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rainbow homo bug 🌈 #tolerance #nohomophobia #loveisforallofus
Mhhhhm! @submod_official  #submod #bruder #love #nohomophobia #gayok @hudson.official
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It is ya to us to call out all the racist, homophobic, xenophobic fuck boys of the world. I was just minding my business and here comes the racist white boys that love to hide behind there computers to slur their racists comments. Lmaooo! The world is doomed! #nohate #noracism #nohomophobia #notoleranceforbullshit #fuckyboy
You fear what you don't understand because you haven't been taught correctly. Your teachers aren't educating you and your role models aren't leading you. You think what is un-relatable is unnatural. For the ones who get the most from society, you hate a lot. You're represented in every magazine, poster, TV ad, TV show, movie, song, shop window, souvenir and sex ed is revolved around you and your relationships. You're not being thrown into a corner and forgotten about, only brought out and mentioned for when directors, authors or teachers wants to make their movies, books or speeches sound "diverse". You're not over-sexualised for your sexual orientation. You're not being told that you will go to hell for loving. You're not being told that you just want attention — and attention from who anyway? LGBT people don't get a choice, we hide ourselves, attention is the last thing we want in a world that shuns us, bashes us, murders us, and teaches us not to love who we are. What is it? Are you jealous that you can't have sex without using contraception or protection to prevent pregnancy? Are you afraid that you're going to be "influenced" into being something that you're not. But plenty of men think they have the power to convince a lesbian that she's straight simply because he wants sex from her... No one's ever been "influenced" into being gay. But you're more scared about loving the same gender than being influenced into drugs, violence and alcohol. Gay and lesbian sex is a part of life. Kissing is a part of life. You're pretending your hate is a phobia? Well I can't see you fearing to hold hands with your partner in public, or I don't see you hiding who you are in order to protect yourself. You don't lack appropriate and accurate representation of yourselves and your relationships in the media. You're not being targeted, threatened, abused, bashed, murdered or disowned for being heterosexual. The world has bigger problems than boy who kiss boys and girls who kiss
Dá-me só um segundo para respirar !!! Um segundo para não pensar numa razão que me faça desesperar, desistir e não levantar; Um segundo para escrever uma linha alegre e que faça, pelo menos, uma alma pura sorrir, (tal como eu precisava); Um segundo para simplesmente não pensar em nada e poder hibernar em estado inconsciente sem prazo de validade; Um segundo para alguém segurar a minha mão e me mostrar que isto não é nada ou simplesmente para ninguém me alcançar e me deixar ir sem rumo ou obrigação; Um segundo em que todos os problemas não caiam sobre mim e me enterrem na areia que queima todas as minhas entranhas e me enfraquece segundo a segundo; Um segundo para que entendam que não pode cair sempre tudo em cima de mim e que eu também tenho um limite de resistência; Um segundo para que o meu superego nostálgico e depressivo não domine o meu superego de criança, alegre e livre; Um segundo para me desligar de tudo, de todos e de toda a coisa! Um segundo... . . . Dá-me só um segundo para respirar !!!!! #peace#love#nohomophobia#nosexism#noracism#freedom#dreams#life#aesthetic#sharetheworld#lovemyself#loveyourself
A - Retired Policeman | Culemborg "I was born in Amsterdam and I worked in the Police force for 46 years. I knew I was gay from a very young age. As a child, on the beach, I would stare at men's crotches, not at women's breasts.  Growing up, I'd often hear my father expressing how disgusted he was by gay men. Be it for a news on TV that mentioned the word "gay", be it for seeing two men on the street holding hands. I also had a gay uncle he'd constantly badmouth. Therefore, I obviously couldn't talk to him openly about my feelings. I grew up in constant fear. I was terrified that he could find my secret. I had to watch my every move and word.  The pressure to get married and have kids was so strong, that I ended up marrying my high school girlfriend when I was 21 and she was 19. People often say that they don't understand why gay men marry women. It's because of the incredible pressure of family and society. That's why. Because we are told that it's not "normal" to be attracted by the same gender. So, trying our best to fit society's norms, we think that giving up who we really are can be the solution.  Soon enough my son - who's a policeman too - (he's now 42) and daughter (she's now 40) were born. I was extremely happy to have two great kids but extremely unhappy to be unable to live the life I wanted. So, 8 years into my marriage, my wife and I divorced. For the first time in my life I felt free to be who I am.  When I told my father I'm gay and that I had a boyfriend, he was extremely angry. He told me he's sure that it's my boyfriend's fault... that he made me gay. He also told me that I will have to pray so I will be straight again. He accepted me as his son, but never accepted my homosexuality.  He never welcomed my boyfriends. He wouldn't shake their hand or engage in conversations.  I'm now happily partnered with the man I love. We've been living together for 30 years. My children and grand children love V, and for me this is the most important thing. I'm