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Jamie 28 Mother of two • Photography by @wallflowersistersphotographic • Makeup by @jessicareevesmakeup • Tattoos by @dream___seller • 💐 • • • • #inkedgirls#tattooedgirls#tattoophotography#milkbathphotography#milkbath#tattooedmoms#tattooedmums#inkedmoms#inkedmums#mombod#mombody#freethenipple#lonleylingerie#nzart#nzphotography#nzmakeup#makeupartistry#nztattoo#floraltattoo#daintytattoo#wiritingtattoo#
I honestly didn’t think I could lose weight. I thought I had my kids and now I have a “mom body”, whatever that means. I haven’t tried a “diet plan” because I knew that I would not keep it up. But changing what I eat ( fewer carbs/ dairy more protein) and walking hasn’t only enabled me to lose weight but I got my self confidence back. Yes, it is true that weight loss will have peaks and valleys but keeping your eyes on the prize helps. I don’t know if anyone else thinks that way but that myth has been debunked for me.  #mombody #weighlossmyths #weightlossjourney #curvesrule #weightlossinspiration #momcanlookgoodtoo
Jamie 28 Mother of two • Photography by @wallflowersistersphotographic • Makeup by @jessicareevesmakeup • Tattoos by @dream___seller • 💐 • • • • #inkedgirls#tattooedgirls#freethebipple#inkedmoms#inkedmums#mombod#mombody#tattooedmoms#lonley#lonleylingerie#nztattoo#nzphotography#nzmakeup#makeupartistry#tattoophotography#photography#nature#inkme#nztattooist
Well, results are in. I didn't win overall BUT a very deserving team mate of mine @sabrina_fitedition won overall and $100K. . Look at that 12 week transformation! 🍑 🍑😲😲 . I feel like her transformation is so relatable to many women and is deserving of this win. That bootay transformation is about to be the most publicized transformation in history 🍑 🍑😲😍. .  She has the same coach I do @fitnesspoynters. If you haven't checked them out- you need to visit his page and see the transformations for yourself. I think it's safe to say the TOP transformations came from the combination of his coaching with people who were willing to give it their all. . . #weightlifting #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #250kchallenge #250kchallenge2018 #transformation #weightloss #mombody @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition  #womenwholift  #progress @fitnesspoynters
I have to say, self defense class is making me feel slightly like a bad ass 🤔 down 35lbs since the kids were born 💪🏽 #dodge#ram#megacab#diesel#cummins#stacks#custom#builtnotbought#smoke#coal#lifted#liftedlife#trucks#truckporn#girlswithdiesel#dieseltrucks#bootyfordays#squats#gains#weightloss#fitmom#mombody#getskinny#goals
The real honest truth. Invest in yourself, invest in your health🌸
Day 4/80 done ✅! . Real talk. I almost didn’t post this because I’m bloated and thought I looked “fat”. After giving myself a dose of STFU I got over myself and posted. We all have days when we don’t feel or look our best, but it’s part of the journey 💕
I had 37 minutes to myself and I knew exactly what to do 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ I used to have HOURS to spend doing what I wanted yet I would sit on my couch, in workout clothes, and snack/watch TV. Now that I'm a mom it literally makes me cringe knowing how much of my life I wasted 😭 I could have run a marathon by now! I could be a 6 figure earner by now! But I try not to dwell on it.. we go through these phases for a reason and all we can do is move forwards.  Now I can FEEL how quickly time passes and it makes me want to run 😏 in so many areas of life! Key things that keep me motivated are my family, my online wellness ladies, my coaching friends, and the vision board I check out every day.  Have you ever felt like that too? Always here for you 👭
Getting my body back for the summer 🏃🏋 #mombod #mombody #curves #curvygirl #exercise #runner #running #confidence #happy #health #postpartumbody #postpartum
No I’m not perfect!!! Yes I’m a mom ! Yes I have tattoos ! Yes I have small boobs! Yes I have big thigh and a butt and yes I don’t give a fuck !!! #thightattoo#tattoedgirl
✨29 WEEKS✨ . This last week we have noticed that we can feel Baby T when pressing my bump or trying to get he//she to kick🤸🏼‍♀️which is such an amazing feeling!! I have also started to notice that my belly gets lopsided from time to time depending on where Baby T is chilling!🤰🏼💕 . Heart burn//acid reflux is in FULL FORCE, which is not fun and tums are no longer doing the trick😖 . Also, that my smell sensitivity is coming back, I don’t feel nauseous or get sick like first trimester but it definitely makes me uncomfortable🤢 . Not feeling the greatest today, so this mama is going to take a bubble bath🛁and hope my husband will somehow just know and bring me home a banana split🍌🍦🍫🤤
#t🔙t  How has it really been almost 15 years?!? From Best Man to soon-to-be Groom! @david_409
🌟I've got some exciting news to share‼️ . . No, it's not that I look like a crazy person 😱.... . . It is that I am going to be running a private group based on NUTRITION ONLY - no fitness 🙌!!! It’s been a long time coming and I am SUPER pumped about it!  I personally have struggled with binging, overeating and emotional eating my entire life and I am ready to shut that down FOREVER. #bye👋 . . If this is something you are interested in, choose the heart(s) below that best fits you and post them in comments: 💜 - I need to lose weight but I dislike exercise ❤️ - I exercise but struggle with nutrition 🧡 - I cannot exercise due to injury/illness 💚 - I love food, love to eat big portions, and I want to feel full 💙 - I want an easy-to-follow way to lose weight without strict rules 💛 - I want to be free from emotional eating, obsessing about food, and feeling overwhelmed by food choices. . . Once you comment I’ll message you the details ASAP!  As always, you can shoot me a private message too if you’re shy 😘 . . It’s going to be first come first serve so don’t wait too long…. Spots are going to be limited for this one! . .
