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Well hello there! Remember me?! 👋😁 I figured it was high time to get back on here and give you all an update, as I know it’s well overdue! While I’d love to say I’ve been hard at work and painted up a storm in my absence, unfortunately that’s just simply not the case. Truth is, this pregnancy is kicking my butt! I’m celebrating 27 weeks today, 13 more to go and it can’t come soon enough! This little, are you ready for it....BOY, is giving his mama a hard time already! I’ve been sick as a dog through most of it, and even now as I’m about to enter my third trimester, spend some mornings hanging my head over the toilet bowl! Ugh!! But that aside, everything is on track, and he looked absolutely perfect at his  anatomy scan so Hub’s and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Although hunching over my desk is getting harder by the day, I’m going to make a more concerted effort to get some work done and get back to a regular routine/schedule before our little man arrives. I hope you’ve all been truly well in my absence and I want to give a massive thank you for hanging in there with me! Have a fantastic day guys, I’ve missed you!! 🌸💖🧢 #goodmorning #itsaboy #happydays
Continuelle re-découverte du pouvoir apaisant et fondateur des mythes et des rituels. #lemythesorcier #hocart #mythe #sorcière
Rose Eleanor Milne was Dominion Sculptor from 1961 to 1993. She was born on May 14, 1925 in Saint John, New Brunswick.  After many years of study in Montreal, London and the United States, she developed an interest in traditional styles of sculpture, particularly Medieval Gothic.  In 1962, she was the first woman to be appointed Dominion Sculptor and the fifth person to hold this position.  Her vision and talent contributed enormously to the character of the Centre Block. The frieze “History of Canada”, a frieze in the House of Commons foyer and the twelve panels that make up the “British North America Act” series in the House of Commons Chamber are two of her most recognized contributions.  #hocart #eleanormilne #dominionsculptor #centreblock #parliamentbuildings #canadianart #canadianartist #iwd2018
Combining the boldness of the Romanesque style with the naturalism and delicacy of Gothic sculpture, the limestone reliefs are meant to be read like the sculptures of medieval buildings. Researched and designed by R. Eleanor Milne, this series was sculpted on site by nine carvers between 1962 and 1974.  #hocart #eleanormilne #dominionsculptor #centreblock #parliamentbuildings #canadianart #canadianartist #iwd2018
The “History of Canada” series is a monumental frieze consisting of low and high reliefs with a total length of over 30 metres. The sculptures in the series form a narrative depicting the development of our country, bookended with the arrival of the First Peoples and the settlement of the United Empire Loyalists, and covering such signal events as the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, the arrival of the railway, and the Klondike Gold Rush.  This part from the sixth set of the frieze, entitled “Teaching and Education”, shows a woman teaching a group of children.  #hocart #eleanormilne #dominionsculptor #centreblock #parliamentbuildings #canadianart #canadianartist #iwd2018
When the panels were installed, critics described them as fine specimens of mural art, typical of Crisp's bold and colourful style. Toronto Saturday Night published photographic reproductions of the paintings, and commented on their artistic qualities and sublime effect on the room’s interior decoration.  #hocart #arthurcrisp #centreblock #parliamentbuildings #canadianart #canadianartist
In the early 1920s, the Reading Room received an elaborate classical treatment recalling the dignity and stateliness of the English Palladian style.  Photo 1: On the south wall, the dominant panel is entitled The Spirit of the Printed Word, a symbolic sketch representing the diffusion of knowledge. The allegorical figure holds up the torch of knowledge, and a mirror reflecting the news of the world. The boys represent mechanical phases in the printing process. The dove represents good tidings, and the messenger pigeon symbolizes the transmission of information.  Photo 2: Across the room, above the north entrance, is The Printed Word, a more literal companion panel expressing the purpose of a reading room devoted to newspapers. This painting celebrates the achievements of the press. The panel features a printing press from the 1920s, with a group of sturdy pressmen examining a proof sheet. This represents the printing industry in Canada, and implies that the dissemination of information related to the affairs of the country is essential to a strong and free society.  #hocart #arthurcrisp #centreblock #parliamentbuildings #canadianart #canadianartist
