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Is anyone interested to learning this ancient thing? I found it on office library. 😂😂😂 . . . #programmer #msdos #softwareengineer #engineering #engineer #computer #operatingsystem #ancient
#tbt para quienes crecieron en los 90 jugando PC, ¿Quien adivina el nombre de este juego?  #gog #pcgame #trivia #msdos
I'm cleaning out my storage shed, one box at a time. Came across this one box which brought back a lot of memories from grade school.  Not pictured are all the miscellaneous computer parts one has on hand when you and all your friends were computer nerds (miscellaneous case parts and a baggie full of case screws, IDE ribbon cables, the "new" SATA cables, software drivers, extra power supplies, a zillion serial port cables in several varieties (plus various adaptors to make them all work as the years went on), and enough power supply cables to stock an entire computer lab (WHERE do they all come from and WHY did I save them all??).) . . . I found STACKS of disks like the yellow ones pictured. Back in the day, when you would back up software across multiple floppy disks, you'd write "last" on the last disk so you'd know you had all the disks and weren't missing any. (This made me laugh, seeing it today. Things sure have changed!) Most of my disks were all very vaguely identified - in this case, the "+" meant something, some reference to some software name, I don't remember what after all these years, but it had to be something good and $$$, if there were this many disks involved. . . . The last photo, the floppy disk with "registry" written on it - that was my "oh shit" disk. I was always messing around with things in the Win95 registry (that's how you would modify things to change how things appeared or behaved in the actual operating system) but sometimes I changed things up a little too much and everything would quit working. So, that was my backup file. (Quick, get this shit working before my parents notice I "broke" the computer again!) . . . #throwbackthursday #tbt #90snerd #computernerd #nerd #floppydiskette #floppydisk #msdos #microsoft #windows #trident #videocard . . . (now time to figure out if there's still anything on these disks, or if the data has rotted away to nothing)
Hoy es Jueves de #tbt y en honor a nuestro bro @wgalan haremos feature de su juego favorito de back in the day.  Desarrollado por Blizzard (Wow, Diablo, Overwatch), el juego se centra en el protagonista Kyle "Blackthorne" Vlaros, en la busca de venganza contra Sarlac y sus secuaces. El gameplay incluye grandes secuencias de plataformas, en las que Kyle puede correr y escalar el entorno, buscar llaves e items que lo ayudarán progresar hasta el final de cada nivel, tipo laberinto.  El combate es basado en armas de fuego, y tanto Blackthorne, como sus enemigos, pueden pegarse contra las paredes para evitar balas entrantes. Blackthorne también puede disparar ciegamente detrás de sí mismo (que siempre ha sido badass). Durante el juego, Kyle usa una escopeta pump-action como su arma principal. A medida que avanza el juego, los aliados de Androthi (los buenos) lo ayudarán a mejorar el arma, aumentando su velocidad y potencia.  El juego tiene diecisiete niveles en cuatro áreas: las minas de Androth, los bosques / pantanos de Karrellian, el desierto Wasteland y Shadow keep. La versión Sega 32X incluye una quinta área, las montañas nevadas, que no se encuentra en las otras versiones del juego. A medida que el juego avanza a través de estas áreas, Kyle se vuelve más fuerte y mejor armado, pero también lo hacen los enemigos.  #dominicangamingnetwork #dgn #gaming #videojuegos #tbt #blizzard #interplay #blackthorne #snes #sega #sega32x #msdos #windows #macos #classic #shooter #platformer #badass #retro #oldschool #consolegaming
А эта игрушка, наверное, известна многим - #greenberet. С ней я познакомился ещё на #zxspectrum. Игра вышла в 1986 году от Imagine Software Ltd за авторством Jonathan M. Smith, F. David Thorpe. Является портом с аркадного автомата #konami 1985 года. В ней мы выступаем в роли бравого американского спецназовца, который заброшен на вражескую (читай советскую) военную секретную базу. Нам предстоит освободить группу военопленных, приговорённых к растрелу (ну а как может быть иначе в кровавых Советах?) И каково же было моё удивление, когда запуская на #dendy #famiclone картридж с ещё неизвестной мне игрой под названием #rushnattack Rush`n Attack, я увидел уже знакомые мне декорации. Да, на #famicom и #nes игра вышла именно под этим названием, причём тут по сюжету мы должны были уже уничтожить секретное советское оружие. Ясен-красен завуалировать очередной выпад на #ussr #ссср буржуи не сильно и стремились - произношение NES`овского названия говорит само за себя - Russian Attack. Помимо этого форма врагов, особенно бушлаты, открыто говорят о Советской Армии. Или название одного из уровней - Сибирский Лагерь?))) Кстати, в игре 4 уровня: Marshalling Area, Harbour, Air Base и Siberian Camp.  В конце
