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I look fucking awful in this because it's a screenshot from a video but he looks great so yeah. I've had a great past 3 days with you baby can't wait to see you tommorow.😘💞
Das my boiii also my tattoo is looking extra good these days not all nasty anymore and hasn't been for a while but I'm late as fuck
Should we name that hickey or no
Maybe doing a different colored theme for a while I'm not sure
This was actually really fucking good
The original writing of this is from a Tumblr account that I will not credit because it turns out that they are extremely transphobic. So, I remade it because I love it and it fits me and many others v well 💕
This is one of my fav pictures from my old account .-.
Dear @Daddyfacex , I don’t know how many times a day I tell you I love you. Maybe a million? But it’s never enough. I love you more than anyone or anything I’ve ever known. You take my breath away every single moment of every day. You are utterly perfect and amazing beyond words. I don’t know what I’ve ever done in my life to deserve you but I’m glad I did it. Even when we fight or argue, I know we’ll be okay. We can get through anything and everything together. You make the world just seem brighter and even the most difficult of things seem bearable. I don’t know what I believe in in regards to the afterlife or possible past lives, but I do know you’re my soulmate, mo anam cara. I fall in love with you over again every day. I can’t wait to be in your arms in 45 days. Every struggle we’ve had has led to this, to us, together.  I love you most, buttface. {sidenote: this is the first serious animation I’ve ever done and it took an hour and a half, freehand. I’m pretty proud}