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These nails were a complete fail! I saw a picture of these on Pinterest and was so excited to do these and had such high hopes. But I kept having problems and getting frustrated and then said kinda gave up and decided that this is the best I can do lol. If you swipe left you can see my fail on my thumb too lol. Yellow is Lexington Yellow by NYC Quick Dry. Egg shell is Jawbreaker by Funky Fingers over French White Creme by Wet n Wild Wildshine. Orange beaks are Times Square Tangerine Creme by NYC.
Easter is right around the corner so I did some chocolate bunny nails! :) Found this on Pinterest and recreated it. Blue is Bonna Blue by Fresh Paint. Brown is Woodbury by Broadway Nails Gel Strong.
Magnetic nail polish! This one didn’t as well as my green magnetic polish did, but you can still sort of see where it changed color. Polish is You Move Me by China Glaze Magnetix.
Another simple mani. Blue is Always A Bridesmaid by Jessica. Glitter is Ignite The Night by Essie. Opal charm is from Wish.
خانمهاى خوش سليقه رسيدم به بخش طرحهاى ناخن بهارى😍 به نظرم تمييزى يا رسيدگى به ناخن يكى از واجبات براى خانمها هست ، حالا چه كسانى ك كاشت انجام ميدن يا حالت طبيعى ناخن خودشون رو دارن بايد خيلى بهش رسيدگى كنن ك دستهاشون هميشه زيباتر به نظر برسه .  حتمن ك نبايد ناخن لاك داشته باشه تا قشنگ به نظر برسه ، خيلى ها ناخن دستشون حتا با كوتاهى شيك هست و ممكنه برعكسش هم باشه ، مهم اينه ك هميشه زير ناخن ها تمييز باشه ، بلندى و كوتاهى معقول داشته باشه و اگر لاك ميزنيم لاكى انتخاب كنيم ك مناسب شخصيت و حالمون باشه .  #💅🏻 #nailart #naildesigns #nailnatural #naildesignaddict #nailforspring #طراحى_ناخن #ناخن_كاشت #ناخن_طبيعى
This design was very time consuming and tedious. I spent a long time on this because my nail vinyls weren’t cooperating with me lol. I had to repaint over each square with a tiny brush because not all the colors stayed where they were supposed to lol. Anyways I don’t think it turned out too bad. :) The lines are a little shakey but practice makes perfect, right? Lol. White is Chalk It Up by Color Club. Grey is Sidewalkers by NYC Quick Dry. Black is Black Lace Creme by NYC.
Keeping up with the simple lol. Pink is by Piggy Paint, not sure what the color name is. Glitter is Hors D’oeuvres by Essie, which was horrible to work with because it was drying up and is now going in the trash. It’s topped with a matte top coat.
French tips. Glitter is by Kozmic Colours (don’t know the color name). White is French White Creme by Wet n Wild Wildshine. Rings are from Wish.
Another simple mani. :) The blue is Trapper Keeper by Color Club. Matte top coat.
Something simple. Not sure what the name of the purple polish is but it’s by L.A. Colors Colorcraze. Glitter is Gunmetal by Broadway Nails.