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Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle (French: 15 June 1906 – 31 March 1994) was a Walloon Belgian politician and Nazi collaborator, who founded Rexism and later joined the Waffen-SS. He was the leader of the Sturmbrigade Wallonien which were front-line troops in German combat operations against the Soviet Union. After World War II, he was a prominent figure in neo-Nazi movements. *!!! Follow my instagram if you love 😍!!! History : ➡ @we_love_history_ig 👫 #love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . #credit: @history.militaria #we_love_history_ig
At this site, ex Dunder Mifflin paper salesman, Jim Halpert aka "Big Tuna," heroically protected his family from an invasion of sound sensitive aliens. Thank you @iamzeroedin for help in finding this place and for keeping the memory of Tuna's heroism alive.
“…the Bostanic Basha – the head gardener at the Topkapi Palace – was summoned to the dungeons where the torture chamber was carved deep into its subterranean walls.  As mandated by decree, his duties as head gardener required that he become expert in the macabre arts of torture and execution.” #gardener’sharvest #bostanicbasha #headgardener #headexecutioner  #thejinnandthesword #historicalfiction #whattoreadnext #amreading #mustread #historylover #historybuff
A Japanese transport camouflaged with palm trees being attacked by the US Air Force during WWII, 1942, near New Britain. #ww2 #war #thehistorywire #historynerd #historic #historybuff #historyinpictures #historical #historylover #history
The Blount County & Cades Cove museums sponsored a weekend Civil War Encampment at the historic Thompson-Brown House in Maryville, April 21-22, 2018.  Thank you Tammi Ford @blountchamber for reminding me to head over to this event!  The weather was perfect, the food was awesome and the people incredible. . . . . . . . . #blountcounty #maryvilletn #maryville #alcoatn #alcoa #tennessee #cadescove #blountchamber #civilwar #civilwarhistory #civilwarreenactment #civilwarmedicine #openroadsmedia #livinghistory #thompsonbrownhouse #knoxville  #easttn #easttennessee  #tn #history #museum  #historical  #historybuff #blount  #865 #865life
Historic preservation is, in and of itself, a sustainable activity and Dumbarton House strives to be a leader not only in preserving the historic structure of the museum but also in conserving valuable environmental resources. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability at dumbartonhouse.org/green-dumbarton-house (link in the bio ☝🏼)
On this day in 1777, a British force leaves #newyork, intending to raid #danbury, #connecticut. Nearly 2000 British arrived by boat on April 25. The next day, they were in Danbury, ransacking the town, setting fires, and getting drunk. Unsurprisingly, the British arrival prompted #american messengers to take off in all directions, spreading the word. One of these was Sybil Ludington, 16-year old daughter of a militia commander. She rode throughout the night to muster the men in her father’s militia. In the meantime, Brig. Gen. Benedict Arnold, Gen. David Wooster, and Brig. Gen. Gold Silliman were nearby and set off for Danbury with 600 men. They arrived on the night of April 26, not too long after the British began ransacking that town. They decided to attack the next day. The next morning, the British had left Danbury and begun their trek back to the coast, taking a return route through the town of #ridgefield. Arnold and Wooster divided their forces and took up pursuit. Wooster and his 200 men clipped the British from the rear. They had some success until Wooster fell, mortally wounded. In the meantime, Arnold and Silliman had gone ahead to set up a barricade for the British, but Arnold was soon outflanked, nearly captured, and forced into retreat. Arnold tried again the next day! By then, he had new reinforcements (including Ludington’s men). In fact, Arnold would soon have about 3,000 militia! He set up another barricade, but Tryon circumvented it with the help of a Loyalist. One last American attempt was rebuffed by a bayonet charge before the British finally left, having suffered twice as many casualties as the Americans. FULL STORY: TaraRoss.com #tdih #americanhistory #history #liberty #freedom #throwback #revolution #americanrevolution #usa #classicalconversations #cthistory #historybuff #sharethehistory
