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What if your weirdness is exactly what we need right now?⠀ .⠀ Just because the people currently around you don’t understand you or think you’re weird does not mean you are on the wrong path. ⠀ .⠀ Often people seek validation from the people they are friends with or look up to. That sometimes works and sometimes backfires. If they can’t see the vision, they typically can’t support your vision.⠀ .⠀ That does not make YOU weird! You are simply different from that group of people.⠀ .⠀ What if there is another group of people that are praying RIGHT NOW for your exact type of “weirdness?”⠀ ———————————————————————- ⠀ This #catalystquestion is intended to help you get to know yourself better and to help you gain clarity so that you can reach your vision. Some of these questions may be difficult to ask yourself. I have found in my own journey, the ones that I avoid the most are the ones that I need to look at the deepest. I would imagine the same is true for you. If you’d like deeper clarity in your business and life, let’s talk. I may have a program that is exactly what you need. #linkinbio ⠀ #catalystquestion #journalingprompt #magneticmindset
These ladies can move. Humble director Sasha Levinson helps us celebrate #womenshistorymonth with this fun new spot for @easyspiritofficial ☝️Link in bio for more.  #sashalevinson #newwork @erichumble @richpring @postaltv
Look in my bio and click the link. A total of two minutes and I promise you'll be glad you did. I have some goodies for you. 😊 #theangelabrand #smallbusiness #dreambig #liveonpurpose #faith #success #branding #business #inspiredpost #chasingpurpose #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #theprocess #thelioness
Happy Easter! He has risen! // The greatest love story ever told about the one who was innocent, died to save you! Through His resurrection, we are freed from the chains of sin and shall no longer perish. Thank you Jesus! // #victoryday
Yesterday's meal prep. As Kingdombosses it is important that we care for our temples and nourish the grind. What are you eating today?  Btw this turned out great 😋
Life is Short!  Be ALL that God’s called you to be!  #dreambig #setgoals #takeaction #liveonpurpose
Sisters you've been people pleasing for far too long, the buck stops HERE. 👊🏽 • • Start saying NO to people and saying YES to yourself. • • 🙅🏽‍♀️You would be surprised how much lighter you feel spiritually and mentally. 🙏🏽 • • It is not your responsibility to be all things to all people, that kind of ridiculousness is exhausting and damaging to your spirit• •💆🏽‍♀️ • • You can only please one person a day, and that one person is YOU. • ☝🏽 • • Remember your ideas, feelings, and opinions matter too. 😘
These guys tho 😂 Always glad to get to work with them! #foodtruck #coloradospringsfoodtrucks #pattysgourmet #liveonpurpose #wespecial
Almost 2 years ago, Dustin Paulson came on my radio show. The sheriff’s deputy was in a wheel chair - broken and bruised, physically and emotionally - after his patrol car was smashed by a drunk driver. Dustin was still processing the life-changing crash when we sat down in studio to talk. TODAY, while working a Special Olympics event in Stephenville, Dustin Paulson walked into the press box to say hello. He showed me his prosthetic leg, told me he was back at work, doing what he loves, and recently received a promotion. I told him that he made my day!!!! (To hear Dustin’s powerful podcast, simply search “Dustin Paulson Podcast” in Google.) #liveonpurpose
Some of the skies that have been around.  A sight that has been few and far between in these parts... #weather #univetse #bealive #realize #follow #me #beauty #liveonpurpose #beyourbest #doamazingthings
Where my magic mamas at? 🤰🏼✨ For years, I have been stuck. I’ve been dreaming of the “perfect life” but never really did what it took to make it a reality. I have been stuck in the doubts, in the fear of failure... stuck in the feeling of “maybe I can’t do it.” Then I got pregnant. And pregnancy is scary. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong.... but it’s scary as hell.  I’m afraid of needles. Before pregnancy, “I couldn’t” handle getting my blood drawn. During pregnancy, I had to just do it, because I needed to make sure my son was okay.  I hated the doctor... but I went every week, without missing an appointment... because I needed to make sure my son was okay.  The night I was scheduled to be induced, I started crying as soon as we got in the car. The fear set in. I was afraid I couldn’t handle what was to come. But I had to... and off we went.  When I was in the hospital, I was in so much pain. The contractions were unbearable and I remember telling Juan, “I can’t do this.” But I did it for 40 hours.  I never had surgery before... heck, I never even had an IV. So, when the doctor told me I needed a c-section... I looked at Juan with tears in my eyes... full of fear... and told him, “I don’t think I can do this.” But I did.  All those things that I thought I couldn’t get through... I did.  I was able to do them because of my “why.” The reason was my son. The end result of all those scary things... far outweighed my fear.  So... why can’t I create the life of my dreams? The thing is, I can. As long as I push through the fear and doubt and the little voice that says, “I can’t.” Yeah, it’s gonna be scary and sometimes it’s going to be difficult... but it’s not impossible. My “why” just needs to be my focus.  My dream life involves being able to stay home with my son, to not have to miss out on all those little moments and milestones. To not have to worry about finances. To be able to be
Today is World Water Day! I donated $8.15 to charity: water to honor 6-year-old Nora's initiative! How will you contribute today? ... #repost @charitywater
I have been making self-care a priority these days, as life is just too short. As much as I consider myself a nurturer, what I have come to understand about myself is that my empathic nature automatically defaults to taking care of others and taking on the emotions of others. If there is any advice I can impart, it would be to encourage you to look at ways that you may be acting against your best self, and perhaps devaluing yourself. Commit to making your physical health important. What you eat and how you move your body, will say so much about how you feel about yourself. When you value others, you value yourself more—you will elevate your sense of well-being and facilitate your health, growth, and development. There are times when you are going to feel in a powerless state and feel devalued.  A quick way to move past this feeling is to be compassionate, kind, or loving. ✨ Tap the link in my bio @juliacdesign to download "Your Business Energy Checklist"! ✨ What holds value to you? ✨
Note to Self: You’ve got this 💌
#tbt ❤️ I remember when I was over 300 pounds how much I hated life. I decided I wanted to change and had to do for real this time. It started with my mindset, I changed the way I thought about myself, eating and working.  Do you need to change your mindset? What are of your life would benefit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #change #mindset #newme #beautiful #bodypositive #model #newwayofthinking #liveonpurpose #bodypositive #goalgetter #weightloss #plussize #imatter
My heart is huge as I get on a plane after almost 2weeks in Nyc for one of our biggest events for our company.  I was given an award recognizing my time with @pureologyus. So amazing....But the real award was seeing so many people knowing they each had a story of what it took for them to be there. Mentally and physically. We all have a story of who we are and what we have gone thru. For 4 day’s our stories all became the same one... we all came together to be one voice to speak our #pureology love and culture.  All I want to do is make my team proud. Both Pureology and @influencesaloncanada at home.  Now I go home feeling proud myself to belong to such an amazing company surrounded by kickass hairdressers.  Now I go home to my amazing team in #calgary where the message continues. #doyourbest and #trusttheprocess  #loyaltywins #synergyrevolution
✨See it--Feel it--Believe it✨ . This is one of my favorite quotes about the power of visualization. When you decide who you want to be, and the life you want to build, you most likely won't believe it's possible in the beginning. . And not just the first time either. Every so often you'll find yourself ready for something different than who you are or what you've built. Reinvention is a constant cycle. Change is a perpetual process. . So whatever it is you've been thinking about, planning for, and wishing to be/get/do, try visualizing it. I've been using this technique for years and it is the most effective be far. . Have you tried visualization before? I'd love to hear how it works for you.