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Ducati Streetfighter 848 came in with a few errors. These italian bikes sometimes are a pain as few sensors fail, but with our ECU reflash we can disable few of these sensors that are expensive to replace like ex-up motors, O2 sensors, Pair valves, etc.. And that is just part of the package, the main feature is proper fuel maps that make the bike more responsive and smoother to ride. Want to know more about our reflash? DM or visit us. #motoradwrdracing #ducatistreetfighter848 #ecureflash #rexxer #allprosnocons #itsamust
2016 Yamaha MT09 ECU Reflash. The owner hates the limiter on this bike that only runs up to 227kph, good thing he knew about us and brought it in for a reflash. Now, this bike will run up to 285kph (disabling the top speed limiter) smoother and more responsive. Thanks for trusting us Mr. @arjaymillet #motoradwrdracing #yamahamt09 #ecureflash #woolichracing #nolimit #itsamust #allprosnocons
We service suspension of any brand and type. You name it Ohlins, Andreani, Bitubo, Ktech, WP, Showa, KYB, Gears, etc.. from repacking, repairing, rebuilding, and changing springs. We also set the sag and adjust settings based on rider’s weight and riding preference for the streets or the track. Visit us or DM us for more info. #motoradwrdracing #suspensionservice #suspensionspecialists
Another 2017 Kawasaki ZX10R ECU Reflashed. Some are quite skeptic with our ecu reflash. We should say to try is to believe. The owner said the performance was very noticeable, the delay in the throttle was gone and the bonus is activating the autoblipper that only the ZX10RR has. It was worth more than what you’ll spend. #motoradwrdracing #kawasakizx10r #ecureflash #woolichracing #allprosnocons #betterthanpcv #bestupgrade
2017 Kawasaki ZX10RR track setup just had an ECU Reflash for a more responsive throttle, custom tuning for its exhaust system and settings to its riders preference. This will be a beast in the track. #motoradwrdracing #kawasakizx10rr #ecureflash #woolichracing #allprosnocons #customtuned
It’s been a very busy week that we even forgot to post updates with our bike releases. So here it goes, 2013 Aprilia RSV4-R full check reconditioning. This came from Iloilo with traction control issues and seems like it wasn’t taken care or even touched for a long time. We repacked the front suspension, full engine detail, throttle body / injector / airbox / radiator / brakes cleaning, fairing detailing, replacement of exhaust and front tire, fixed the TC and speed sensor issue, service reset and lastly our Rexxer ECU Reflash. Look like new and just came out of a dealership again. #motoradwrdracing #apriliarsv4 #likebrandnew #detailing #reconditioning #ecureflash #rexxer #proshop
Another 2017 Kawasaki ZX10R we had to work on. Owner was complaining that his bike was not starting and to our surprise, portions of the main harness were mutilated by seems to be a house rat based on the wiring damage (shown on the pictures). We have encountered a case like this before with a same bike brand, looks like rats are somewhat attracted to it. Anyway, we’ve resolved the issue and did some rewirings then removing error logs in the ECU thru our diagnostics. Added also is our ECU reflash that made this bike even more better to ride activating its autoblipper function which can only be found on a ZX10RR model. The owner couldn’t be any happier that he can ride this beauty again. Regular maintenance was done as well using our well trusted Oil “Gulf Syntrac Superbike 10w50” that has actually been tested and performed well even with the harsh conditions of racing in our race bikes for 2 years. #motoradwrdracing #kawasakizx10r #ecureflash #woolichracing #maintenance #gulfoil #trustedshop #whenonlyprosworkonyourbike #notyourregularshop #topservice
So the modifications and upgrades has begun for this 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400. Stripped down, putting an ohlins rear suspension, rear sprockets, drive chains, Quickshifter, ECU reflash, Brembo front Calipers, ABS removal, Front Suspension mod, Quick Throttle, Race Clip-ons and many more upgrades to post. Stay Tuned! #motoradwrdracing #racing #raceprep #modified #kawasakininja400
2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Exhaust Slip-on by MotoradWRD Racing installed. It’s not over yet and this bike will be in our operating table for more upgrades and will be testing our Woolich Racing ECU Reflash and Tuning. Stay tuned for more updates! #motoradwrdracing #kawasakininja400 #ecureflash #exhaustmod #racing
Another 2017 Suzuki GSXS1000 ECU Reflashed. The owner has many concerns after changing his exhaust and removing the catalytic converter. He said the bike became jerky from low-mid and hard to control the throttle on corners and lesser power at the top. We addressed this issue with our reflash and the bike became more stable and smoother on corners with linear power delivery. Want to know more? DM us. Did you change your exhaust and removed your catalytic converter? You need a remap then. #motoradwrdracing #suzukigsxs1000 #ecureflash #woolichracing #itsamust #allprosnocons #morepowermuchbetter
