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Took some time out of my day to replenish my roller bottles: 💧Immune Booster 💧Skin Soother 💧Just Breathe 💧Cough Aid 💧Keep Calm 💧Happy Belly 💧Bug Off 💧Peaceful Child 💧Sleepy Time 💧Homework Helper 💧DDR Prime roller  Will do several posts over the next few days to run through what I use it for, how I use it and recipes to make them.  Ange
#homemade calendula oil- One of favorite #naturalmedicinecabinet must have. Moisturizing, healing, pain relief & anti-inflammatory.
Fun & informative FB event!Thumbs up if you’d like to be added! #naturalhealth #naturalmedicinecabinet #naturalworks #entrepreneur #naturalproducts #springcleaning
I'm always so grateful when I can offer new clients a chance at discounted prices. Usually I'm excited to tell them that as a new wholesale customer, they can receive 25% off all their products... but once it a while, something amazing comes along and they can start their oil journey with a full set of oils and a diffuser for 50% off! What? Half price? Unheard of... which is probably why its only available for 48 hours. Expires Friday night :) But I'm thrilled I can simply share this opportunity because these 6 oils can give you a head start on oils to support your immune system, digestive system, fight germs, cleanse & purify your home & body, uplift or calm your moods & emotions, and more. Plus a cute,small diffuser to get you started.  A retail customer would normally pay about $330 for this set, but if you purchase it as a new wholesale customer, its about $165 + tax, shipping & membership it comes to just $235!! Steal of a deal!  If you order before the sale is up, you could be eligible for an extra bonus from me ;) Already got your membership, no problem, you can get any of these 7 products at an EXTRA 25% off. Or, refer a friend to get started so they can get the best discount possible. Sharing is caring and I appreciate & reward referrals with bonuses as well :) So... this is truly a deal that won't last long. Jump on it today or tomorrow, or get your friends on it. What a great gift it would also make for a family member or friend to have this set with their own wholesale membership too.  becky@thenaturalwolf.com Http://www.mydoterra.com/thenaturalwolf  #essentialoils #aromatherapy #naturalmedicine #naturalhealth #naturalalternatives #naturalmedicinecabinet #holistichealth #holistichealthcoach #holisticliving
This has been a rough fall/winter for many when it comes to sicknesses. AND it's still going around 😬. Anyone else trying to avoid all the 🤒🤧🤮🤢??? #buildingimmunity  I LOVE having a #naturalmedicinecabinet to turn to if the kiddos come down with something! I felt things coming on this past winter but was able to fight it off naturally with healthy foods, lots of water, and natural herbal supplements! 🙌 . . . #beyondorganic #stayhealthy #buildhealth #naturemama #healthylifestyle #healthykids #happymomma #naturelover #naturalmedicine #garlic #echinacea #bcomplex #thankful #healthiswealth
Allergy bomb kind of night. 6 lemon, 6 Lavender, 6 peppermint, 4 copiaba #younglivingessentialoils #health #wellness #naturalmedicinecabinet
I had really bad postpartum anxiety with Rowen. It was so bad that, on SEVERAL occasions, I had to pull over on the side of the road because I felt as though I may pass out due to an anxiety attack.  I couldn't sleep because fear had me frozen, my mind racing and my emotions high.  I was always stressed out, angry and exhausted.  This time, I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure both myself and my family had the best postpartum experience possible.  So I decided to have my placenta encapsulated. After doing some research, I saw no ill side effects and only possible benefits.  Many people look at me like I'm crazy when I mention it (Not something I'm not used to 😂). But I can tell you I've felt wonderful. I had two anxiety attacks about two days after I stopped taking them and that's literally been the only anxiety I've dealt with.  It's not as strange as you think. Placentas have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since the 1500s. That's longer than modern medicine has existed.  Some cultures find it customary to prepare the placenta, including the Chinese, Vietnamese, Hungarians and Italians.  I mean, mammals do it and we're mammals, right? Haha  Just because it's not something you're used to, doesn't mean it's in the least bit strange. I've never felt this calm, happy or at peace. Even before pregnancy.  It's something that's becoming more common and heard of and from my personal experience, I'd highly recommend it.