#fastrepost from @purple_kiwi by @fastrepost_app ••• Talk about #childhood throwback! I loved playing this game in school #wordrescue #oldschool #90s #msdos #games
Talk about #childhood throwback! I loved playing this game in school #wordrescue #oldschool #90s #msdos #games
Caesar II. Quanti pomeriggi passati con questo gioco 🤓 #caesar #msdos #strategy #pcgames #retrogamesplanet #computer #strategia #roma #rome #emperor #spqr
Dropped out. Woke up.  I've just finished listening to a speech by #alanwatts titled "parents should not live for their children." It's a very insightful piece and the most significant part I think is it summed up why I chose not to pursue university as a bright young academic high school student with early acceptance and every academic thing working in my favour.  The system that is education is now producing people who never really get good at things that never really interested them and never really provide any sort of satisfaction. Of course there are rewarding careers. But think how many specifically educated degrees put anyone into what they want and also to graduate as a top craftsman of their trade?...it's almost guaranteed that if the time was spent not in school but "interning" from a very young age, perhaps even younger than high school, we can produce highly functional, highly valuable people in any profession. Instead, we now "start" our careers at 30 plus... Which is why I dropped out. Short life story my dad had lost his job and I had seen the financial uncertainty just beyond the horizon. I could put a 2000 word essay together. I could solve any challenge quadratics and advanced functions the teacher ever put on the board. But I could still not, and was not allowed to, replace my parents income. It's almost as if to say, dad you should've brought me to work, let me watch you program and code from when I was little instead of me hacking your #msdos at home to run #vga games while you were at work, then maybe, just maybe! I could've been of more value to my family and built with my family and take care of my family. Instead I've filled my head with knowledge, but could not even make more than $9 an hour full time(2005). So...I #droppedout from the education race. And #built my life. Doing what is my #passion. And intend to teach my #kids the same. A lot of#parents will criticize me as a bubble burster of children, as in Santa clause real and dead
#pc #eazypc #zenith #compunter #msdos #msdosmanager
L’ENCICLOPEDIA DI SALA GIOCHI 1980. 3D-DEMON - PC Research Inc 1983 (Ms Dos) Buongiorno e buon mercoledì a tutti. Considerato come un progenitore assoluto degli sparatutto in prima persona (#FPS), #3ddemon è un gioco sviluppato e pubblicato da Pc Research nel 1983 per #msdos. Il giocatore si muove in um labirinto 3D in stile #pacman (anzi, le somiglianze sono davvero tante con il gioco della pillola gialla), con l’obbiettivo di raccogliere punti ed oggetti vari che gli consentono di uccidere i nemici (anch’essi fantasmi in perfetto stile Pac Man) presenti nei corridoi. Una volta raggiunta la percentuale richiesta si passa al livello successivo, ovviamente più difficile ed impegnativo. Chi di voi lo ricorda o l’ha giocato? Alex
Follow @hacking_kingdom for miore info  #msdos #computers #computerscience
Сегодня вновь у нас один из хитов для #sinclair - небезызвестная игра - #nebulus от Hewson Consultants Ltd (John M.Phillips), выпущенная в 1987 году. Занимает почетное 30 место в топ 100 игр для #zxspectrum по версии Your Sinclair. С игрой я познакомился в далёкие #90е обучаясь в УПК. Тогда нам разрешили на древних IBM PC немного поиграться (а Nebulus была на них чуть ли не единственной игрой). Поэтому первой платформой связанной с Небулус стала для меня MS-DOS. Незатейливый платформер с милым и зелёным главным героем по имени Пого , который должен уничтожить 8 башен, построенных в море. Каждый уровень - это одна из башень, куда мы попадаем на субмарине. Башня является неким лабиринтом с ловушками и противниками. Особенность игры ещё и в том, что в ней посредством двумерной графики отлично передаётся объёмность 3D-мира: наш герой остаётся всегда по центру экрана, а все декорации и башня как-будто вращаются, создавая невероятное впечатление объёма. Казалось бы простенькая игра заставляет попотеть игрока своими коварными лабиринтами и способами выхода из тупиковых ситуаций. Башня сложена из кирпича и имеет цилиндрическую форму, по внешней
When a woman holds a sword like that it usually means something.