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Friday feeling 🔥🔥 Happy friday guys and gals 😊 feeling good so far, getting hungrier again as i had my refeed the other day after 2 weeks of being on a keto diet of low carbs, metabolisms on fire again and dropping weight!  Im trying not to focus on the scales but by how im looking in the mirror, this is a much healthier mind set to have than worrying over the numbers on the scales!  Its always a journey and a slow process for where you want to be but healthy mind out weights the negative of the scare scales 🔥💪🏼 dm for online or 1-1 personal training #power #mindset #journey #numbersdontdefineyou #screwthescales #personaltrainer #healthymind #setgoalsandsmashthem #strongissexy #friday #thoughts #believeinyourself
You are not your marks.  5 exams and 15 hours don't define you.  Your percentage doesn't define you.  You are not the numbers you will see on your computer screen with your hands shaking and your heart in your throat, throbbing like it's the end of the world.  You are not those numbers. You are so much more than them, and they are just a miniscule part of your journey.  Not the numbers, but you are the awkward smiles, happy tears, movies you love, dancing when you don't know how to, singing at the top of your lungs, the art you make, the art you see, the people you meet, the places you go, the sites that you can't get your eyes away from, the emotions, the love, the sorrow, the smell of new books, quotes from your favourite poems, the albums you listen to on repeat, the love you give,  and so much more.  You, my love, are so much more. . . . . #writing #writingprompts #writingaccount #follow #writersofinstagram #awareness #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #stress #exams #examstress #examanxiety #deepquotes #darkquotes #help #youareyou #numbersdontdefineyou #marks #gradesdontdefineyou #f4f #s4s #itisokaytonotbeokay #love #lgbt #hashtag #somuchmore
#selfcaresunday stop counting the calories and start counting nourishment #bodypositive #healthovercalories #numbersdontdefineyou #selflove #selfcare #frecklymag #frecklymagazine
Thank youu for the support guys! Ilysm🌎💞 #facelessquotes #numbersdontdefineyou #loveyourself #likeforlike #like4like #followus #followusformore #quotes #quoting #love #hate #sayings #relatable #relatablequotes #followforlike #dailyquotes #daily #quotes @quotes @love.quotes @thegoodquote @painnful
#repost from @nourishandeat 🌱  What if instead of seeking our worth through a number on a scale or a grade on a test or an amount next to a dollar sign, we stopped and looked within? You are worth so much more than a number. You are beautiful, unique, compassionate, loving, and courageous. And the best part about it? Numbers have nothing to do with it. 🌻💖 #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #recovery #loveyourself #beautiful #patience #numbersdontdefineyou #edrecovery
In the end they are only numbers. No matter what your numbers are, you are perfect plain and simple. #love #2018 #perfect #numbersdontdefineyou
Numbers do not define who you are, don't let them rule your life, be happy in your own body, it's an amazing machine #pandorasboxuk.com #numbersdontdefineyou  #mentalhealth  #positivebodyimage  #positivemind
Dear Week 6, Oh boy where do I start.... I guess at the end of the day I have to face that this journey will take me years to accomplish. I am falling and really struggling to get back up, my worst critic is myself. And I do appreciate all those wonderful people who keep encouraging me, but sometimes it’s not enough to keep me moving. I planned not to go weigh myself until I thought I could mentally handle it... but I decided to weigh myself anyway. And I cried..... I cried until I couldn’t cry more. I have never hated a number so much in my entire life... but you know what I can’t give up, I have to keep going... it’s a race I must finish for me. #numbersdontdefineyou #youarebeautiful #godgivemethestrength
#transformationtuesday . ➡️ Swipe ⬅️ . . . No motivational quotes today. Just do work and go after what you want. Drop any motivational words you’ve  got ⬇️. . . . . Coached by Casey Shipp @caseyshipp . #2006 #2014 #2017 #changeistheonlyconstant #edsoldier #gymnewbie #wbffpro #justagirlthatdecidedtogoforit #goodmorning #nofilter #mexico #fitoverskinny #numbersdontdefineyou #samepantsize #anorexiarecovery #allthingsarepossible #inspire #motivate #tellyourstory