Serving you 8.5mo post delivery MOM BOD😂...one of my Big Homies asked me what my body looked like after the birth of my baby girl. Admittedly I began to go into detail, given the nature of our friendship, and explained the assets I’d inherited due to pregnancy and the areas I’ll eventually work on whenever I so choose to. I still want 5 boys, but my health comes before anything. But as I sit with my thoughts today and reflect...it came to me that the line of questioning was such a Page of Wands thing to ask😂. • There I was mindlessly subjecting myself to someone else’s scrutiny...when in a 12mo span I moved from MD to NC, nursed my Father back to health, became pregnant, traveled to MD for ALL of my prenatal appts, planned and funded my own baby shower, moved back to MD to give birth, recovered without meds, and relocated across the country 6mo later. My point being...what he should’ve asked me is, “how’s your mind after transition after transition?” “How’s your emotional state?” Postpartum Depression is a very real experience, and I was fortunate to have had my Mother and Rian’s Dad close by for support. My body was the least of my concerns. • I say all of that to say...Mamas, place absolutely NO pressure to look attractive after giving birth, at least not for someone else. YOU get to be the author and creator of YOUR Mom Bod. We’ve been stretched, we’ve nursed, we’ve experienced a major lack of sleep, while caring for another human being 24/7...and you don’t owe it to anyone else but yourself to show up however you damn well please in this world. • I salute those of you still in recovery. I respect those of you still adjusting. I admire those of you still managing to bring the very best version of yourself despite being tired and unsupported. I love you all. • Oh...and I wear baggy clothes because I fckng want😉. These hips, thighs, breasts, and ass are for my viewing only. #deardiary #dearself #notetoself #mombod
Oh hey! We are all different and have different preferences.  1 thing we all need is SUPPORT! Starting May 7th my rockstar team mate and I are starting a pick your own program group! We will include meal plans, 600+different workouts, accountability, support, 2 coaches, and PRIZES! Drop an emoji to get more info!
#tbt to a summer pool party with two of my team members before we found coaching ❤️ We had fun on this day! But... . They may both not be happy with me for sharing this cuz none of us were happy with our bodies at that time. Especially me. . This was taken a few months before I finally allowed myself to try something I gave a huge 🙄 to many times before. I say this a lot... I was so stuck in my ways, that I was literally stuck in my way. . I’m so grateful 🙏 my friend @stephr_326 who didn’t give up on inviting me and who saw potential and believed in me. Thanks for inviting me to our tribe! . . . . . #boymom #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #sweatsesh #fitfam #throwbackthursdays #mombody  #coffeelover #peanutbutteraddict #momlife #momswholift #fitmomsofig  #fitnessjourney #bikinibabe #springbreak #fitwife #fitlife  #sweettooth #chocolatelover #postbabyworkouts #gymrat #fuelforthesoul #tribevibes #bikinicompetitor
I hate talking about income.🙈 I always feel like it's "impolite" to bring up income. I also worry that sharing about this will make it seem like what I do is only about money, which it so isn't.  But here's the thing; I'm sharing these things with you, not to brag or boast, but to INFORM and to INSPIRE. The desperate, miserable, overweight, low-energy, unhappy, trying to find a way to be content, women that I was in 2015 NEEDED to know there was something MORE! Learning that there WAS a way to be more than just content with my mediocre life -- that I could do something REAL to change it -- SAVED MY LIFE.  And if this post can do that for ONE more person, the discomfort I feel posting this is worth it.💕 So here's me being transparent about the fact that I DO earn an income by helping people get healthy + fit and by helping others build businesses from home. Oh, and I do it in part time hours.👐 Let's break it down👇: 2016: Full Time Fundraiser, Stressed to the MAX, working ALL the time for NOT All the pay, spending many days crying at my desk. By April, I'd started losing the 30 lbs I'd gained (with BB fitness programs) and was starting to grow as a person but still felt unfulfilled + stress, most of the time.😞 2018: Only ONE job: Coach. Most days, I work about 5 hours a day, leaving plenty of time for wife+mom things and volunteer roles. Now, I only cry over taxes.😂 Spend my days connecting with other babes, diving into their stories + helping them take steps to improve their lives. I create resources + mini challenges and chat on video calls with my coach besties.💁 This month (vs Apr 2016): I spent time in the mountains with my kids, I took my dad to Mexico for 5 days, didn't have to ask any boss for time off, I'm present with my family + my marriage is GOOD. My laundry got caught up (what?!) and I am HAPPY!! * We have a sneak peek into coaching going on RIGHT now. If you want to learn more, lmk and I'll add you to the private group.👆📲 I