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It's not a secret that my daughter is cute. It's not a secret that we have homeless people in America . But somehow, I only just discovered we have a shelter for the homeless here in our county. .  So my cute elfin daughter went through and let go of some her toys and we found the house and we carried the toys in with help from the nice lady there. There are 20 some children in residence there. Hope and haven are in the name. .  Giving is a Christmas gift we give ourselves. But Waiting for Christmas is very difficult at 4. No secret there either. .  #fionamariepeach #elf #giving #mywisdomlessons #taleswithfriends #herheadisgoingtoexplode #santabetterhurryup
I don't care if it takes her all night!! I'm not helping! And she had the nerve to ask me if I have a pump. Do I look like Toysrus or a bike shop! #herheadisgoingtoexplode #idontcare #whoaskedhertobuythis
On our way to see @theaquabats !!! Lucy is wearing her costume and brought @iamlilbub along. #aquabats #dallas #youngfan #lilbub #herheadisgoingtoexplode #eaglebonesisherfavorite @blackwolf88 @fuser_grind