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REST Justin💛 You are renewed.. Please include his family in your thoughts and prayers❤️ #hopeforjustin #childhoodcancer  #fucckcancer
Justin would like to let us know that his work here on Earth was  done  Feb 15 the 2018 .He received a call early in the morning at 6:07 am ,a sort of VIP offer he simply couldn't refuse .This assignment comes with a huge sign on bonus ,a reunion with family and friends and furbabies he hasn't seen in a long time or even never meet before. Job security is exactly 110 procent . His new mission takes him to to a wonderful new place .Where he will be super Justin again .No more cancer no more jerk Bill .Where he will be a running , dancing , building Legos ,reading  and cooking . Music ,laughter,jokes giggles and a whole bunches of Love is guaranteed.. Food will be delicious and havenly and he never will gain a ounce. Everything Bacon will be available for his heart desires.  Justin left detailed instructions for his Dory  Mom (me) ,his Bonus Dad Vincente Pierre ,his father & Stepmother ,brother Julian , his step brothers Mike ,Andew and Anthony and Sister Bella bee and stepsisters  Kate ,Michelle , and KP and  Ava  who was not only his girlfriend but also his Best friend in the whole world  who he loved so dearly to celebrate his mission here which now has been completed for him but continues for us who has been left behind until we will receive that same call.  #ijustcame4thecupcakes #hope4justin #hopeforjustin #killbill #teamjustin #4everjustinstrong
Justin earned his wings today. Justin I will never forget you.  On days that my boys are annoying me and being bad I will have patience because of you, because I know how precious life is and how it can be gone in an instant.  Thank you Justin, thank you for teaching me that, and what bravery looks like. I will never forget you.  I am so glad you are free, free from the pain and I imagine you flying, flying high in the sky smiling at us.  One day we will defeat this horrible monster cancer and we will kill all the bill’s for you. I’m sorry for you and so many it will be one day to late. #fuckcancer #fucancer #fuckyoucancer #childhoodcancer #killbill #hopeforjustin #findacureforchildhoodcancer #findacureforcancer #cancersucks
Today I’ll stay in silence in memory of this beautiful soul that the world lost this morning. I got to meet Justin this past August when his family asked for local help to throw him a Halloween party because they didn’t know if he would make it until October. Of course I was down for that, but I had no idea what an awesome person I’d get to meet that day. After that day, Justin and his mom soraya became dear friends of mine. One day in December I took Justin and his Mom on a lunch date, and let me tell you, I’ve had the best time ever. Justin was a beautiful soul and kept everyone around him laughing. He was so funny, he had me in tears from laughing and then tears from sadness knowing that he will leave this earth soon. They gave him a couple month when he was diagnosed with #glioblastoma Today is February the 16th and he just gained his wings, just look how much longer he held on to life. He didn’t want to go, he loved life and his Mom did everything to make all of his bucket list points to come true. And although they haven’t crossed all of them off, they did the majority and I know that was amazing for all of them to be able to spend all this time together and make those memories that are now more important than ever!  I’m devastated about his departure, but I am even more happy I got to meet him, spend time with him, and see him laugh! Love you Justin and Soraya. He will forever be in my heart! ♥️ Justin was 13 years old. • • • • • #cancer #cancersucks #cancerawareness #glioblastomamultiforme #rip #hopeforjustin #killbill #lossofachild #awareness #weneedacure #curechildhoodcancer #curecancer #fuckcancer
Shared from Justin’s incredibly strong and beautiful mother’s page.. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” -Author Unknown  Every day, 46 children are “diagnosed” as heroes, as they must overcome and fight the biggest monster known on earth called "CANCER"  Today is National Childhood Cancer Day. In honor of our hero Justin who has been fighting  one heck of a good fight and still keeps fighting... We simply ask you to find a way to spread awareness for all the children currently  fighting and the ones that follow cause Childhood cancer shows no mercy and most of the times lingers  silently ...and families who have no choice but to fight this disease .But we need to do more  our kids deserve more than just 4% government  funding. We need to find a cure.  #hope4justin #hopeforjustin #killbill @fucck_cancer
#hopeforjustin So sad!