A look at Native American cliff dwellings as they were....pieces of Colorado history .... #colorado #mesaverde #historybuff #cliffdwellings #nationalpark
Happy Earth Day  Compton Oak, Historic Williamsburg, Virginia Hybrid (live oak and overcup oak) 70' tall 97' wide 14' trunk circumference  #colonialwmsburg #18thcenturyamerica #shopping #historybuff #ilovehistory #colonialamerica #colonialwilliamsburg #earlyamericanhistory #historicwilliamsburg #trees #treesofinstagram #oaktree #earthday
One Shot Wonder: The Super Pershing – Part I _ Although the 90mm M3 main gun of the M26 Pershing came as a warm welcome to the American tank crews that were lucky enough to operate the tank in the closing stages of WW2, which was capable of tackling the thick armor of the Panther and Tiger I, U.S. Army officials still wrestled with the fact that the gun would probably struggle against the armor of the Tiger II.  It was thus decided to up-gun the Pershing and increase its overall armor configuration for such a task, in case one should present itself. The 90mm T15E1 L/73 gun, an anti-tank gun with a menacing 21-foot-long barrel initially designed specifically to tackle the Tiger II, was chosen as the new replacement for the tank’s main cannon. With a muzzle velocity of 3,850 feet per second, it was capable of penetrating 13 inches of armor at just 100 yards.  Based on the first Pershing prototype, this new vehicle was designated as the T26E4 Pilot Prototype No. 1. A second prototype using the T15E2 gun was then designed based on the T26E3 model (like those sent to Europe), and this was designated as the T26E4 Pilot Prototype No. 2.  In the spring of 1945, with the first twenty M26s arriving in Germany, the first prototype of the “Super Pershing” was shipped to Europe in March. Upon arrival it was assigned to the 33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division and tested. The tank was given additional armor plating on the frontal hull, lower glacis, and turret (which you can make out in these two images). This increased frontal armor to 102mm (3 inches). The plate welded onto the gun mantlet was actually an 88mm-thick plate taken from the upper glacis of a Panther tank. _ 📷: The T26E4 Super Pershing, pictured and depicted above after arriving in Europe in 1945 and receiving its field modifications by 3rd Armored Division maintenance personnel.
"Fleet Foot" This tile is a 5" x 5"tile from my Little Works collection. This piece is based on an Anasazi petroglyph found at Newspaper Rock, Utah, where big horn sheep were an important part of life. . . 👉 Original and prints for sale. . www.katiefitzgeraldart.com . . . . #bigmagic #arrtposts #mixedmediaart #mixedmediaartist #historybuff #history #finearts #artbusiness #artconsultant #artconsultants #sundaybest #interiordesigner #officedecor #handmadeart #handmadegifts #petroglyphs #westerndecor #newspaperrock #bighorns #bighornsheep #animalartist  #afinefinishstudio #welcomearts #art_viral #historylover #historynerd #printsforsale #artcollection #interiordesignideas #interiordesignlover
Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and Josef Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in Germany, July 1945. Truman gives the following account of the conversation in the Year of Decisions, page 416: “On July 24 I casually mentioned to Stalin that we had a new weapon of unusual destructive force. The Russian Premier showed no special interest. All he said was that he was glad to hear it and hoped we would make ‘good use of it against the Japanese."
