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#anshav.. Myself and Sharmila Divatia were invited by Birla Institute of Management and Technology last year for a #korean #startup delegation meeting in Gurgaon.  And we had been working together for last 18 months to set up @Bringle_Academy's 10 Model Centres in the country and expanding our reach to 10 Global locations.  Having a Strategy Meet tomorrow in #pune for 21st Skills Development Centre and would freeze the plan for #vision2020 and #skillsvardaan #catchthemyoung with #mba4kids and #corporategroomingprogram  #knowyourself to #beaskillschamp  #stopgooglingstartbringling #keepbringlingkeepgrowing #entrepreneurshipdevelopmentprogram  #billiondollardream
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  What if you sleep one day (extended for 4 weeks) and next morning,  you can not talk, see, hold or walk ?? You try getting off the hospital bed but fall again and again.  You are 5 yrs old and diagnosed for #encephalitis #cerebralpalsy.  And, have only 2 options - LIE DOWN or FIGHT BACK  Introducing Sharmila Divatia as @Bringle_Academy's designated partner for the #billiondollardream and read her story of fighting back with an ever smiling face when she is now 53 years old. https://bit.ly/2u2ajMs  #stopgooglingstartbringling  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing
Feels #blessed to have a warm and loving welcome by family and what can be more relaxing early morning at 4 am than this after a long sleepless 5 days travel to meet partners and associates.  I have traveled 3 cities #pune #ahmedabad #vadodara and thanks to all those #supporters, #believers, #motivators, #partners and #investors who believed in me.  And, all excited for setting up 10 COCO Model Centres each for @Bringle_Academy and @CrazyVezy across the country in this year. MAY GOD GIVES COURAGE AND SUPPORT IN REALISING THE #billiondollardream.  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing
#happybringling session at #pune with the @Bringle_Academy's CORE Team members.  All set for the Strategy Meet and launch of 21st Skills Development Centre in the Education Hub of India and is the Best place to #catchthemyoung for #skillsvardaan.  #stopgooglingstartbringling and Be Ready to #knowyourself to #beaskillschamp  Parents, Principals, School and College Owners, (GLOBALLY)  Send us your requests at Info@BringleAcademy.com for any Skills Assessment, Career Counseling,  Skills Development, Internships and/or Placements needs for your children. *STARTING $10 PER PERSON PER ANNUM*  Or Reach out to our #goodwillambassadors anywhere across the globe.  And Just #keepbringlingkeepgrowing with  #mba4kids  #corporategroomingprogram  #entrepreneurshipdevelopmentprogram  #inspire #achieve #passiton with #bringledreamwave
#happybringling THE DARKEST MOMENTS  of our lives are NOT to be buried and forgotten, rather they are memory to be called upon for inspiration to remind us for the unrelenting human spirit and our capacity to overcome the intolerable.  You can easily QUIT but that's MUST NOT an Option. I had times when I went into depression, I was penniless and running with heavy debts.  There was no emotional and financial support from anybody and everybody said that this is impossible and I am thinking too far.  Even my family started believing that it won't work and was literally standing alone in the darkest hours of my #entrepreneurship.  But, eventually those moments have made me stronger, bolder and helped me to embrace the #billiondollardream  DO NOT QUIT.. ... IT'S A REQUEST  You will find light soon as the darkest hour comes just before the DAWN.  #stopgooglingstartbringling  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing
#happybringling When is the biggest problem you face being in #entrepreneurship ?? Before or After #funding ?? Have you really thought about it and prepared for the challenges you would face ?? Believe me, it's not the #investment which is a problem but the #mindset  Follow these 3 #tips and #beaskillschamp  1. Be #personal -  Face to Face Sales calls are must and if you think you can do with employees because you hate Sales or you are shy, then my dear friend you are in a wrong place.  And, it's not just Sales Partner but also other partners to support as a team and demonstrate strength.  2. Be #frugal - Spend your money on the things which lead directly to sales. No lavish spending on Marketing, Branding or fancy new website till the time you are making enough money for the Investors & yourself.  3. Avoid #timewasters - Be very careful to work with Customers, Employees, Team, Vendors, Collaborators or even Investors who just put undue pressure and demands on you and ultimately brings you down emotionally and frankly just waste time. Try and come out of the sticky situation.  #entrepreneurshipdevelopmentprogram by @bringle_academy helps you to get a #fundability report and Team's #skillsprofile  #stopgooglingstartbringling #keepbringlingkeepgrowing
