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When it’s a Friday morning and you’re feeling extra AF, oh and you’re in no mood to be bothered with getting to work early! You select the skincare that makes you feel most pampered! Not to mention I spent some time taking this pic 🤣🤣. In all seriousness tho, I love that these power house pieces make my skin feel so comfortable! I mean a little extra dewy, but hey, it Fri-yay!!! • • • • • #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareobsession #skincarecommunity #beauty #beautyroutine #skincarelover #skincarejunkie  #igskincare #skincareluxury #skincaredaily #instaskincare #skincareaddicts #bougie #emulsionecologique #elemis #friyay
Does your collection ever get kinda overwhelming? Same. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I managed to cut down the serums in my stash to only 7 plus a couple samples (which is really good for me). Something about having a lot of products can be really stressful. For my mind, with the clutter, but also for my actual skin with all the switching around. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know I’m not alone so I waned to share my list of serums I need as a reference point to prevent further accumulation. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌸 Protective/antioxidant serum for every morning, the more antioxidants the better! Gold star 🌟 to vitamin C derivatives and broccoli extract for boosting the efficacy of sunscreens. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌸 Hydrating serum for whenever necessary, I look for glycerin and hyaluronic acid (of course! Love hyaluronic!) 🌸 Retinol serum for 3-4 nights per week, ideally also containing niacinamide. 🌸 Soothing serum for sensitivity flare ups. I like centella, squalane, sea buckthorn. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ it’s the weekend so I’m going to try to clean up a bit now 😂 never ends
▫️Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water by Wishtrend▫️ . CLAIMS: This toner claims to help improve pigmentation and heal blemishes. It also claims to help restore hydration while gently exfoliating the skin at the same time without irritation. . SOME KEY INGREDIENTS: Mandelic Acid, Beta-glucan, Panthenol, Centella extract, Sodium Hyaluronate . EXPERIENCE/THOUGHTS: I didn’t care much of Mandelic Acid before. I didn’t even know there was such thing (I’ve still so much to learn and discover!) up until by Wishtrend released this product. With all the hype, plus people having great results with Mandelic Acid in general, I knew I had to try this one out. I felt like it would be a great addition to the products I use to fade PIH. Thankfully, 08L had a campaign for this. . Prior to receiving this, my skin was still adjusting to the glycolic acid I’ve introduced to my routine a while back. My skin underwent purging with it, which frustrated me because I was trying to tackle the PIH I had. (For my skin, Purge=acne=PIH. Also, I have a very bad habit of picking on them, something you shouldn’t do. I know I should know better!) Some people say that with purging, it gets worse before it gets better. I didn’t want any of that so I decided to stop using the glycolic acid for the mean time. . [[ continued in the comment section below ]] . ▫️DISCLAIMER: I received this product from @0.8L_usa and @bywishtrend for a trial fee in exchange for my honest thoughts about it. Thank you for the opportunity! . ❕This review is based on my personal experience. Our skin is different from each other. Whatever works for me may or may not work for you, and vice versa . #skincare #bywishtrend #mandelicacidwater #exfoliate #mandelicacid #beauty #instabeauty #08liter #08l . . . . #kbeauty #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #koreancosmetics #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #asianskincare #rasianskincare #abblogger #skincarelover #skincarediary #skincareaddiction #skincarecommunity
🚿After Shower Story: Right after i get out of the shower, i pat my arms dry then i apply the 🔹Glow Tonic by @pixibeauty immediately followed by 🔹Almond Milk Concentrate by @loccitane @loccitaneusa By no means do these products cure my KP, but they do keep it at bay.
When you run out of a product and realise how much you actually needed it. I use the @narsissist Sheer Glow which I love but it doesn’t look the same when I don’t apply it over this @embryolisse lait-créme. I finally got my hands on this large tube. Do you have any products that just go hand in hand 🤝
And here is the product that has helped my skin recover. @avene_au cicalfate cream. It claims to be a restorative skin cream that helps to restore the skins cutaneous (no idea what this is) barrier. For me this cream has helped heal the aftermath of a blemish. Throughout the day it is like having a protective barrier which has stopped bacteria from my hands causing me to get pimples. At work when I’m stressed I’ll inadvertently touch my face and it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll get a blemish soon after but I can report that no new blemishes have formed and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this cream. I have oily skin and this has not broken me out. I use this in the AM/PM
Today I got my first #sephoraplay box!! No clue why it took me so long to jump on this train, but I’m happy I did! Swipe to see what I got 👉🏻 . . - @drunkelephant Sukari Babyfacial :: so excited to try this!!😍 - @urbandecaycosmetics Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss (SPL) - @lovephilosophy Purity Pore Extractor Exfoliating Clay Mask - @peterthomasrothofficial Skin to Die For Primer - @sephoracollection Rouge Cream Lipstick (The Red) - Bonus: @livingproofinc PHD Shampoo & Conditioner :: I’ve already used this before and am a big fan...happy to have a travel-friendly packet! . . Has anyone tried any of these products? If so, what should I go for first??