Hidden Treasures — Along a hedgerow in Huntington Park lies three unassuming barrels in various stages of rust and sun-bleaching. These three artifacts, just outside and across the lawn from @virginiawarmuseum , are in fact 8”/55 RF Mk 16, taken from USS Newport News (CA-148) when she was scrapped in 1993. The last slide shows USS Newport News with her decks littered by auto-ejected shell casings from these guns, taken during operations in the Gulf of Tonkin during December 1967. - These awesome weapons featured an automatic loading system, allowing the turret crews to be as small as 44 men. Motors operated shell hoists, cartridge hoists, and rammers for each gun, tripling the rate of fire over previous 8” designs and reducing the human handling to simply placing cartidges and shells into the hoists. After firing, the extracted casings were ejected from the turrets by chutes under each barrel. Rate of fire was an impressive 10 rounds per minute, as compared to the 3-4 rpm possible on preceding classes armed with Marks 12 and 15. Armor penetration was 10” vertical at 10,800 yds, with deck penetration up to 4” at 27,600 yds. Maximum range was 30,050 yds at 41° elevation. - The guns could also be loaded at any angle, a critical progression for the heavy cruiser line. Unfortunately, Newport News was the last heavy cruiser laid down by the US that was carried to completion, though she commissioned three and a half month earlier than her older sister, making USS Salem (CA-139) the last USN heavy cruiser ever commissioned. Nine of the planned class of 12 were cancelled, the only other completed being USS Des Moines (CA-134), lead ship of the class. Salem is now preserved in Quincy, MA (@uss_salemca139 ). - A faulty shell explosion aboard Newport News in 1972 caused extensive damage by detonating the contents of the automatic hoists feeding the center gun of Turret II. 20 men were killed in the accident, and the only replacement system had been scrapped nearly
You can find us in the Upoming games on Steam! Release on Wednesday 25th of April!! Getting kinda pumped! ... #panzerhearts #panzer #tank #buildingtanks #ww2 #history #gamedev #game #visualnovel #romance #dating #alternatehistory #indiegame #indiegamedev #historybuff #warhistory #love #loveandwar #armor #armored #maketanksnotwar #vndev #steamgames #upcoming
We will have a limited amount of Hamilton coasters at our May 5th show! Come early, they will go fast!  #heartandhomemktplace #may5 #madeinohio #handmade #shopsmall #hamilton #hamiltoncoasters #coasters #homedecor #historybuff
The @parkerpalmsprings hotel used to be the very first Holiday Inn in California...then was purchased by Gene Autry... then became a Givenchy hotel. That’s not even the end of it before the Parker was born. 🌴✨ 🌵 #palmspringslife #palmspringshistory
As promised the photos and typed up copy of the notebook. This is from a Private John D. of the 363th Regiment of the 91st Division coming home in 1919! I love how he documented who were the cooks and burglar. I made one major edit and that was changing foocheau to foo chow in the typed copy because I cannot figure what else it would of meant! Note I have edited last names and addresses out so that is kept unpublished!  Pg. 1 Left Prèaux France March 17 by rail from Nogent to St. Nazaire arriving at 8:30 March the 18 went to camp no. 2 over night. Left for the boat March 19 and loaded at 1:30 PM left the dock at 5 PM and anchored in harbor till the next morning 20 pulled out for USA landed at Hoboken NJ pier no. 7.  Pg. 2 USS Liberator with 1239 men and 26 officers and boat crew of 200 men. Took ferry from pier 7 where we were fed pie coffee bun and candy by the red cross ladies and cigarettes and gum and candy by knights of Columbus and salvation Army and Jewish Welfare. Landed over across the bay and were fed apples and gum and candy and tobacco cigarettes by the Knights of Columbus and Jewish welfare and Knights of Columbus were given (Foo Chow) post cards by all organizations took a train from there to camp Merritt. Went into billets and went through cootie mill (delousing facility) that night. April 3 moved from there billets to block 13-f-10 and on Sunday the 6 turned in guns and packs and Monday morning the 7 the was busted up camp Sherman.  Pg.3  Boys moved over to block 10-f-13 and are now waiting our orders to move to camp Sherman. Was on detail at warehouse no. 11 the 10 April and 12 left camp Merritt April 15 at 1 PM in train at Dumont NJ for camp Sherman on the NYCRR at 3:30 PM west New York at Philadelphia at 8 PM got out of bed at 11:30 PM at Baltimore Maryland and were fed sandwiches and coffee was at Cumberland Maryland at 7:30 AM 4/16 at Piedmont 8:30 AM at Grafton west Virginia 11:30 AM was at Parkersburg West Viriginia at 205 PM at Athens 3:20