All set for the regional round #mumbai of #smartfifty as @bringle_academy has been recognized as #top3000 #startup by #iimkolkata and Department of Science and Technology, Government Of India #dst  #entrepreneurshipdevelopmentprogram  #stopgooglingstartbringling  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing
#happybringling #humour #investment is a big #responsibility  I had been raising funds for my portfolio #startups or for personal use. But this Jittery Feeling is always common.  I know that Investor is also taking risk and it's all about #team and #vision but I also know that it's the hard earned money of an #investor They had other options as well but it's the #trust on me which convince them to join along.  With the God's grace, I  have never defaulted any repayments including a simple credit card or bank loan payments and have generated > $100 MMUSD value for organizations while getting paid as consultant or as an employee, but deep within I know how much I want to #debtfree  It's not just financial debt but also the emotional burden and moral responsibility I carry with me. And, that's why getting very choosy and transparent in picking up investments for #crazyvezy and #mba4kids  Thanking Sudhaansh Jain and Bringle Academy teams for their great support and I wish them All the Best for continuously supporting their clients and investors like me.  #justme  #gabbarzindahai  #stopgooglingstartbringling  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing #knowyourself to #beaskillschamp
#happybringling  Excellent #team makes the most profitable business.  Brilliant ideas die because they are not able to commit to their #vision and not because of the lack of investments.  Run with a #mission for the next 100 years even if it means running alone but it gives you speed. You will find people joining your belief and that's the time you should start forming a team and grow slowly but firm and wide.  #stopgooglingstartbringling  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing #knowyourself to #beaskillschamp
Thanks VNIT Nagpur for your trust and look forward to guide budding entrepreneurs to prosperity and success.  This is a commendable effort being done by your Institute to support startups and take them to glory.  Anybody who wants to participate can connect with Sudhaansh Jain who is centrally managing Investments and operations  Bringle Academy team can help you for any appointments with mentors.  Download the Mobile App - SkillsChamp - https://lnkd.in/fD-shH4  #mba4kids #beaskillschamp #catchthemyoung #corporategrooming #campus2corporate #happybringling #keepbringlingkeepgrowing #entrepreneurmindset #createyourownwealth #financialfreedom  Devesh Chawla
#happybringling  What does that #changeyourmindset means ? Why do you think job is a problem ? Why do experts like #robertkiyosaki promote having your own business ?  But, there are hardest challenges which you may not face being in job 😦  I always tell people that it is not the job or business is a problem. The only difference is that in one you are working for yourself and in other for others.  So, what's the problem ? I have given a hint but what's mindset I'm talking about??? Any idea ?? Would live to hear different opinions 😊  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing with #bringledreamwave  #entrepreneur #job #employee #work #mindset #business #dreams
#happybringling Does IIM/IIT/DCE degrees makes you successful ? Are these champs get transformed so differently than others that they are always successful ?  Frankly, The answer is NO.  These degree doesn't make you successful.  It is their #competitive #spirit and #capability to survive through the tough situations and heavy competition that makes them different and secure seats in these premium institutions. The selection is the proof that you are different than others. #endurance  That's make them stand apart from others. And, of course these Institutions further nurture them to excel them to the higher levels. #skillschamp  But frankly this survival instinct helps them to get summits higher and higher.  #mastersbeyondacademics  So, it's not that degrees make them special, but they are special and that's why they get these degrees. #conviction  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing
I have met lot of startups who are so much in love with their product that they forget Investors would look for Monetisation and Exceptionally High Returns (not just Returns) When you keep looking towards funding, you stop working towards developing the Business and miss on the Sales and Marketing.  This reminds me of another thought  that "Sometimes we are focused too much on closed doors that we miss checking the open doors"  Fund Raising should be the parallel activity but not the only activity. Lot of people had not been able to manage the lotteries just because they don't know how to handle it.  Develop your appetite first before taking more funds.  Have a separate team focusing on Fund Raising and Sales & Marketing for you and you keep your focus on Product Development and Operations. (Which you are good at)  #keepbringlingkeepgrowing  https://lnkd.in/fRWJSSe