2012 Yamaha YZF-R6 Suspension rebuild and tune-up. The last person who rebuilt the suspension need some proper tools. Shown in the picture, the Oil seals were badly damaged by improper installation. Also, it seems the Inner cartridge wasn’t removed as it was full of dirt when we cleaned it. Do you have a leaking suspension? Bring it to us. #motoradwrdracing #suspensionrebuild #yamahar6 #specialtools
2017 Suzuki GSXR750 Exhaust Decat and ECU Reflashed performing way better than before. The owner was very pleased on how his bike responds. ECU reflash is the best setup for your bike, better than any piggy back module. For more info, please DM us. #motoradwrdracing #ecureflash #suzukigsxr750 #woolichracing #allprosnocons #itsamust
Just in! ECU Reflash for the New Kawasaki Ninja 400 has just been released. DM us for more information. We can book appointments as early as now and start with the reflash by 4th week of Feb. Features available for Kawasaki Ninja 400 / EX400 2018-2019 IAP Fuel Maps TPS Fuel Maps Ignition Maps Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Maps Ignition Dwell Map/s Injector Timing Map/s Ram Air Compensation Map/s Adjust RPM Limiter Adjust Fan Temp Racetools - Quickshifter Racetools - Launch Control Racetools - Pit Lane Limiter Disable Stock O2 Sensor Disable PAIR/AIS Diagnostics - Read and Clear Fault Codes ECU Mode Engine Data - View Live Engine Data Woolich Racing AutoTune #motoradwrdracing #ecureflash #woolichracing #kawasakininja400
ECU Reflash for the New Kawasaki Z650 is now available released by Woolich Racing Features available for Kawasaki Z650 2017-2018 - IAP Fuel Maps - TPS Fuel Maps - Ignition Maps - Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Maps - Ignition Dwell Map/s - Injector Timing Map/s - Ram Air Compensation Map/s - Adjust RPM Limiter - Adjust Fan Temp - Racetools - Quickshifter - Racetools - Launch Control - Racetools - Pit Lane Limiter - Disable Stock O2 Sensor - ECU Mode - Diagnostics - Read and Clear Fault Codes - Engine Data - View Live Engine Data - Woolich Racing AutoTune #motoradwrdracing #ecureflash #woolichracing DM us for more information. Book your appointments soon.
2017 Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer PCV Installed and tuned. The first Norton Motorcycle that touched our shop, The PCV we installed was not for this bike model but we made it to work for it and custom tuned it to suit the newly installed aftermarket exhaust correcting the AFR removing the jerking at low and mid rpm area. Owner said it runs smoothly and perfectly now. #motoradwrdracing #nortoncommando961 #pcv #tuning #smooth #caferacer
2018 Yamaha MT07 ECU Reflashed. The owner hated how his new bike felt after changing the exhaust luckily he found out that we offer a reflash and tuning which after became very responsive. The abrupt movement and jerkiness was gone and the bike was running smoothly with continuous power delivery. Owner was very pleased with the result. Just DM us for more info. #motoradwrdracing #yamahamt07 #ecureflash #woolichracing #itsamust #allprosnocons #tuning
2008 Honda CBR600RR race preparation done. Works like Valve Clearance adjustment, Injector cleaning, Suspension refresh and tuning and lastly ECU reflashed tuned for its Akrapovic full system. This bike is a track machine and will surely be competitive in the middleweight class. #motoradwrdracing #raceprep #hondacbr600rr #suspensiontuning #valveclearance #ecureflash #flywithoutwings #woolichracing
This is how we clean your fuel injectors at the shop. We also test the spray volume on different RPM Levels. #motoradwrdracing  #propercleaning  #fuelinjection  #cleaninjectors #ultrasonic
2015 Kawasaki ER6N ECU Reflashed and tuned to the bikes new upgrades. BMC Air Filter and Arrow Full System Exhaust. Owner said that the difference was night and day from the stock ECU settings. We recommend that every bike with aftermarket exhaust and intake should be retuned/remapped thru our ECU Reflash.  #motoradwrdracing #ecureflash #kawasakier6n #woolichracing #itsamust #allprosnocons
2012 Honda CB1000R ECU Reflash and tuned with proper AFR and Ignition timing. We also made a few tweaks at the STPs, Fuel Cut and of course the Radiator Fan on/off to cool your engine earlier. Some of these settings can be done (but not all) with a PCV but it will surely cost you an arm and leg. By the way, the owner didn’t want to ditch the PCV because of the quickshifter. Want to know more how a reflash works and how you can save? DM us.  #motoradwrdracing #ecureflash #hondacb1000r #itsamust #allprosnocons #woolichracing