Sephora VIB sale!!! I had to stop at Sephora on my way home from work to pick up some goodies. I also made a small online order of a few things that my store didn't have. I will share what I picked up with you guys soon!  #beautyblogger #lifestyleblogger #discoverunder1k #blogginggals #newbieblogger #beautycommunity #bloggerlove #bloggervibes #bloggernation #skincarejunkie #skincare #skincareaddict #skincarelover #skincaretips #igskincare #makeuplover #beautyobsessed #makeup #igbeauty #beautyblog #beautypost #haul #makeuphaul #skincarehaul #sephorahaul  #sephoravibsale
I started a new job last week and I’ve been so tired after work that I haven’t had time to post or even do my proper skincare routine. Although, the change of events has forced me to simplify my routines and I have discovered a new product that is really helping my skin to heal after a nasty blemish from last week.
My humble #shelfie
Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’re having a good day✨  I wanted to talk and give my opinions on the @kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. I did an old review on it when I first started my page but wanted to kinda give a mini review on it again. I don’t hate this first of all, but it’s definitely not made for my skin type at all. I was originally 50/50 on this but now I’m honestly just trying to finish up this jar. I have no clue why but half of the time when I use this it’s great, it does exactly what it claims like with it hydrating my skin etc. Now the other half of the time I apply this and it burns for like 30 seconds. A cream shouldn’t be doing that even If it’s only half of the time. The price point on this is amazing that’s why it’s a shame it makes my face burn sometimes. I really wish it didn’t do that because I would honestly have liked this. When it doesn’t do that it’s actually very nice and nourishing whilst still being hydrating. I’m aware that a lot of people love this and rave about it all the time, but it just isn’t for me. I’ve never had this problem before and my skin generally likes most products I try out, so this is very odd for me. I will be finishing up this jar since I hate wasting products.  Another reason why I won’t be repurchasing this or actually buying any other Kiehl’s product is due to the staff at my specific location being extremely rude and it’s honestly put me off from buying/trying more of their stuff. It’s a shame because I would of liked to give some other products of their a shot but I don’t think I will now.  If you’ve had this problem with this cream or any others please let me know. Also if you might know why it burns I’d love to know that as well!  Have you tried this? If so what did you think and have you tried any other Kiehl’s products? Also how do you deal with rude staff? I just stop buying from there or the brand in general tbh✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Longer, Thicker, Healthier Lashes & Brows! Promo Code: SKIN15 to save 15% & FREE Shipping ‼️‼️PLUS all weekend long, spend over $200 and receive a FREE Organic Tanning Mousse‼️‼️#mothersday (No coupon code needed for Tanning Mousse it will be auto added into shipment) #sale #skincare #blowout #skincareroutine #lash #lashes #brows #microblading #lashenhancement #organic #organicskincare #organiclife #holistichealth #holistic #medicalskincare #professionalskincare #loveyourself #mua #makeup #mascara #skincarejunkie #igskincare #instagood #follow #bossbabe #girlboss #supportsmallbusiness #weekendvibes #transform
@haskhair Monoi Coconut Oil + Keratin Protein Hair Masks I mentioned these in an empties post once, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy these. I use the Monoi coconut oil one about once a week, and it leaves my hair really soft and silky. I only use the Keratin one when I cut my hair, so maybe once every 3-4 months. These are really effective and extremely affordable ($2-3 at @target or @ultabeauty !). .
Is masking a part of your haircare routine? .
