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#repost @dreaming.to.inspire with @get_repost ・・・ ✨REVIEW✨ . ☀️Aippo Seoul Sun Daily Sun Cream SPF50+/PA+++ . ☀️Claims: Hydrates skin, brightening, no white cast, physical daily defense, dewy finish, no chemical preservatives. . ☀️Key Ingredients: Arctic glacier water, vitamin e, titanium dioxide, vitamin e, allantoin, aloe Vera, sodium hyaluronate, green tea extract. . ☀️Texture & Scent: This sun cream is more of an essence like sunblock than a cream. The scent is very minimal and your typical sunblock scent. . ☀️Packaging: Minimal and simple white tube style packaging. . ☀️Performance: I am so happy I got to try this spf. It’s light weight, easily spreadable and absorbs quickly without a whitecast. I am left with an immense glow. Like glass skin/honey skin glow. I absolutely love it. It really makes your skin bright and healthy looking. Adds a nice layer of hydration to my dehydrated skin and again that bright glow✨. I cannot say enough good things about this spf. Definitely my favorite at the moment. I will note my combo skin did have some oiliness in the t-zone area after 8-10 hours but nothing a blotting paper couldn’t fix. I highly recommend this spf to normal, combo and dry skin types. . ☀️I received this product at a trial fee for @0.8l_usa and @aippo_seoul in exchnage for an honest review. . . #skincare #skincarereview #spf #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #08liter #08l #aippo #aipposeoul #naturalsunscreen #greenbeauty #abcommunity #beautycommunity #skincarecommunity #instabloggers #productreview #instaskincare #instablog #꿀피부
Tag a friend who you think might need this today #quote #earthskitchen #naturalsunscreen
I was extremely excited to try this sunscreen. It's a white light weight cream that also makes a great canvas for your makeup. So you can skip applying a primer. Like most sunscreens the can leave a "white cast" but this did not. But if you don't rub it in well I can see that it can make your skin look a tad pale. I wore this with and without makeup. When wearing this without makeup it made my skin look brighter and dewy. I'm very pleased with this sunscreen. The size is good for on the go, but also contains a good amount of product. #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l
ayyyy another @aippo_seoul sunscreen review. Usually I find sun creams to have a bad white cast, but this one wasn't as bad as others. It does have enough of the metal oxides to give you that 'brightening' which may not work on deeper skin tones (but it doesn't seem too crazy white) . . . it's definitely moisturizing enough for dry skin and I think that oily skin types would be fine with it to if the climate wasn't too humid. I also liked that it didn't have too much of a scent, which I'm sure many of you would appreciate. Overall it's not a bad sunscreen, seems effective but I need to do a more serious test to make sure it's really a spf 50. . . . . btw, I bought this from @0.8l_usa #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l#peepingpomeranian #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetic #kbeauty  #instabeauty #instaskincare #makeup #makeupaddict  #lifestyle #lifestyleblogging #natural #naturalcosmetic #쇼핑#스킨케어#뷰티#abcommunity
The sun is back! Which means some of my favourite items are now back in my shop! Bug spray, After Bite, and sunscreen are back! And, like everything in my shop, these items are chemical-free, vegan, and made from all-natural ingredients 😊 #naturalproducts #noanimalproducts #naturalskincare #bugspray #insectrepellent #naturalbugspray #naturalsunscreen #veganskincare #veganproducts #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyottawa #etsyshop #madeincanada #madeinottawa
☀️AIPPO Daily Sun Cream . ☀️Claims: Dewy finish with soft and creamy texture intensifies moisturizing effect from 100% Arctic glacier water (thin enough to justify replacing daily moisturizer). Prevents the sun's ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin without "white cast", chemical free preservatives, non-irritating daily sunscreen for sensitive skin. . ☀️Key Ingredients: Arctic Glacier water, Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Free from benzophenone, oxybenzone, paraben, and phenoxyethanol) . ☀️Texture & Scent: This sunscreen was kinda weird to me at first, it's pretty thick when it comes out of the tube (so I was prepared to feel how heavy it'll be); however once you spread and pat it in, it doesn't feel heavy at all! I would HIGHLY recommend for you to spread then pat the rest in, if you don't, there's going to be a lot of tugging on your skin. . ☀️Results: I was pretty surprised on how much I like this sun cream, the texture kinda scared me but with a little patting, it feels light on the skin. I tend to skip my moisturizer, in the morning, and just opted for a hydrating serum then this sunscreen. My combo skin didn't feel dry or tight, so I'm guessing the hydrating ingredients of this sunscreen really does its job. **Just a bit of a warning! The only con I have of this sunscreen is the white cast, it claims that it wouldn't give you one, however since I am more on the tan side (in Asian standards), it is quite visible on my skin. . ☀️☀️☀️☀️/5 . ☀️I paid a trial fee to @0.8l_usa in order to try the product out. . #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l #koreanskincare #abbeatthealgorithm
Siempre feliz cuando tu protección solar es fuerte y natural #sun #natural #naturalsunblock #naturalsunscreen #ecuador #girl #girls #surfergirl #surfergirls #galapagos #sol #happy
When the sun shines bright... block it like it's hot. Spent a ton of time in the sunshine today. ❤️ thanks for showing up, spring!! #weekendvibes #posh #sunscreen #naturallybased #naturallybasedproducts #naturalsunscreen #toddlersofinstagram #wildandfree