Follow up on a previous post. Today, I completed my custom wooden gun/ammo crate.  This @fn_america #ar57 complete upper runs on the Spider @spikes_tactical lower.  The #glass is #americanmade @blackspideroptics 1-4x24 scope.  My favorite #pewpew #guns #gunsofinstagram #ar15 #spikestactical #blackspideroptics #hopeforjustin #tlkyorkfamily #snowday #custom #woodproject #distressedwood #kaizenfoam #organization #ocd
If there’s one person that has helped me strive to be a better person it’s Justin. He has been the strongest person I have ever seen. Love you man. No matter what you will always be an idol to me. Justin you will always be my hero #hopeforjustin
repost via @instarepost20 from @gypsysoulartistry 💜PLEASE READ💜 this is Justin my stepdaughters best friend in the whole world and he has weeks left to live. My heart breaks for his mother @soraya_pierre  as she is going to go through the unimaginable loss that no mother should have to go through. My heart breaks that my daughter is going to go through his loss as well she cries and tells me I'm not going to be ok, I'm not ready, i love him. I dont think they will ever be the same. Justin made a bucket list and one of the last things on his list is to meet @therock please share , like and coment and pass the word around to help get the rocks attention!! Let's make his last few weeks on earth memorable xoxo Minxy . . . . .#therock #dwaynejohnson #actor #hopeforjustin #hope4justin #killbill #cancersucks #help #love #family #share #life #movies #batman #cancer #artistlife #boy #wish #dream #bucketlist #superhero #hero #heroes #brave #braveboy #beautiful #momlife #momsofinstagram #instarepost20
@therock  #hope4justin #hopeforjustin #killbill
I miss justin but #hopeforjustin #therock #dwaynejohnson
#hopeforjustin🙏💖🙏 @therock please contact this little boys mother, @soraya_pierre, and make his final wish come true as he only has weeks to live. He is losing his fight against brain cancer and he wants to meet you so bad.  Everyone please repost this and help this child get his final wish! 🙏💖 #hopeforjustin  #braincancer #children #childhoodcancer #dwaynejohnson #therock #makeawish #fuckcancer UPDATE: Justin passed away the morning of February 15h. Rest in peace little man
A HUGE thank you shout out to Top Notch BBQ and to our amazing Lawton community  that came out and showed their love  and support  for Justin's Memorial fund Fundraiser #hope4justin  #hopeforjustin #killbill
@therock There's a kid named Justin, he has a very aggressive form of cancer, and he has a bucket list, which he's completed most of, but one of his final wishes is to meet you. Please get into contact with @zaccoxtv and make this happen for Justin. And to my followers, please repost this and tag The Rock and Zac. #hopeforjustin
@therock #hopeforjustin @zaccoxtv 😇
Our son Justin has been given only a few weeks left to live. Nothing would make him happier right now than to meet The Rock!  #hope4justin #hopeforjustin #killbill #gogrey #lastshare #pleasehelp #therock #dwaynejohnson #pleaseshare  Please leave a message below for Justin to read.  http://lawtongrapevine.com/young-cancer-patients-last-request-with-time-to-help/
I know I haven’t posted in like two years, but I feel this is extremely important! Justin has only been given a few weeks to live and we’d like to make his final wish of meeting the rock come true! @therock #hopeforjustin #cancersucks #therock #finalwish #share
Look who came to shoot with us today! This is Justin and he’s fighting a very aggressive type of brain cancer. Through all the hard times though he still manages to keep a smile on his face and keeps everyone around him laughing. He’s probably one of the funniest dudes I’ve  ever met! He is such a brave young fella with tons of fight and lots of humor. He told us the significance of the kill bill on the wrist band, which is what he named his brain tumors (Bill) and when the doctors asked why he responded with “ because we’re gonna kill it and keep it moving”. I just thought that said so much about the type of person he is and made me even more of an admirer than I already was. And for those wondering why the wrist bands were grey... grey is the color for brain cancer awareness, so if you see something involving brain cancer be sure to get it. Even if you don’t like grey lol you know it’s going toward a great cause!  If you guys want to know more about this young man you can visit his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/hope4justin2017/ and follow his journey! And the next time you post some you can always randomly throw in his hashtag #hopeforjustin just for fun. He loves it lol and it also helps spread awareness for victims of brain cancer.
Shop for a cause!! Join me as we raise funds to help with medical expenses for a sweet family. They’re about to loose their 13 year old to brain cancer! #lularoe #lularoefundraiser #fundraiser #cancersucks #beatcancer #hopeforjustin #killbill