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• Hello guys, here I am with the post I promised you yesterday 🙌 To show the steps I'm using another cover I prepared for the occasion, which represents exactly the drawing I had posted here for the 5k special loll 😂 ↝Before starting remember that you will need a simple transparent case ‒ you can easily find one in shops or online if you don't have one already 🖒 ↝And now you can get started by choosing a pic or a drawing etc that you want to have on your cover (ok that's quite obv💁). You will need to print it with the right measures of your case and phone, so be careful❗You can use a program that allows you to work with your image, so you can resize it and print it with the measures that suit your phone. I generally use Power Point (I have Windows). N.B. I printed my drawing on photographic paper to give it a more plastic and bright aspect. ↝Then, after verifying that the result is what you wanted, just cut your print with scissors or a box cutter (remember to cut the holes for the camera also🙊). Try it with your case and crop again where necessary. Remember that it's better not to cut too much in the first place, or you might ruin the measures of your print (I did it...🤦)! You can always trim it later 😉 ↝And now your cover is finished! 😀 I hope this was of some help✌ For any question, just comment or dm me 💌 P.s. I know I suck at making vids, but this was my first time so don't be too judgy pls 😅🙏 + the reason why in most of the vid my watermark isn't clear is because I was losing my mind on why my phone didn't let me see the clips in Flipagram, so I ended up making it with my mum's phone 🤷 - [ac: This is what you came for; Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna🎵] - @fernandotorres #fernandotorres #atleticomadrid #drawing #digitaldrawing #escudo #badge #kiss #rojiblanco #sentimientorojiblanco #cover #funda #smartphone #homemade #tutorial #creative #torrista #nandoofatleti #nandoofatletimade #nandoofatletiadmin
• So here's the edit I've promised you. It's the first digital drawing I try to make about Torres, so it could surely be better 😅 but I am quite happy about its final aspect so I'm posting it to celebrate these 5k 😊 Also, I wanted to thank @jamesitoo because her wonderful drawings inspired me to start doing them myself 🌠  #fernandotorres #atleticomadrid #drawing #kissingthebadge #escudo #atletiathletic #corazónrojiblanco #miorgullo #nandoofatleti #nandoofatletiedits #nandoofatletidrawings #nandoofatletikspecial