Aloe Vera is one of the most healing substances on the planet. Egyptians call it the “Plant of Immortality.” Greek scientists call aloe a “universal panacea.” Aloe Vera gel can help heal the lining of a damaged intestinal tract which can prevent or heal a leaky gut. Why is this a big deal? Because a damaged gut lining allows for toxins to enter into the bloodstream. Toxins in the blood causes damage anywhere and everywhere in the body.  If you have digestive issues, you have inflammation. Aloe has been shown to reduce inflammation.  Because of its rich nutrient content, aloe is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, and for this reason, aloe can help rid the body of harmful toxins.  Want good gut flora? (the answer is YES, you do 😉) Then you want to consume aloe. Aloe is a PREbiotic, which is like the food for PRObiotics. Good gut flora, a digestive system of happy healthy bacteria, means your body can fight the nasties that get in and keep you healthy! Thanks to it’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it’s a great tool to have in your “medicine kit.” Have you added a bit of aloe gel or aloe juice to your health routine? My favorite way to consume aloe is to put some in my smoothies. . . #aloe #wellness #healing #inflammation #chronicinflammation #healyourself #guthealth #microbiota #microbes #gutbugs #aloegel #aloejuice #smoothies #drinkit #naturalmedicine #naturalmedicinecabinet #goodforskin #goodforgut #intestinalhealth #plantpower #antibacterial #antiviral #wholebodyhealth  #nutrition #holistic #healthcoach
Making a care package today for a friend. Both monkeys had gastro yesterday and they just started new daycare. Their immune system needs a helping hand to cope with the onslaught of germs 💫 on the right is DigestZen to rub on their bellies in the case of any cramping (and after they recover, they can use it to support the digestion)💫 on the right is Flu Bomb to support their immune system, on the soles of their feet twice a day (if sick then every hour or two), just a swipe up and down💫 That’s all 💫 hopefully they will be better soon!💫 if you are new to oils and want to know more just DM me and I will send you more info💫 #essentialoils101 #essentialoilsrock #essentialoilsforthewin #doterraessentialoils #doterraoils #doterramom #doterramama #doterramum  #doterramummy #naturalliving #naturallife #naturalmedicine #naturalmedicines #naturalmedicinecabinet #lowtox #lowtoxliving #lowtoxlife
When Bea was sick last week, I was using oils to support her cough, congestion and fever. When she woke up in the middle of the night holding her ear and saying, "ouch, ouch," I have to admit I was a little thrown off. It came out of the blue and for a second I wasn't sure what to do. My kids (knock on wood) have never had ear aches. I reached for the lavender that was on her bedside table, and rubbed a drop in front of and behind both of her ears. She went back to bed and never complained about her ear again. Lavender is often referred to as the Swiss Army knife of oils because it has so many uses and benefits. I was reminded of that and oh so grateful for it in the middle of the night when we needed it most. These oils - simple, pure, effective - continue to blow my mind and make me so grateful.  ps-did you know that not oils are created equal? You can buy lavender essentail oil at the health store, grocery store, even Wal-Mart. Those oils likely contain many fillers, and possibly don't even contain pure lavender, but a synthetic version instead. Essential oils are not regulated by the government so can contain lots of everything but what the bottle says. And guess what? This means that it is not near as effective as the pure, potent, therapeutic grade oil created by doterra. Before I knew better, I experienced the difference first hand and it is unquestionable. Doterra's oils are tested by five different standards, are created from plants that are grown and harvested in ideal conditions, and contain no synthetic fillers. This is what makes them so effective in supporting our bodies.  #naturalmedicinecabinet #plantbasedhealth #magicoils #doterraeveryday #notalloilsarecreatedequal
We haven't had the need to use anything else since we’ve discovered these amazing 3 steps to get rid of a headache. It is honestly amazing. My (Elita) 16 year old daughter often suffers from intense headaches and we have experienced amazing results by using these products.  3 Steps and bye bye headache: 💙Apply PastTense to the neck, shoulders and temples and/or behind the ears. 💙Apply Ice Blue Rub to tense muscles in the upper back, neck and shoulders. 💙Take a drop of frankincense oil on a finger or thumb and apply it directly to the roof of the mouth for instant relief. 💙PastTense is a distinctive blend of essential oils known to help provide grounding and balanced emotions. Known for their soothing effects on both the mind and body, the essential oils in PastTense quickly, promote feelings of relaxation and calm emotions. PastTense comes in a convenient 10mL roll-on for easy application when at work, school, or home. Simply apply to the neck, shoulders, or behind the ears to help calm emotions while breathing in the cooling, distinctive aroma of PastTense. 💙Dōterra Deep Blue Rub is a rich, topical cream infused with the Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and other powerful ingredients, Deep Blue Rub provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas. 💙Most effective of these is frankincense essential oil, an age-old antiseptic, disinfectant, digestive, and anti-inflammatory agent. Derived from the gum or resin of the Boswellia genus of trees (Boswellia Carteri, Boswellia Sacra, and Boswellia Frereana), this oil has maintained a revered status for centuries.Frankincense oil is easy to administer to ease headache pain. Its recommended that the sufferer place a drop of high quality, frankincense oil on a finger or thumb and apply it directly to the roof of the mouth for instant relief.
