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This may label me. If that’s true, so be it.  The celebrity support for #marchforourlives today is disheartening at best.  People who have no business telling the average citizen how to conduct their lives have somehow become the majority’s only source of moral direction. Celebrities are vain, privileged, and entitled. This makes it easy for them believe their delusional opinions because no one has ever(at least not for many years) put them in check.  When it comes to their vanity, any celebrity in today’s social media game will post, re-tweet, or hashtag any current trending debate or topic to maintain relevancy. This is how this movement gained momentum. Uninformed, entitled people that we have put on a metaphorical pedestal because of their talents, not because of their intelligence or ability to think for themselves. The sickening notion of celebrity worship has led us to this point, where our freedoms rely on the words of the country’s top-trending individuals.  They don’t live in average American neighborhoods, like you and I, where the concept of self-defense is a matter of personal responsibility.  Most conversations have leaned towards how the government can or cannot fix the problem. None want to focus on the responsibility of the individual. The State is not our babysitter. In our lifetime we have all witnessed the inefficiency and lack of effectiveness of the legislative process, any form of social legislation has for many years been an exercise in futility.  If you are marching today against the tool(because it's black and scary and you are uninformed) and not human violence and what has led our society to this point, your efforts are misguided.  Love one another, protect one another. . . . #libertarian #gunviolence #activism #celebrity #vanity #2a #guns #liberal #conservative #enough #rant #media #mentalhealth
Please join me in a moment of silence for all the chesticles lost to breastfeeding 🤱 and/or weight loss. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 . . But in all seriousness..here’s me pregnant 🤰🏻at 21. I actually LOVED being pregnant! I never got morning sickness & I never felt more beautiful than when I was carrying my babies. 😍❤️ . . . Postpartum was a whole different experience..😏 the minute I gave birth to my first 👶🏻 I knew something was off. I thought maybe it was fatigue & the lack of sleep..but I didn’t feel right. . . You know those women who give birth & say they fell in love the minute they saw their babies faces? Yeah..that wasn’t me. It actually took me about 5-6 months to start to bond with my son. 😭 . . I felt so alone and disgusting. I hated my PP body. I remember thinking my life was over! I had this overwhelming feeling of regret & I questioned every decision I had made that led me up to that moment. I know this might sound bad..but I’m keeping it real here. Not every woman has this “natural high” post birth like most describe. I just wanted to run away. . . I wouldn’t sleep (not cuz the baby..but bcuz I would just stay up and cry watching infomercials on mute until 5-6am.) I felt helpless. . . I finally decided to seek help at 5 month postpartum & I was immediately put on antidepressants & had therapy sessions every 2 weeks for the first 2 months. . . I eventually started the healing process & I started to bond with my baby..Something I thought I would NEVER do. It felt like I was taking care of someone else’s child and I was waiting for them to pick up this kid I wanted absolutely nothing to do with. . . With all this, it brought remorse & I began to grieve the loss of those first few months with my baby. Enter ALL THE MOM GUILT. . . My point to this post is..don’t be ashamed of your story. The more I talked about it, I found more women that had similar thoughts or had gone thru therapy themselves. Maybe instead of gushing
If you knew how damn hard it was or how long it has taken to try and rebuild my own little universe of peace, happiness and self respect ✊ (work in progress ⚠️) then you would understand why I’m so picky about who I allow into my life ✌🏼#peace #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #happiness #choosewisely #kind #selfrespect #picky #support #respect #mycircleissmall #smallmindedpeople #cavewoman #cavemantraining
Today’s work in progress... #trauma #mentalhealth #therapy #did #art #arttherapy #traumaartist #recovery #decor
💙 #repost @recipesforselflove  #mentalhealth
One week from today my new website will be launching! I have to say, I’m super excited but I’m also really nervous. Sometimes I find myself thinking, I really DON’T want to do this, but my souls keeps pushing me to just do it. Soooooooo, for today only, I am setting my site LIVE as a preview for anyone who wants to take an advanced look 😝link in bio
We think that traveling can be the best therapy. How does traveling make you feel?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #grateful #mentalhealth #mindbody #yoga #therapy #wellness #therapyforblackgirls #wellnessretreat #therapist #brooklyn #selfcare #follow #nyc # travel #wellnesstravel #travelwithus
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