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Pentru că se pare că am fost mai cuminte decât credeam, ieri am avut norocul să fiu la prima parte a festivalului Jazz in Church 2018. Nu am foarte multe de zis, în afară de faptul că aveam nevoie de așa ceva ca de aer și nu mi-am dat seama de asta decât când mi se întâmpla deja.  În prima parte, la concertul Oficium Divinum al lui Gavino Murgia, Marco Mencoboni și Cantar Lontano, n-am apucat să fac poze, că eram oarecum în transă prin Blade Runner, Final Fantasy, Battlestar Galactica și un indie noir filmat prin New York. Dar mi-e clar că am glanda atrofiată și că, dacă m-aș mai educa oleacă, probabil aș fi recepționat și înțeles mult mai multe. Am o mică frustrare în sensul ăsta.  În partea a doua am fost pur și simplu fericit de Seckou Keita. Are o vibrație de bine-n el de l-aș păstra tot timpul la maximum 3 kilometri distanță de mine, să fiu în aria de acoperire.  Iar Biserica Lutherană e un loc fain de concerte și mă bucur mult să văd că e și deschisă la așa ceva.  După cum spuneam, aveam nevoie de asta ca de aer. Închei cu tradiționalul "felicitări și mulțumiri organizatorilor". #jazzinchurch #lutheranchurch #church #lutheran #concert #festival #jazz #tuvan #kora #gregorian #oficiumdivinum #oficium #gavinomurgia #marcomencoboni #cantarlontano #seckoukeita #bucharest #romania
😂 I am just joking. Hillsong music and " worship " protestant "music" are just annoying... They belong in the garbage
Build by Ken Potts. The Bamboo and moon inlay we offer online  Inlays in Ebony veneer. Grover mini tuners with Ebony buttons. Mahalo  www.kpukuleles.com  Biggest selection online with precut inlays .#depaulesupply #luthiersupply #luthier #lutheran #luthiery #headstock #fretboard #fretmarkers #woodworking #finewoodworking #whatsonyourbench #inlay #bamboo #moon #inlay #shell #handcut #customguitar #custombass #shellinlay
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Vintage Bible school pinback buttons, lot of 10 #lutheran #sundayschool #vacationbibleschool #godislove #1yearold #2yearold  #collectiblebuttons #vintagepinback https://etsy.me/2HMWCnC ☆~shop link in my bio~☆
Custom shell inlay for a fretboard.let us cut or supply your inlays.we have the largest selection for precut inlays online . #depaulesupply #luthiersupply #luthier #lutheran #luthiery #woodworking #finewoodworking #whatsonyourbench #handcut #prozac #heart #headstock #fretboard #fretmarkers #customguitar
I look fierce! My students were not ready for the class of 1591 at all! Still surprised barely any of them helped their professer decline the Catholic chruch 🙋‍♀️🙏 #martinluther #lutheran #catholic #church
You. Guys!!!!! I just had a few of my best friends’ parents in town for a visit. These folks opened up their homes, hearts, and spare bedrooms throughout my upbringing while showing me what it looks like to be a loving, caring, empathetic human being. I’m LUCKY to have had these moms and dads in my life in addition to my own and a plethora of others who helped shape me. I’m so thankful.  Hey @lcbihighschool - I owe this all to you.  #parents #highschool #songwriter #lutheran #norwegian
So happy they restored this beautiful church in Dresden - Frauenkirche and Martin Luther memorial. This is how it looked after the war: https://goo.gl/images/VPndgR
Super huge #yardsale at my church tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.  We are at the corner of 28th Street and Broadway at st. Matthew Lutheran Church.  #quiltweekpaducah #quiltweek #partakeinpaducah #paducah #kentucky #treasure #lutheran #westernkentucky
Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor.  This visit was actually a huge deal for me even though it was completely normal.  I had not gone to the chiropractor for a full week.  Guys, this is huge!  It’s been MONTHS since I’ve gone a full week in between adjustments!  Even though that progress is a big deal I’m still stuck.  I’m stuck in a rut of not feeling like myself. Stuck with bad nutrition. Stuck with low motivation. Stuck with negative self talk.  Stuck with the inability to commit.  Stuck on auto pilot. Stuck wishing instead of doing.  I need to feel the joy again similarly how I felt when I realized I mad it a full week without an adjustment.  I don’t want to go backwards.  It’s taken me so much to get here. I need you to know that being stuck happens.  You never actually start over.  You try again with more knowledge, strength and power than you had before.  Your journey was never over, it was just waiting for you to find it again.  I’m looking for 5 people who are feeling stuck, feeling like they are running on auto pilot, or maybe just feeling lost.  I want to help you get unstuck and snap out of it.  I’m so excited about this because I also need to get unstuck and get back to feeling like myself.  Do this with me!  We start May 7th. (Goodies for the first 3 to sign up!) Get out of your funk and back into your spunk!  What’s holding you back?
A criminal defense public defender, a trombone player in an American revival orchestra, and an Episcopal priest, this man taught me that following a call into ministry doesn't mean letting go of your passions, gifts, and interests. . It means living boldly into the fullness of who God created you to be. . —Lauren Wright Pittman . More Faces of our Faith COMING SOON
Life is short, the world is wide, and Youth Kids Rock My Socks Off!!!! . . . . #lutheran #holycross #youth #youthgroup #lifeisshort #lifeisgood #godisgood
Time to shop! After last year's success, the women of Bethel have once again decided to help out the residents of St. John's Shelter for Women and Children by holding a clothing drive specifically for underwear, socks, and bras for the residents who are lacking these necessities.  Spirited Women will be collecting these necessities throughout May. Donated items should be new and in larger sizes. Thank you for helping us support our community!
Fell into my lap. @jordan.b.peterson #jordanpeterson #jordanbpeterson