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Family game night! #fridaynight #familytime #intentionalfamilytime #boymom #familyfun
February// COOKING// It rained almost every. single. day. this month. So we brought things inside for a family kitchen themed month. I do all the cooking (except for an occasional weekend breakfast!), and I usually have a helper or two. The kids LOVE to help in the kitchen. This month we wanted to be more intentional with some family cooking times, trying new recipes, and making sure everyone got their turn to make something--even Daddy! A few times I let the kids plan the meal and we made what they decided!! It takes a lot of patience to cook with lots of little hands. I try to be a little hands off and let them do things on their own. They will learn much faster and enjoy it so much more than if we try to micromanage every move. It makes a mess. It doesn't look perfect. We all learn so much and have lots more fun that way!  Was anyone inspired last month to get out and hike more as a family? Or to enjoy your kids more?  Photo has nothing to do with the post. Apparently I don’t take any pics when everyone is in the kitchen. Wonder why? 😹The photo is from our spontaneous trip to Charleston earlier this month. So beautiful and perfect and we want to live there!! 🙌  #rinkfamilyadventures #enjoyyourkids #susannahjoy #josiahray #calebandersen #edenroserink #intentionalfamilytime #makingmemories #futuremen #futurewomen #kidsinthekitchen
Today I was home. Real home. Yes, I am a full time stay-at-home mom but being a SAHM means a lot of chores around the house. For these kids, I know I can sense that sometimes they feel that I am not home because of responsibilities that I need to do. Today was different. I left the chores for a few hours. I just played with them and enjoyed hearing pure giggles as they put "make-up" on Mommy. They only have one childhood and I intentionally want to be part of it. #makingtime  #diaryofasahm #momofthree #grateful #makingfunadventures #intentionalfamilytime
Mother Daughter Weekend event happening in #winnipeg on April 8th. 👭Mother-Daughter photo shoot with @jilldemianiw 👭Mother-Daughter hair and makeup by @primpedndpolished 👭One-night stay Victoria inn and Convention center 👭Mother-Daughter Yoga with @marisaclineyoga 👭Mother-Daughter workshop with Girls Changing the World  www.girlschangingtheworld.com  #spreadlove  #momofthreegirls #motherdaughterteams #winnipeg #ywg #mb #manitoba #interlakemb #exploremb #happyfamilyday #intentionalfamilytime
One of our favorite & easiest Valentine's family activity is to take turns hiding hearts around the house. 💕Then the rest of us find them! 👍🏼Super simple and they LOVE it! Want to do more with it? Write little notes or words of truth on the hearts. 👉🏼Either way it is one very easy way to have fun as a family! • • #intentionalfamilytime #familyfun #familynight #valentines #thrivingfamily #keepitsimple
Ice castles. Robotic snow plow races. Ice skating. St. Paul Winter Carnival. #intentionalfamilytime #loveourcity #snowpantsalldaylong
AD In a world of chaos that pulls us in a million different directions, we have to choose to tame the chaos, get organized, and be intentional with our time spent as a family. @pampersus and @samsclub help our family tame the chaos and spend more time together as a family.  Don’t miss 4 ways to spend quality time together as a family #ontheblog . #linkinprofile  #preppedwithpampers #beautyinthemess #intentionalfamilytime #intentionallife #beintentional #lifestyleblogger #momlife
Five years ago, with a new year round the corner, I proposed to my wife that we make a New Year resolution. I had various plans to accomplish, goals to talk about but to my surprise, even before I started on any of my plans, my wife began to share what was on her mind. www.familymantra.com #familymantrasubscribe #familymantramagazine #familytime #familythatpraystogether #intentionalfamilytime #newyearresolutions
We made a snow sensory bin today. The boys had a blast painting the snow and making snowballs with their scoops. They had a fun for quite awhile. I was going to send them outside with the “paints” (food coloring in water), but didn’t have squeeze bottles for them, so we brought the snow inside to us... plus, this was warmer. (Oh, and don’t mind Bentlee’s face, he slid and collided with the bathtub wall several days ago and the bruise keeps getting worse each day) #boymom #letthembelittle #intentionalfamilytime
Teaching Tristan how to play UNO like a big kid. All while bringing back memories from when I was his age playing with my family at the campground. #intentionalfamilytime
We busted out one of our Santa gifts this afternoon: Race to the Treasure cooperative board game. Lots of fun. And we’re molding the boys into little Carcassonne players, which we totally don’t mind at all. #peaceablekingdom #intentionalfamilytime
Family game night! Cootie, Candy Store, and Wash My Underpants for the win! #intentionalfamilytime #familyfun #boymom #ilovemyfamily  #targetdollarspot
Happy first day of December! We pulled out our Christmas toys last night. I am so looking forward to this season with my big girls!!! . .  First of all Rose was born last year on the 12th which just kind of threw a wrench in the Christmas season. Don't get me wrong she was totally worth it, and the most adorable newborn I have ever seen! But introducing baby number 4  to 3 kids 5 and under is alot of work! Now we have  a busy mobile baby who wants to be involved in everything 😂 good thing she naps a lot! Those big girls of mine now are so excited for Christmas, and I can't wait to do all the Christmas things with them! . . . We like to do Christmas Advent where we do one fun thing a day to get us ready for Christmas! I like to do things we already need to do such as decorate the tree, make cookies for neighbor gifts, Etc. Any suggestions on how to keep us busy for the next 25 days and also teach my kids the beauty of intentionally being together as a family??? I want to build memories at Christmas time that don't just have to do if them getting spoiled by candy and presents! So hard to do! 🎄🎄🎄 . #lettheholidaysbegin #christmastoys #tistheseason #intentionalfamilytime #december1 #adventideas
Natural Christmas decorations prepared together! #slowlife #intentionalfamilytime #upcycling #waldorfprojects
Happy Halloween from the Bridgers Bunch!!! No trick or treating for us!!! We are starting a new tradition, intentional family time in our warm abode, dressing up as our favorite book character and carving pumpkins!!! #happyhalloween #pumpkincarving #my3heartbeats #bridgersbunch #intentionalfamilytime #familylife
#intentionalfamilytime tonight. We carved 1 of 3 of our big pumpkins. 🎃 This was the first time the boys had the experience of carving instead of painting. Neither were fans of the slimy insides so Daddy & Mama did most of the work.  P.S. - Can we talk about how grown up Tristan is looking? 😭#BoyMom #pumpkincarving
This used to be the exit we lived off of when we lived in Atlanta.  I could sit on my porch and see a part of the mountain. ⛰ We decided to take the boys on a hike up Stone Mountain since we were in town for a couple days.  They were too small for a hike before. ⛰ From the bottom to the top is only 1 mile but those inclines are serious, well it is if you haven't done it in a while. ⛰ We did it though!  It was so fun!! We got some good exercise in and the boys had so much fun and too much energy.  We had to keep them from wandering off the whole time.  They loved it! ⛰More pics & vids ➡️ #welovenaturetrails #stonemountain #myguyz #boymom #homeschoolers #2017familyroadtrip #elijahsbirthdayweekend #exerciseonvacation #itsjustabigrock #funners #familyoclock #intentionalfamilytime #grateful
Ready for the tractor parade! #boymom #intentionalfamilytime #ilovemyboys #thisislife