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good morning!
My name is Maiko~ Nya~!
Master/Mistress is greatly needed!
Hello everyone im finally back after so long and i may have missed someone special  Umaru :"hehe bad admin chan~!” *shrugs* sorrryyyyyy ---------- "Name: "Umaru! Hehe..” ---------- Age:"I am 17 and a half!” (June 24th) ---------- Status: “wellllll ive never dated before sooooo.” *kisses her cheek* umrau blushes “admin chan~!!” ---------- Gender:"hehe well i like guys soooooooo you guess.” ---------- Family: "hmm ooo i have alot of family!!” (Two brothers one sister and her parents) ---------- Species: "neko neko neeeee” (neko/human) ---------- Sexuality: (straight) "I’m as straight as a line.” ---------- Virgin: (yes) “hehe i never dated anyone silly!” She blushes slightly at the question ---------- Position: (bottom) she blushes even more “n-naughty interviewer!” *picks up umaru and holds tight* “h-hehe admin chan~” ----------- Cup size: “oi! I dont ask you how big your privates are do i?” (B cup 19) ----------- Weapons: "ummm a knife??” ----------- Powers: “hehe im a neko not a super hero!” (Maybe some powers? :3) ----------- Personality: “hmm that would sound like im stuck up if i say it.” ‘Shes very hyper and adorable. Clingy and shy and when she finally has a boyfriend she will sometimes act so submissive that if a boy talks to her she’ll hide behind her boyfriend.’ She blushes “that was my friend! A-and that stranger was scary...” she pouts --------- Likes: "oooo i love sailing! Its so calming and the views are always beautiful.. i also love this necklace that admin chan got me~ hehe hes like my big protective brother!” *kisses her head* she squeaks and covers her cheeks “admin channnnn~” ---------- Dislikes: "hmmm flying.. i get air sick.” She covers her mouth “and i also dont like dogs and people who act perverted!” She glares at the interviewer ----------- Height: "shhhh! I already get teased enough about how short i am.” ‘But your just cute is all’ she squeaks “ADMIN!”
Darren jogged to a stop slowing down from his sprint exercise. He lifted his shirt to wipe at his face while trying to catch his breath. He was just about done from his daily routine, dropping his hands back down to his sides, leaving one hand lazily set on his hip. He looked around at the University field seeing a few other people doing their own training. He smiled softly at the moment of peace and quiet he always had at the University gym and fields. Thoigh he had a small reputation of always getting into fights off campus. It wasn't his fault,he never started them or even tried to start them. He just made sure to end them otherwise he'd end up in a hospital for sure. So it was all slef defense? He just wished not a lot of people judged him before getting to know him. He didn't have many friends at the university because of that. He walked over to the bleachers and picked up his water bottle before making his way to the locker room to wash up before heading home (#OpenRp #openroleplay #rp #roleplay #demonrp #sinrp #nekorp #nekogirl #nekogirlrp #boyxgirlrp #girlxboyrp #nekoboy #nekoboyrp #fightrp #ukerp #uke #yaoirp #animerp #dirtyrp #animerp #guyrp #rpforguys #boyxboy  OPEN ROLE PLAY )
Ok so I don't have a rp request page so here it is XP. If you're interested in an rp with me you can comment here and then we can plan on DM. You can find Bios @lovely.sins.bio (I only accept rps from role play accounts AND if you're literate. Also NO DM rps, or KIK rps)  #rp #roleplay #demonrp #sinrp #nekorp #nekogirl #nekogirlrp #boyxgirlrp #girlxboyrp #nekoboy #nekoboyrp #fightrp #ukerp #uke #seme #semerp #seke #sekerp #openrp #openroleplay #rprequest #yaoirp #animerp
[ALEXIA'S BIO] Name: Alexia (Last unknown) Age: 18 Species: Neko//Cat girl Height: 5'3" Weight:94 lbs Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Status: Single Best Friend: Jun Family: Character Item: Cherry Blossoms Likes: Flowers, the feeling of wind, rice, tea, music, japanese related things Dislikes: water, rude people, people forcing themselves on her Personality: Alexia can be a little shy around those she doesn't know. She is a little airheaded and has a bad memory. She acts cute around most people, and would never hurt a living being. Although she is shy, Alexia is very charasmatic.  Education: Highschool graduate, Starting college in the fall.  Occupation: Works at a local cafe named Hot Buns -Appearance- Hair: Long, Brown, in two low ponytails Eyes: Brown, gentle look to them Outfit: Purple to pink fade short kimono, long pink socks, purple japanese sandals Markings/Tattoos: None yet Piercings: None yet Cup size: B -Other- *Alexia cannot remember her last name *Her favorite foods are rice and tea *She enjoys being pet, but her ears are VERY sensitive. *She will occasionally say "Nya~" just to sound cute  Anything else: Ask/Rp to find out . . . #oc #ocbio #ocrp #bio #characterbio #drawing #sketch #openrp #neko #nekogirl #nekogirlrp #catgirl #catgirlrp #alexia #wysteriaocs #wysteriaalexia
Mariah sat outside her school on a bench waiting for her brothers to pick her up. She was never allowed to walk home alone since she was the youngest, and her siblings were very protective over her so she was always picked up by two of her four brothers. She didn't mind it at all and actually preferred it since she didn't have any friends. She was the know it all and the quiet one all at once. She kept to herself and didn't even try to socialize which led her to being bullied a few times until her brothers came to the school and 'dealt' with the problem. After that she was never bullied again and became even more of an outsider, a ghost in the halls. She smiled softly as she watched people leave with friends or parents as she patiently waited for her own family to come #rpforeveryone #rpforanyone #openrp #openroleplay #rp #roleplay #demonrp #sinrp #nekorp #nekogirl #nekogirlrp #boyxgirlrp #girlxboyrp