. . #thecosmeticcritique #cosmeticcritique  #hask #haskhaircare #haskhair #monoi #coconutoil #hairmask #keratin #arganoil #dewyskin #skincareblogger #beautyflatlay #flatlay #bbloger #skincaredaily #everydaymakeup #beautyblogger #miamiblogger #miamimakeup #productjunkie #igtopshelfie #makeupaddict #makeuptips #drugstoremakeup #affordablemakeup #igskincare #vibrouge #instabeauty #skincare
In honor of 4/20, I’m sharing the CBD skincare in my cabinet! This is all from @craveskincare, a clean skincare line using active botanicals and CBD. CBD is anti-inflammatory (calms the skin) & an anti-oxidant (repairs & protects the skin). Virgin Skin Serum- soothing serum filled with antioxidants that hydrated without leaving skin feeling oily. I like to wear this during the day because it feels so light. I also use it post treatment under SPF to speed up the healing process of the skin. My favorite serum so far!  Radical C Serum- a vitamin C serum with antioxidants to brighten skin tone and protect skin from environmental factors. If you’ve seen my stories lately, this is the vitamin C serum that’s stained a few shirts of mine, and my toothbrush because of it being on my hand. It also leaves a yellow tint on my skin and gets caught in my eyebrows. Other than that, I really do like the serum but I won’t be purchasing again.  Crave Salvation Oil- my winter skin savior, new favorite oil, everything. I also love to use this one post-treatment for its calming & soothing effects. It’s full of antioxidants to protect the skin, and moisturizing but won’t clog pores. I put it on at night and wake up glowing.  This is the first CBD enhanced skincare line I’ve used and I was VERY impressed. I’ll definitely be repurchasing a few of these and have my eye on a few others I want to try 👀
Our Rich Mineral Night Cream is so rich in nourishing ingredients - it will seem like the clock has been turned back when you wake up. Manuka Honey naturally draws and retains moisture in your skin while you sleep. Your skin will be soft and silky when you wake up. Order this luxurious product now, and #nourishyourskin with #manukahoneyskincare for #dewyskin and #refreshedskin. Link in bio.
ORGANIC LIP BALM: 100% organic waxes and oils + natural vitamin e: this balm is housed in an elegant glass jar and contains a generous 15mls of balm (that’s 3 x more than your average stick balm). Haven’t tried it yet? Jump over to the site and add one to your basket. Don’t forget if you sign up to our mailing list, you can grab 20% off your first order and we also offer afterpay! . . . . . . #itgtopshelfie #discoverunder1k #nordstrom #discoverunder5k #organic #organicbeauty #organicskincare #australianorganic #vanities #topshelfie #beautypicks #skincarefavourites #instaskin #naturalskincare #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #cleanskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #safeskincare #beautyroutine #nontoxicskincare #iloveskincare #beautyreview #igskincare #radiantskin #skinhealth #beautifulskin #healthyskin
🦄 f r i d a y  v i b e s🦄 . . messy bun ✔️ leggings ✔️ a good book ✔️ the perfect skin care routine ✔️ . . #emienceorganics eucalyptus cleansing concentrate  #imageskincare vital c hydrating hand/body lotion  #doterra grapefruit essential oil #bathandbodyworks stress relief hand gel #glowrecipe watermelon glow sleeping mask #biossance squalane oil (sample) #jaderoller . . #skintools #skincarediary #skincareroutine #skintips #skinblogger #beautyblogger #esthetician #estheticianlife #esthetics #estylife #skincareroutine #naturalbeauty #instadaily #theeverygirl #proptoit #bloggervibes #skincareluxury #bloglovinbeauty #igskincare #skincarecommunity
Playing around with sunlight ✨ It was finally sunny in Seattle yesterday! I seriously can’t wait for it to be summer... . I got this lovely trio of products from @lelabofragrances and they look so minimal and perfect! All of these have paraben-free, plant-based formulas. . I can never have enough hand creams so this hand pomade is great. It’s creamy, non-greasy, with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peony root, and other good stuff. I love how this feels on my hands, super moisturizing! It has a nice warm, woody scent to it. Their website says it’s a “Hinoki” scent which is a Japanese cypress tree. . The lip balm is equally as moisturizing with jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, and more. It’s a perfectly simple unscented balm that does the job! . I never used a camphor balm before. Camphor is used to relieve soreness and aching muscles (same ingredient used in Vick’s vapor rub). This balm from Le Labo can be massaged into the temples, neck, or wherever you want cooling relief. It contains eucalyptus and black to pepper to help calm and soothe. Really looking forward to trying this one! . #lelabo #lelabofragrances #naturalskincare #plantbasedskincare