Happy St Patrick’s Day! ... 🍀 ... Bring some greenery into your holiday with the benefits of Rosemary. Rosemary has that finding a “pot of gold” feeling in its astringent and savory aromas and antioxidant effects clinically proven to calm the nervous system by blocking acetylcholine at the neuron. ... 🧘‍♀️... In alchemy and aryuvedic traditions it is associated with the solar plexus and ☀️ traditionally given to increase self-confidence, vitality, empowerment and optimism.
Seasonal Support 🌸🌳🐝👀🌷 The sneezes, the itchy & watery eyes, the runny noses and congestion. We're already swinging into Spring in SC and have been using this trio to help relieve symptoms so we can enjoy our time outdoors!  Lemon 🍋 is a phenominal cleanser.  Lavender 🌱 is a natural antihistamine, and decreases inflammatory response.  Peppermint 🌿 supports open airways.  Diffuse: four drops of each  Roller blend (10ml): 10 drops each, fill with FCO, apply to feet, spine, pulse points, behind ears, neck or on chest.  Internally: 2-3 drops each in a veggie cap  dōTERRA made it simple also by creating TriEase Softgels which contain equal parts of lemon, lavender and peppermint to take internally for seasonal support.  Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Need a little support? New to essential oils? Send me a message; I'd love to send you a sample! 🌱💌
Lavender Peace is one of our absolute favourite blends. This blend contains essential oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, and Roman Chamomile, which give it its soothing scent, while Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean offer a warm aroma.  Lavender Peace can be used aromatically and topically to promote relaxation, encourage calm emotions, and lessen feelings of tension. 💜Add it to your bath 💜Apply it to your pulse points as a perfume 💜Diffuse it in your bedroom to promote a good night sleep.
Friends, this is such a great budget-friendly way to stock up on high quality #essentialoils from a family friendly company. Spark Naturals is a non-MLM company and I have personally used their oils for almost 5 years now.  Why the Oil of the Month Clubs? 1️⃣ Budget Friendly: price includes shipping and tax so it's simply a flat fee every month 2️⃣ No Cancelation Fees: Start and stop whenever you want to! Only want a specific oil, sign up for that month and cancel when you get it. Want to skip a month or two, do it and pick right back up when you want. 3️⃣ Deeper Discounts: Some oils are offered up to 60% off depending on the oil, and oils such as Jasmine, Helichrysum, and Melissa have been known to make the list. 4️⃣ Support a Holisitic Mama: Because I am an affiliate, Every subscription through my link gives me $1 toward my family's Holisitic needs. I appreciate you're support!  It's a win-win: YOU get high quality essential oils at a price you can afford and I get to continue building my own Holisitic medicine cabinet. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment below or send me a PM/DM. 💚 Thanks! 😘  https://sparknaturals.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=5137  #sproutingtheseed #sparknaturals #essentialoils #highquality #clarysage #bergamot #holistichealth #holisiticmedicine #naturalmedicinecabinet #naturalmedicine #ootmclub #premiumootm #holistichealing #holisticliving #thewellnesslifestyle #adulting #momlife #dadlife #parenting #organic #organicbeauty #organicliving #supportwomen #budget #budgetfriendly