Review: Aippo Daily Sun Cream is a lightweight sunscreen cream consisting of 100% Arctic glacier water for sensitive skin. . . 🌞Doesn't cause chalkiness or white clumping 🌞Titanium dioxide deflects and absorbs UV rays 🌞No chemical preservatives 🌞Provides natural glow . . This is a hydrating, lightweight sunscreen for me. I love that there's no strong scent. I'm used to Korean sunscreens leaving my face whiter than what I normally am, but this one does a good job at making my face appear brighter without making me look pasty or too white. It wears well under make up-- it doesn't make me look greasy or shiny, and it doesn't pill, which is super important. It's hard for me to tell if the Arctic glacier water does anything for me or how much better it is for sensitive skin, but it pretty much does exactly as it claims it does! . I paid a campaign fee and received this item from #08l in exchange for my honest review. . . . #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct  #instabeauty #08liter #08l
Aippo Daily Sun Cream SPF 50+ / PA+++ [First Impressions Review] • This sunscreen contains titanium dioxide to protect against sun damage, and claims to be thin and hydrating enough to replace your daily moisturizer while leaving no white cast. Suitable for all skin types. • This sunscreen comes packages in a sleek matte squeeze tube that’s easy to handle and dispense product from. The sunscreen is white and has a low generic sun lotion odor. • On my combination skin if find that the sunscreen applies white and is easy to see where you’ve applied it and if it’s even. It does dry down nicely, without leaving any trace of stickiness or tackiness on the skin. However, it does leave a film on my skin that is dry and has a sheen to it. • While this sunscreen claims to leave behind no white cast, it does dry down and leave a literal layer of product on top of the skin that makes your skin appear lighter and shimmery. It manipulates easily and does crease or cause my skin to appear wrinkly, but it is bothersome for someone not dressed like a snowflake. Such a shame, because if it weren’t for the “brightcast” and shimmer I do actually find the formulation to be good for my skin, and it doesn’t seem have broken me out. • I purchased this item at a discount from 0.8L in exchange for sharing my honest feedback. • #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l @0.8l_usa @aippo_seoul
This is the @Aippo_seoul Daily Sun Cream  from @0.8l_usa getting a first impressions review! ~ FIRST IMPRESSIONS This sun cream claims to be thin enough to replace your daily moisturizer, doesn’t have a white cast, and is good for all skin types. It is a thin white cream that has no scent. There wasn’t a translation for the ingredients, so I looked it up on CosDNA. Swipe to see them. They did list some key ingredients: arctic glacier water, titanium dioxide, vitamin e, allantoin, and aloe barbadensis leaf. I have been using this for a little over a week and I can say that there is no white cast (yay!), it absorbs very well, and it is moisturizing and leaves your skin with a dewy glow. It may be a little to shiny if you don’t like the dewy look but makeup goes over it well. Some days I just put a little powder over it and was set for the day, no additional shine. I’m wondering how this will be in the Summer when my skin gets a little oily, this may leave me to shiny? This 50ml bottle retails for $42. ~ This was sent to me in exchange for my honest review. As always, opinions are my own. . . . . . #gifted #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l #skincareaddict #instaskincare #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #beautyguru #healthyskin #skincareroutine #beautyproducts #beautytips #abcommunity #abbeatthealgorithm
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Monday, coffee.
Happy Earth Day! 🌎 🌿🦋🌺Make the world a better place! This year for your holiday choose a reef-safe and nature friendly sunscreen! Most chemical sunscreens contain oxybenzone, a potential harmful ingredient. Oxybenzone damages coral DNA, inhibiting its ability to reproduce, causes deformities on the coral, makes coral more susceptible to bleaching, and initiates endocrine disruption.  My favorite is #rawlovesunscreen ❤️ Rendi il mondo un posto migliore! Questa estate per le tue vacanze scegli una crema solare con ingredienti naturali che preservano  l’ecosistema Marino e l’ambiente. Molte creme solari contengono un ingrediente potenzialmente dannoso, L’ oxybenzone, capace di mutare il DNA dei coralli e danneggiarli in modo irrimediabile.  Photo by @ma11ia_ #makeabetterworld #earthday #reefsafe #naturalsunscreen #thesimplerthebetter #nature #love #sea #snorkeling #hawaii #cleanseas #ecofriendly #organicskincare #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #ocean #blonde #findyourfreedom #instagram #healthyliving #beautifulworld
We are having our first 60 degree day here in MN.  Shoveling off the deck and laying in the sun, chalk on the driveway with the kids.  This stuff is saving us from the MN first burn.  Did you know conventional sun screen is some of the most toxic things you slather all over your largest organ?  Increasing your antioxidants is another way to combat too much sunburn.  #yleo #naturalsunscreen
I purchased the @aippo_seoul daily sun cream at a discounted price from @0.8L in exchange for my honest review. On to the claims of this product: ☀️evens out skin tone without leaving a chalky white cast ☀️dewy finish and moisturizing effect from 100% Arctic glacial water ☀️chemical free preservatives and non-irritating ☀️for all skin types including sensitive  This is a physical sunscreen that has SPF 50+ / PA +++. The sun cream is a great base for foundation as it leaves the skin looking luminous. I didn’t notice a difference in my skin tone and it doesn’t leave a white cast.  It has a fruity scent which I really like. The consistency isn’t thick so it blends into the skin very effortlessly. It also leaves my face moisturized. I recommend this sun cream to those looking for an alternative to our western stinky sunscreen. #aippo #dailysuncream #naturalsunscreen #kbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanproduct #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l #08lbestapril #kbeautyblogger#kskincare #kskincareaddict #beautyblogger