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Buen día mi gente! Hoy tuve la gran Oportunidad de una vez más de Decidir si me quedaba dormida o me levantaba a Hacer lo que me convenía y había Escogido para lograr mis metas! Que Cool se siente retarte a ti mismo y que tu Mente no te domine sino Ser Tú quien la domine a ella! Ya estamos terminando Marzo!... La pregunta es: cómo vas con las metas que te propusiste para este año??? Retate! Lánzate! Atrévete a sentirte Orgullos@ de ti! Te mereces lo mejor! #gratefulandhappy  #intentionallife #worldcrownslifestyle
Nothing fancy, just a girl in her Henley here. • This pic? Lola. My four year old wanted to help and told me to strike a pose. I wanted to laugh and be silly, but when I asked the photog what she wanted me to do she said to do a serious face! So I guess I'll chat about something in that mood hah! • Most days, I prefer jeans and a tee. I've never been a fancy person. I wear very little makeup, I don't spend a lot on things, we live in smaller home by choice. • When I go through waves where I feel like "I need to do more things to keep up," I remind myself God made me, me for a reason. I'm a heart checker and when I go above what my heart feels comfortable with, I lose me. • So whether you adore makeup or can't do a winged liner to save your life...if you thrift shop or spend a pretty penny on clothing...if you've got the fanciest house on the block or live in a tiny home...you are be-YOU-tiful. • My take on Proverbs 3:15 this morning? "She is more precious than rubies" even if she is or isn't wearing them. . . . . . #ashleysolbergblog #simpleliving #simplejoys #intentionalliving #beyoutiful #organic #fairtradefashion #organicclothing #fairtradeclothing  #fairtrade #jeansandatee  #momstyle  #organiclife #momblogger #intentionallife #momblog #tampamom #womensfashion #womensboutique #faithblogger #thesimplelife #thisisme #minimalist #organictee #bibleverse #morejesus
BECAUSE...you totally can & get free oils, too. 🤙🏻 Let’s book an online class. You bring your fave hot drink, pen, questions, and of course your favorite people (at your place or they can join us from anywhere via vid) & I’ll bring the education, and whole lotta fun ✨ - One thing that is commonly misunderstood is that these classes are truly classes, not parties. There are no “party host incentives” or anything like that, but I personally love to gift my hosts oils & glassware to support their wellness journey AND as gratitude for being bold & willing to share the education + oils with friends. This is sooo important and such a beautiful movement! We truly link arms & while yes, I do sell oils, people buy them when it’s their day. When they are ready to say yes and that’s another beautiful part of this. You can rest easy knowing that your best people will be supported & loved no matter what as they are introduced to oils + this lifestyle. - What do you say? Let’s get something booked! I’d love to send you some swag & teach you this gooooodness I know so dearly 🌿❤️ - *must not be already using dōTERRA or working with another educator. we like to keep it real & not snatch business from others. but if you are just getting started & are feeling the vibe here, I’d love to be your gal pal in this oil lovin & learnin community 🙌🏻 - #oils #freeclass #jointhemovement #theholistichealthmovement #livewell #bewell #choosewell #naturesbeauty #plantsaremedicine #free #holisticliving #holistichealing #intentionalliving #intentionallife #ipreview @preview.app
Pulled this prayer card out because we all probably need to dig a little deeper for strength on Hump Day, right? . Your challenge for today: When you’re tempted to worry or doubt your ability to handle your circumstances, just say out loud: “Jesus is my strength.” And watch it change your day. He is your sufficiency! . Here’s to a productive, peaceful, and purposeful day!🧡 . P.S. You can shop these ‘Prayer Cards’ at cleerelystated.com (Link in bio!) . @christymontgomeryphoto . #cleerelystated #shopcleerelystated
While big bro is obsessed with marriage and family, Master 4 is all about the babies and how they come out of their mums' bellies 🙈 . I've shown him a couple of videos of developing babies in the uterus, and he was enthralled. "I was a seed, then my tail comes off, and I grow into a baby?!" He says with wonder. Pretty much cutie boo. The funny thing is, he thinks Daddy buys his 'seeds' from the shops 😂😂😂 Cracked me up for days. #biology101
Having a positive and grateful attitude is a must!