TASTE THE RAINBOW 🌈: My natural plant based medicine cabinet. ... ❤️ON GUARD•• Immune Support Contains OnGuard plus several powerful oils including OREGANO & MELISSA ($135 Oil) to help boost your immune system. ... 🧡ZENDOCRINE •• Detoxification Contains many oils like TANGERINE, ROSEMARY, JUNIPER BERRY, & CILANTRO to naturally cleanse the body and organs from unwanted substances. Excellent to take when feeling sluggish or after a night at the bar. ... 💚TRIEASE •• Seasonal Blend Contains lavender, lemon, & peppermint for support with season allergies. ... 💙DIGESTZEN•• Digestive Blend Contains oils like ginger and peppermint to help soothe an upset tummy and support digestive issues. ... 💜SERENITY•• Restful Blend Contains oils such as lavender, Roman Chamomile, and vetiver to get the natural sleep that you desire. . . Love having these essential oils at my finger tips 🌱. . #essentialoils #doterra #naturalmedicinecabinet #plantbased #enhancingessentials
Just made up some remedy for a friend 💫 I love that oils allow me to help others on a whim 💫 this blend is for hay fever support and it works a treat 💫 2 drops of each of those oils in 10ml roller topped with fractionated coco oil 💫 apply under the cheekbones and on the back of the neck as often as needed 💫 you can diffuse this combo too, great for sneezing 💫 if you are new to oils and don’t know how to start or want to get your hands on those beauties just DM me 💫 #doterra #essentialoils #essentialoils101 #essentialoilsrock #essentialoilsforthewin #doterraessentialoils #doterraoils #doterramom #doterramama #doterramum  #doterramummy #naturalliving #naturallife #naturalmedicine #naturalmedicines #naturalmedicinecabinet #lowtox #lowtoxliving #lowtoxlife
Nature itself is the best physician. -Hippocrates 🌿 * Hey hot mamas (and dads)...This is my first installment of my herb of the week! I love herbal medicine and know first hand how much of a profound, positive effect it can have on our health. ✨ * Each week I’ll cover an herbal medicinal, food or supplement that benefits our body. With a masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine, I have spent many years studying herbology.. and I’m excited to share some of that knowledge with you! 🌿 * My first featured herb is actually a trio of three fruits designed to gently cleanse your intestines, called triphala. It’s been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda. It has a mild laxative effect, helps cleanse the colon and promotes regularity. I personally take three capsules in the evening on an empty stomach close to bedtime. It is generally gentle, effective and can be used long term. ✨ * Disclaimer: I am not a physician, I am simply sharing information. Please consult with your licensed healthcare practitioner before ingesting any supplement. 🙏🏼 * * * * * #melbelfit #melrogers #triphala #coloncleanse #detox #constipation #herbalmedicine #ayurvedicmedicine #herbs #supplementation #primaldiet #paleodiet #naturalmedicinecabinet #naturalhealing #glowfromwithin #intestinalcleanse #healthylifestyle #hotmomacademy #fitmama
doTERRA Cheer touch, with a sunshiny and optimistic aroma is easy to use on the go to provide a boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down!  This convenient and gentle roll-on can be applied to the skin to counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity when one is feeling down. The fragrant blend of citrus and spice essential oils in doTERRA Cheer Touch will brighten any moment of your day. 🌞A cheerful heart is good medicine. Rub Cheer Touch over your heart. 🌞Keep your chin up by rubbing Cheer Touch into the back of your neck. 🌞During winter time, apply to wrist and smell throughout the day for an uplifting aroma. 🌞Apply to the bottoms of the feet of a child who needs a boost of positivity and cheerfulness. 🌞Promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness. 🌞Counteracts negative emotions of feeling down, blue, or low.  A little sunshine in a cloudy day  #cheer #doterracheertouch #essentialoils #doterratouch #rollerblend #alittlesunshine #lrp #wellnesswednesday #dontbeblue #crunchymom #aromatherapy #naturalmedicine #naturalmedicinecabinet #organicliving #healthylifestyle #givemealltheoils #emotionalbalance #emotionalhealth #essentialdiamond