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I am so thrilled with how well my Flat Baron chin rest suits me! It makes holding the violin in the right position a comfort and a joy, and it has liberated me to really focus on my fingerings and bowing! My advice to anyone is to find what suits you. Don't stick with the default install from the violin shop, even if you purchase a high-end instrument already custom-fitted and styled with matching chin rests, pegs, etc.
Ok, ok for #nationalpuppyday here’s my first ever pup Emily the Old English Sheepdog. She’s clearly having a GREAT time with me
I promise I haven't forgotten everyone! I know the point of sharing practice videos is to share your development, but there is still a certain personal standard I think we all possess in what shouldn't quite yet see the light of day!  What these exercises begin to allow me as a student to start hacking away at is what I'm finding to be the genesis of playing the violin. The first finger accompanied by the thumb is where every position starts, and first, third, and fifth are the major positions on the violin. Everything else starts to fill in the gaps from here.  Precision in position location is crucial in tuning. Technical areas such as knuckle position, rotating the hand around the fingerboard to the lower strings, sliding silently but accurately up the string, and accurately judging where a position begins when going to that position cold (without a slide) are all keys to the many locks on the door of precise tuning on the violin.  By adding fingers more slowly than in other methods, I am at much more liberty to focus daily on these keys that will make learning the violin a joy and not a frustration. It is indeed often frustrating even in my limited focus to get tuning exactly right, but it is universes easier than if I were dealing with the fine coordinations of using more fingers than I am ready for in my playing.  I may possibly make one more video very (hopefully) soon from this exercise series I've been working diligently on, but I will mostly be working toward adding a second set of exercises covering these three major positions with the first finger very soon. I am hoping for just one more set of exercises on this before adding the second finger!
This is probably my favorite exercise from this set! The G string is an extremely important string for a soloist, and my instrument in general tends to lack in power on the G string. When I buy new strings, I plan to get the Larsen Il Cannone strings. The A and D will be Medium, but the G and E will both be Soloist grade. Soloist is brighter and more powerful!  This exercise has really allowed me to spend a great deal of care improving my ear to tuning on the lowest string and develop the hand coordination necessary to reach around that far. I look forward to more exercises that continue this process!
«Ярче, выше, гори и веди меня сквозь тьму..» группа #Йорш в клубе #opera
In practicing and learning the violin, I find two things absolutely essential: a metronome and a keyboard. 1) Your fairly decent tonal memory is not perfect pitch. 2) Your tonal memory can shift without you realizing. 3) Learning music without assured tempo consistency encourages you to memorize bad habits and be overconfident with what you're good at.  Be disciplined. Reject your pride. Check your pitch accuracy with a keyboard, and learn your pieces predictably with a metronome! It can be a dealbreaker!
LIVE NOW: Soprano Danielle de Niese and comedian-actor Chris Addison present highlights from the semi-finals of the Glyndebourne #operacup! Created by the prestigious #glyndebourne opera house, the 2018 competition honors Mozart, with each singer performing some of his most famous arias! #medicitv #operalovers #opera #danielledeniese #chrisaddison #operacompetition #liveperformance
Something I have found myself unable to live without is string cleaner! Of course, everybody knows you need to clean your strings regularly for optimal sound. But over the course of some hours, rosin sets up to where it can't be simply wiped off your strings completely. I am slowly making it a matter of nightly routine to strip the old rosin from my strings for the following day. I cannot recommend this product more. Fresh rosin is far more functional than old rosin!
Finally took a knife to the string grooves in my bridge. The G plays a lot more clearly, and the D and A strings play a lot fuller and more colorful than before! Slowly learning what makes a difference…
It wasn't enough for Young master #mozart to just write an opera, it also had to have ballet sections/ he invented an instrument just for this piece/and it's in #italian. You just have to marvel at his fierce capacity to dominate and ask"por cua, Figaro" the response would probably be "for the art/culture" stay cultured and refined. #opera #artsandculture
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Just announced!! Stephen Fry and James Conlon In conversation following the March 25th performance of #laoorpheus 💔. #dontmissout #opera dtla #stephenfry #jamesconlon
어제는 스탠딩  이뿌다,,,,👀 #opera #otello