People have been noticing my transformation lately and asking me what my goal weight is? Or how many pounds I’m looking to lose overall?  I honestly had to think about this one for bit. The reason why? Because I honestly don’t have one. I don’t have a # of pounds I want to lose, or even a number on the scale I’m striving for!  The only time I weigh myself is in the beginning for and end of programs, and to be honest- I don’t even know why I do that?  People are way to fixated on the number on the scale- but where I see results in myself and most others is in inches. You lose fat, and gain muscle at the same time- so what makes you think the scale will shift a bunch? Losing fat, and gaining muscle will not be measured by a scale, it will be seen in pictures and measurements by inches falling off of your body!  So moral of the story- throw your scale away. That number means nothing. It does not define you or the work you have done.  So now when people ask me what my goal weight is- I’m going to tell them.... I don’t have one! I will not define myself by a number. My goal is to be strong, confident, healthy and happy. ☺️❤️💪🏻 #fitnessgoals #mygoals #fitnessjourney #goalweight #goals #throwawayyourscale #meaureyourself #noweighins #youarebeautiful #numbersdontdefineyou #obsessed #loveyourself #liveyourlife
a few days ago, I weighed myself for the first time in literal years. I had expected to be heavier than normal, so seeing a high number wasn’t a surprise. what was surprising was how little it actually upset me. seeing that number a few years ago would have been enough to throw me into a spiral of depression for days (which is why I stopped weighing myself in the first place). this time, it did kind of upset me (I mean I’m not thrilled about this lol), but more than anything, it motivated me. I’ve been eating healthier, working out more consistently,and making small changes in my life like sitting less at work. tbh just doing these few things has made me feel really good. I’m trying to focus on adding positive things to my life instead of focusing on the negative things I don’t like. I’m hoping that way, the negative things will simply leave my life as I make room for more of the positive. . . I have to say, I don’t think I’d be this stable and healthy today if it weren’t for some really amazing people who’ve inspired me to accept and love myself no matter what. this includes @_sam_goddard, @hufflepufflifts, @aubernutter, @fitnika101, & @bodyposipanda just to name a few. I love you all and thank you 💞💞💞. . . . . #health #fitness #weighin #progress #edrecovery #edsoldier #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #weightisjustanumber #numbersdontdefineyou #girlswholift #girlssupportinggirls #selfie #feelinlikeasnack
The look I give when I hear “If I could just weigh X amount, I’d be happy.” 🤨 . It’s a one way ticket to unhappiness for most. . Many of us constantly chase an “ideal weight”. Perhaps it’s a weight from high school prom... or college spring break, or maybe pre-pregnancy. In any case, a lot of us have a number in our heads. (Don't lie. You know what it is.) 🙄 . Weeeeell ... I’ve got some disheartening news for you if you’re chasing that magical number. 👇🏻 . More than likely, once you reach it, you still won’t be happy. 🙊 . Trust. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.. Even though some reach that perceived “ideal weight’, they still come up with other things they want to fix or improve. . "Omg! I hit 125lbs. The weight I'VE BEEN LONGER FOR. WHERE is my plump, round ass??? I thought that's how this works." . It’s a never ending cycle, my friends. . I have a CRAZY SIMPLE solution for you. It's going to rock your fkn world. . Ready? ... . Train for a LOOK and not a NUMBER on the scale! 🙏🏻 . In fact...... Here’s your new “scale” ... . How you look in the mirror. 🕺🏻 . How your clothes fit. 👔 . And your mental scale (yes I just made this up) ... . Are you following simple, stress free nutrition guidelines? 💆🏻‍♂️ . How you feel. Do you feel strong and healthy? Do you feel better than ever? Do you have more energy? Are you performing well in the gym, or other activities? Do you find daily tasks easier? . Focus on your actions. Are you eating well? Are you training consistently? Are your actions in line with your goals? . Be a fly on the wall observing yourself. Are you noticing improved self-confidence and body image throughout the day? (THIS is was matters, and it’s one of many benefits to strength training.) . These ARE NOT necessary, but some people like to track some number. In that case, keep track of a few measurements like waist, hips, thighs, and arms (I've never in my life
