call. He probably slept the entire day away. Or is avoiding me.  Otherwise spent the day on the couch. Doing nothing. Purchased an online t-shirt which is great. But by the end of the day, i feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied. I like doing nothing, but i also hate it. That's another reason why i just don't want to spend time at home during the holidays.  I told Muffin about the fish thing. And just
Manga: Unknown  Urgh its 2.40a.m. right now cause i wasted the day away doing nothing. Am such a horrible procrastinator... but i don't quite regret today.  Started off waking up to an alarm - had the amazing idea to put one. Not.  Had panini for lunch. Then at around noon started chatting with Trovert. And then well he realized i deleted him off snapchat when i asked for his name. Anyways. Then we skype called and somehow we ended up video calling and 😍😍😍😍 He was so cute! Am not even exaggerating! Mann. He was adorable with his slightly curled blond hair. And his smile. And him wearing head phones. And missed his voice! And wow. Video calling is waaay better than sending pictures of just voice calling. And he said he liked my voice/accent (according to him i have a french one). And awwww. All i wanted to do was fangirl and scream and roll around in excitement at seeing him. It's the closest we'd ever get to seeing each other. And when i asked whathewanted, he said for me to be there with him 😍 (even thoughi think he was in a perverted mood so not very reliable). And when i was telling him that i liked his hair and face and everything on call, he said he liked me too 😍 although maybe he meant it like i what i said but oh well. And i think maybe, just maybe, he too was affected by well seeing me like i was by him. He was a bit quiet and kept grinning and smiling. I couldn't stop smiling at seeing him either. And he said i was cute😍 and just aww. I loved it.  And my sister and i bonded. Over yoga, we kept making facesπŸ˜‚ and i told her about Trovert (the rough story) and she told me a bit about her classmate and i learnt that she's not the most innocent.  And Perv... i told him about me liking another. And woah. He ended up blocking me cause he needed space which i understand.  And Joker messaged me asking for my snap. We ended up chatting quite a bit about business which somehow lead to birthday dates and well it felt like old times. I didn't
Anime: Servant x service  There goes the head patting again. Spam  Today was a long day. Last night well i ended going to sleep at nearly 3a.m. cause i struggled so much to fall asleep.  Had three papers today. 2 physics and one eco. They were all more or less okay. I guess. Then spent the end of the day mostly with Curls. We waited by the stairs, for the bell to ring (signalling the end of school). It was quite interesting. We talked about everything and nothing.bit constantly surprises me how i can just have conversations with people that just flow without me having to think of something to say. It's just mind blowing. It's a sort of magic trick. So we talked about his family, mostly his dad. And his bus buddies.  There was this Caucasian from this other private school that came to sit for an exam in our school. And dear gawd, he's got the bluest/blue green-est eyes I've ever layed onto, in real life at least. It was wow.  First time it was to check who it was. Second time, i stared at him in the eyes and ours gazes kind of met. Weirdly, i held the gaze longer than usual before turning around, taken aback by his unfaltering gaze and blue eyes.  Otherwise, spent the rest of the day lazing around. Was unable to trick myself into revising. And dinner was kinda tense. Dad was in a bad mood and the food did not suit my taste so i barely ate.  And wow. I love skipping. And i think dad enjoys it when i ask him about his day even though he doesn't always ask about mine. But that's okay.
Anime: Kaichou wa maid sama  Head patting spam 😝  So... i feel like i messed up literature. But oh well. Upon getting home, i wasted time and napped. And despite napping am really exhausted at midnight (now). I finished going over all my economics notes for tomorrow. For physics, well i did a baclé crash course.  Trovert... i hate how i like chatting with him. Same with Perv.  And i keept having weird dreams even when i nap. It's really annoying to be honest. I mean it's not even anything great or sweet. It's just plain weird.  Oh and i have begun to take quite a liking to skipping rope
You've work hard today... Good job Dian.... #pattinghead
Chapter 12 is up... 2 days ago, i think. /I forgot to update here/ /sorry, i have a short term memory/ orz #oc #originalcharacters #pat #pattinghead #multiplepics #shoujo #manga #linewebtoon #webtoon #springdiarywebtoon #mydrawing #digitaldrawing
Not anime related, but I just got NieR: Automata. It's pretty fun #repost @flaffygirl with @repostapp ・・・ Hahaha πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #nierautomata2b #nierautomata9s #nierautomata #pattinghead #shota #nierautomatapod #blindfold #squareenix #nierautomata2bfanart #nierautomatafanart
U know how doges stare at mundane things like they're witnessing the most insane sight? (Ex: Skateboarder? Mite as well be Michael Fassbender doing naked lunges. #deeplunges ) So imma start a new photo series where I stare off in the same direction as my doge to emphasize their expression. I'll tag 'em w #ohmydogelook (It's actually pretty fun to do, feel free to do it too w ur doge! Or better yet.. ur cat lol) #bonusimageinbackground #stumpstumpparticipating... #ohhstumpstump.. #pattinghead*
Morning ritual 🐑 #patting #pattinghead #goodboy #puffer #kawaii #midorisanfugu #betterquality #nexttime πŸ˜…
#pattinghead πŸ˜‚
He's pretty talented I have to say #pattinghead #rubbingbelly