Over 5,000 works of art make up the House of Commons Heritage Collection, reflecting the talent and creativity of Canadian artists.  Arthur Watkins Crisp is one of these artists. Born in Hamilton, Ontario on April 26, 1881, he was a well-known painter, muralist and designer. His work has been featured in many public spaces such as theatres, hotels and office buildings, as well as in private homes in both Canada and the United States.  One of his greatest achievements was commissioned in March 1920 and installed by March 1922 in what was then the Reading Room in Centre Block. The entire project, featuring seventeen panels, was carried out using marouflage, a technique whereby the painting is produced on canvas and is then glued directly to the surface of the wall.  The murals on the south and north walls celebrate printing and the power of the printed word. The murals in each corner depict the economic life of Canada's different geographic regions. The remaining panels along the east and west walls list the names of provinces and are illustrated with fanciful trees and birds. The work as a whole is an excellent example of mural painting in Canada following the First World War.  #hocart #arthurcrisp #centreblock #parliamentbuildings #canadianart #canadianartist
Watching Mr Bean @ mandarin oriental #mandarinoriental #mrbean #alexababy #hocart
Today we remember #monsieurpaul. Happy birthday Chef #paulbocuse. #hocart
New Tuen mun play Mates #tuenmunvisit #hocart #alexababy #happybaby
Tonight's menu. #hocart #yountville #comfortfood
Tonight's menu. #hocart #yountville #comfortfood
Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄✨ I’m sure you’re all wondering where I’ve disappeared to this past month. Well let’s just say Christmas came early to our house this year. I must have made the nice list cuz... • 🎅🏻 *** swipe left *** 🎅🏻 • Yep, can hardly believe it and we’re over the moon!! So needless to say, my long absence is due a truly awful battle with morning sickness (which should be renamed ALL-bloody-DAY sickness!) and it has rendered me pretty much useless. Despite a desperate need to be in the studio, I simply can’t manage it at the moment. I’m hoping as I now transition into my second trimester things calm down and I can get back to work. Until then, I wish you all a truly wonderful holiday season and may all your wishes come true! 💖🎄✨ #blessed #werehavingababy #comingjuly2018
It’s a busy weekend over here in the studio! I hope you’re all enjoying the official kickoff to the holiday season! 🎄🎉🌸✨ #christmasiscoming #weekendvibes #cheers
This morning is all about color and @hocnyc has plenty of it for you to feast on! Her beautiful art is just exploding with happiness & joy! There is more in our stories, it was hard to choose just a few ✨ But really, you must head on over to her feed and check out all this gorgeousness yourself- you won’t regret it! . . Follow us here & Tag your colorful ink, watercolor & gouache art pieces with #modern_watercolor so we can find it and feature you too❣️ . . . . . #hocdaily #houseofcochrane #hocart #patterns #dspattern  #art #colorpop #artistsofinstagram  #contemporaryartist #abstractpainting #contemporaryart  #inspiring_watercolors  #waterblog  #originalartwork #watercolourart #watercolorart #watercolors  #contemporarypainting #watercolorandink #watercolours #watercolorpainting #dailyarts #artist_features #artnews #modernart #artblog
No time to paint, Turkey Day prep in full swing! I hope it’s a stress free afternoon if you’re elbows deep like me in the kitchen today! Enjoy!! 🦃😁🍷🎶🎉 #goodmorning #winecanfixit #gobblegobble
A more muted palette on the desk then my norm, we’ll see where it goes. I’ll have to wrap up for today though, time to pick up the gobbler from the shop! 🦃 #happytuesday #wip #hocdaily
Some Monday morning blooms. Now, more coffee! ☕️🌸✨ #goodmorning #monday #hocdaily
Welcome weekend! Brush down, back away from the desk, it’s time get our Friday on! (Before I’m ready to turn in by 10 pm.) Have a great evening everyone! 😜🍕🍻🎶 #cheers #friyay #hocdaily