We brought a lot of noise over to Mount Royal today ! Great time watching students smash the #weightscale. Although the actual scales do nothing wrong to hurt people they do symbolize the messed up culture we live in. One that tries to tell us we should look and be a certain size/shape at all costs .... to this I say that's bull$"*t. Health (or a persons self worth for that matter) is not defined by the number on the scale. Health encompasses all aspects of wellbeing - which include physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual domains. Slowly we chip away at spreading the message of hope and healing that comes with all bodies being respected and accepted. . . A shout out to those who participated and the amazing @pyschnhike for organizing the event! Truly inspiring and a great way to start some much needed conversations. . . #edaw2018 #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #eatingdisorderawareness #bodyimage #bodypositive #healthateverysize #numbersdontdefineyou #healthandwellbeing #dietculturesucks #smashthescale @silverliningsab @eatingdsna
We must not get caught up in comparison and let the numbers on social media define or create your self-worth, because the only ‘like’ that truly matters is Gods. I LOVE this quote by @haileydevine I came across recently: "Everyday I scroll my Instagram, Twitter, & Bloglovin' feeds, and I find myself smacked in the face with these constant numbers. So-and-so has 597K followers, getting 27,000 likes per picture, and 800 comments. My first initial thoughts are, "Wow that's impressive, they must be pretty cool." - I'm sure that they are pretty cool, but I believe that the numbers are not what make a person "cool". At the end of the day, what do these numbers really matter?" The truth is that they don't matter at all, they are just numbers. Numbers don't define how insanely cool you are, & I think that realization is insanely cool. “ • • •  #numbersdontdefineyou #bebonafide #greatworth #likethatmatters #stopcomparing #rememberwhoyouare #sharegoodness #quoteoftheday #numbersdontmatter
Don't ever let a number DEFINE who you are!
I just want to take a minute to remind all of you GORGEOUS girls out there (AKA each and every one of you) that you’re beautiful! I want to remind you that your body DOES NOT define you! I’m so sick of hearing; “she’s too thin, she’s too big”… it’s always she’s too something.  What’s worse is there are young impressionable girls out there, 16 & binge eating… 8 and being told she’s too fat… 12 and being teased for being ‘nothing but skin and bones’ and THIS is what the world is choosing to ingrain in their brains.  That they aren’t enough. That they’ll never be enough. That based on what they look like on the outside, what they hold within isn’t enough. THAT’S NOT OKAY!  Point blank, YOU absolutely cannot be defined by a number on the scale OR by the length of a tape measure.  NUMBERS  DO  NOT  DEFINE  YOU!  What defines you is who you are as a person. Who you truly are deep down! It’s okay to want to change, but it’s also okay to want to stay the same. These so called “flaws” you’ve been taught to believe about your body aren’t flaws at all. They’re what makes YOU, YOU! So wear that shirt, eat that cake, sign up for that gym, take that exercise class… Do whatever it is that makes YOU happy! But for God sakes, get out there and live your life!  Ok, that's my rant... PS. Think I just realized my work as a healer, guys!  #bodypositive #bodypositivity #curvygirl #curvyyoga #bearolemodel #bearolemodelforyourkids #generationstrong #strong #positivity #numbersdontdefineyou #selfworth #bethechange
Although age is nothing but a number, #34 is around the corner, well 8 months away but still, these days go by so fast that it will be here before I know it. #consistency #letsseehowfarthisrabbitholegoes #makeyouapriority #thatjacobsladdertho #numbersdontdefineyou
If you need a little something to pin up in your house then use this. No more scales! Those numbers do not define you, don’t let them control you #rebelfit #rebellife #freshstart #fitnessjourney #strongnotskinny #unlearningdieting #ditchthescales #numbersdontdefineyou #healthyandhappy #jointherebellion