Make a decision today to choose you. Join me for a Mindset Shift + Reboot session and unlock the power within. (link in bio)
Feel the fear and do it anyway... . . If we surrender to our fears and stay in our comfort zone, we will never know how strong and capable we are . . We may not be able to conquer our fears, but every-time we face them we grow stronger and more resilient. Challenges will keep on coming, face them, take responsibility, learn and grow . . #intentionalsuccess #intentionallife . . #mindsetrewire #mindsetcoach #mindsetshift #mindsetiseverything #mindsetiskey #selfdevelopment #selfgrowth #selfempowerment #intentionalgoals #intentionalliving #faceyourfears #successcoach #risingstrong #dubaicoach #mydubai #coachingtips #coachinglife #dubaicoaching
You know when your friend leaves your house and you have to find a picture of her RIGHT away cause you’ve been reminded how much you love her?! YEAH ME NEITHER. 😭😭 (If you’re like my husband and don’t get it, this is SARCASM. LOL!!) . But actually, @elleerygh, sitting across from you is one of my all time favorite places to be. Let’s talk swimsuits and high school and forgiveness and finger tats any day. Gracias for keepin’ me young! 🤣😘
This book is literally changing my life. 🤯 It is now my 2nd favorite book of all time (after the Bible of course)! I highly recommend it!! 👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks for telling me to read it @carissamagras 💋💋#mindblown #wordnerd #psychocybernetics
For so long I had thought about painting 🎨 I wanted to paint, but I told myself I didn’t know how. I didn’t have the tools. I didn’t know where to start.  Then I stopped and asked myself what is stopping you? The answer was ME. I was the only thing in the way.  So I got some canvases, paint, and brushes and just started. I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun.  I learned I like to paint with my hands more than with a brush. I like to used my fingers! It’s really fun!  What do you want to do that you are not letting yourself do? Comment below👇🏼
Happy First Day of Spring!! 💐  no matter what spiritual season you currently find yourself in, know that the Lord is with you.  he has a plan for you. he loves you.  and He will guide you through it. lean onto Him. lean on your faith.  accept His grace.  and serve Him.  you are so loved! . . #faithbloggers #intentionallife #purposedrivenlife #simplifiedlife #simpleliving #christfollower #christianwomen #belovedbygod #lovedbyhim #christianstyle #savedbygrace #christianlifestyle #christianblogger #faithblogger #scripture #calltobecreative #bedeeplyrooted #letteringhislove #seekthesimplicity #belovedlife #stayjoyfulandkind #lampandlight #livefruitfully #holyspirit #graceupongrace #thankfulandblessed #bethankfultogod #choosejoy #firstdayofspring
“You tell broken things be healed and they’re whole. You tell fear it has no place, it must go. You tell death it has no chance, it won’t win. And if You are for me, God, what can come against?” // 🎶 I discovered this song from my YouTube suggestions on Saturday and have been playing it nonstop ever since!! 😭 Such a humbling reminder of His sovereignty. Thank you @verticalworship for creating such a beautiful song. And thank You, God, for being over all I know. 🙏🏼❤️
The Inner Compass - Presence, Being, Connection ✨ . The Inner Compass online soulful sister circle and personal development group starts this Saturday 24th, we have 2 spots left and we’d love you to join us on this 6 months journey. 6 months to learn, hold space, belong, meet like minded sisters, grow, connect, rise up, find out more about yourself and shift your mindset 🙌🏽 We’ll meet twice a month during that time where strong bonds and friendships will blossom but most importantly you will blossom into more of your truth. . It’s also super low cost at the moment, the exchange is £30 a month 😮 it won’t be this price again. .  The link is in my bio which will give you all the details but you can message me if there’s anything we’ve missed. . What we’ll be covering over those 6 months: . ✨week one - shedding . ✨week two - selves in motion . ✨week three - archetypical explorations . ✨week four - The sacred Pause . ✨week five - heartspace . ✨week six - the sisterhood wound . ✨week seven - feminine flow & leadership . ✨week eight - intentional communication . ✨week nine - the tapestry of purpose . ✨week ten - embodying soul abundance . ✨week eleven - sacred seeing and sharing . ✨week twelve - transitions . Both @into_the_wild_soul And I will be holding the circle together using both of our experiences and unique backgrounds to guide you through the next 6 months. If authenticity, growth, learning, connection and community are your values then this is for you my dear 💙✨