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Weekend with ❤️!!
let’s get this weekend started 💪
I am a series of small victories & large defeats...And I am amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here. 🌻 @house99 @adidas
💉 • The first time i saw you, my heart whispered.. 🖤 that's the one | #newtattoo #sametattoo #samename #handtattoo #fingertattoo #couplegoals #tattooedcouple #lesbiancouple #inkedlesbians #inkedcouple #happygirlfriend #iloveher #myqueen
Enjoy this SLutease... it was all on fleek. Baby hair on fleek. P*ssy on drenched. I hadn't seen her since our soro annual meeting. Even though it wasn't our first encounter, she was still playing hard to get. As soon as her mouth got close to mine, my mouth watered. She was a snack in all ways. I rubbed her upper arms as soon as I noticed she was getting chills. I moved in closely to her ear. I exhaled. The tip of my tongue ran along the top of her earlobe and slide right in. I blew a little air in and she dug her nails into my booty. I moved in closer and she started to finger me. I kissed her neck. Her stroke was killing me softly. She kissed me and I came. She grabbed my hair and bit me below my collarbone. I came again. She took her tongue and..... hi so I have a book coming out March 29. Next week. Support me by ordering a copy. Click the link in my bio. You'll love my book, Come Get It.
Prettyboi .... 😈😜
SWIPE.... 3rd '7 day' flyer 😆😆 FUN FAQ.... Every flyer...every book trailer... most things on my page pertaining to my brand I create. I am a marketing genius, self proclaimed hahah i do have a team but it's all my vision. Im a BAUCE!!!
I’ve been feeling really anxious lately, feeling like I’m not doing enough or going as fast as I want. Partly because I’m super hard on myself and partly because I know I have a lot of goals set on the horizon. . I used to think that tough people could never get anxiety. But that’s not the case, it can affect anyone. However, it’s the tough people that don’t let their anxiety restrain them from moving forward. . If you’re stuck in a funk, take a step back, surround yourself with good vibes, and go lift some heavy ass weight. 💪🏼❤️ #siempreadelante #goodvibes
7 daysss!!! Yo this book, Come Get It.. my Roobies.. pre order your copy now! This book is dope💦🔥 as FUUUCCCKKKKK. you will not be disappointed. Click link in bio to get your copy!!
New 38s 💗 won't need them for long but I love them but I'm nearing my 40mm's and am so excited because I've been waiting a year now to get there!
Car rides. Sunshine. Music. What more can we ask for? ☀️ #puppylove #puglife #adventure