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Yeah. Cause he was raised right... #nevergoin #bringthewholething 不不不
#repost @syattfitness • • • Too many people spend their life hiding from failure rather than fighting for success. They want to succeed but the fear of failure clouds their vision of what they could achieve. They’re willing to work hard and put in the time but the imagined consequence of failure keeps them from pushing past their comfort zone. - Listen. - You can avoid failure all you want. You can play it safe and stick to what you know and only pick the fights you’re 100% confident you can win. - And that’s ok. Nothing wrong with living safe. Minimizing risk. Being content with where you are & not pursuing much further. - But you need to have an honest talk with yourself and figure out what do YOU want? Not your dad or mom or husband or wife or friends or colleagues. What do YOU want to achieve? What’s important to YOU? How do YOU want to live YOUR life? - If you can happily, honestly, & whole heartedly say you’re good with where you are, amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. - But if even 0.0001% of you wants more..is hungry for something better..curious what you could achieve if you didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought and put every ounce of your heart & soul into working towards your goal..do it. - Seriously. Don’t hesitate. And don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying. - Because success isn’t void of failure. Success is BECAUSE of your failures. Failure is a prerequisite of success. And the only way to achieve a goal worth having is by fighting through a monumental amount of failure over and over and over again. - Trying and failing, trying and failing, trying and failing until you think you can’t fail one more time. But you do. Again and again and again. - And all along the way, within every massive failure, you have a tiny, minuscule, seemingly insignificant win. But those wins stack up. They don’t seem like much in the moment but years down the road they become a monument of
Augustine Frizzell, director of #nevergoin'back. Great film!
#siiike !! #noloveortrustforthesehoes 荊 #nevergoin
LEGENDS~Christine McVie & Lindsey Buckingham #lindseybuckingham #christinemcvie #dontstop #nevergoin’backagain
Last Texan sunset that's a wrap on #nevergoin'back  thank you @augustinefrizzell for trusting me with this role that is so close to your heart, @gzoz for being a badass DP,  my little costar @maiamitchell for all the laughs & every person who helped make this movie possible..what a fun couple of weeks, I can't wait for everyone to see it! Grateful
Hearts#onastripestshirt#nevergoin'broken#hearts#brooches#black&white#stripes @andotherstories
Walter's Lockers #work #easybag #moneycome #nevergoin
Texas by night #nevergoin'back @maiamitchell @augustinefrizzell
@camimorrone: "Movie time  #nevergoin'back  @augustinefrizzell @maiamitchell"  #camimorrone #camilamorrone
@camimorrone: "Meet 'Jessie' and 'Angela' y'all @augustinefrizzell #nevergoin'backmovie" #camimorrone #camilamorrone #maiamitchell
Movie time  #nevergoin'back @augustinefrizzell @maiamitchell
He loves to be outside #outsideallday #nevergoin
I have to vibe to Kendrick the whole way home from work. Y'all don't feel me tho. I must level out the bs I may endure there with reminding myself of the crown I forgot I was wearing. 丹‍儭 #alwaysthankful #nevergoin tho. 仄‍儭
My homie Da'Ray put me on these horrendous excuse for sneakers #nevergoin