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Happiness is homemade. 🙂🍳🍴
Sharing with you all- a plate of🍕🥦🍅veggie goodies: 1/3 of a pita pizza, tomato topped with split pea “hummus”, garlic roasted baby portabella mushrooms. Quite the random plate, but works so well when ya girl’s huuungry!!! Tonight, i’m grateful for friends who drag you out to trivia tuesday even when work is sucking the living hell out of you 🙏🏼 💕
What’s weird is I had soft shell tacos twice over the weekend (one blackened fish, one bbq chicken) AND I had some nachos!!! Fully did not expect to lose 1.2 pounds in the last 7 days but somehow I did and I’m so happy. I feel I made better choices (got veggies with the tacos instead of rice) and that’s what it’s all about. Making better choices. And I counted my calories as best I could the entire time. Pretty proud of myself. I guess the moral of this saying is, you don’t have to completely give up Mexican food! Lol #backontrack #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #lowcarb #healthy #dedication #motivation #inspiration #determination #transformation #weightloss #hangryforhealth #weightlossjourney #believeinyourself #livelifefully #foodie
10-Minute Breakfast Pizza for dinner anyone 🙋🏼‍♀️not feeling like spending too long in the kitchen tonight as I'm currently reading 'Ready Player 1' and loving it, so need fast food ya. Make it 👉top one tortilla wrap with 1 @sacla_uk fiery chilli pesto pot, handful of black beans and some cherry tomatoes. Crack an egg in the middle, and bake in a pre-heated oven for 6-8 minutes or until egg is done to your liking. Top with some greens, half an avo, and get back to doing whatever it is you want to do 😜
Back on my bullshit 🥑🥦🥩 I tried keto once before and basically used it as an excuse to eat all the cheese (which I really can’t do) so this time I’m doing a dairy-free keto! Probably just for a couple weeks but figured it would be good for a change up. Tell me some of your fave dairy free keto snacks!
Prepped some southwest veggie wraps 🌯
Loaded #sweetpotatonachos with chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, coriander, avocado and mozzarella (because melted cheese is always a winner). Might have gone a bit overboard with the Sriracha as there is now a fire in my mouth! 🔥 But this is nevertheless one of my favorite #vegetarian version of a classic nacho plate. Love it. 🌿 Ciaooo! 💛👩🏼‍🍳
STEAK STRIPS with DIABLO POTATOES . So your metabolism is linked to every body function; it also plays an important role in: • weight management • the aging process • your energy levels • mood • libido + reproduction (the higher your metabolism the greater the sex hormone production – giddy up) • digestion • and pretty much everything else related to living! . My next post will teach you how to understand your metabolism via Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) . Are you getting enough quality calories daily to nourish your metabolism?
👨‍🍳🖤 En Simple apostamos por una cocina abierta para que puedas ver la elaboración de tus platos. ¡Te esperamos! ___________________________________________________ #grupotanit #simpletanit #torredelmar #málaga #mlg #instafood #picoftheday #foodporn #befitfoods #hangryforhealth #healthcuisines #foodie #foodies #foodblogger #cook #chef #tastyfood #cooking
#hangryforhealth #food
Mix ✌🏼 frozen bananas, ✌🏼 tablespoons desiccated coconut and ✌🏼 teaspoons chia seeds and you’re in coconut #nicecream heaven. 🥥🌴 Just sayin’! Buongiorno a tutti! ☀️
Some kind of poke/sashimi situation. Pretty perfect if you ask me. 💛
Happy Monday friends ☕️
ROAST CHICKEN WITH A TAMARI TWIST . Yeeeewww!!! I thought we’d gone bat-shit crazy after deciding to put Asian flare on what started out as a traditional roast chicken dinner with the usual suspects -- peas + potato -- as sidekicks (no, not the processed “just add water” instant packets of Sidekicks I remember from my younger years). . I haven’t always been this pure — as I reach for my morning margarita. But since you’ve got me thinking about margaritas… it is Monday… NO Erica. You have to wait until at least noon (alarm set). . So please trust us on this one. You can enjoy all the comforts of a traditional roast dinner, but make this ginger, garlic, tamari sauce and you’ll be side-kicking your way to the dinner table. 🙈
VEGGIE CURRY RICE 🥘🍚 This is the quickest dinner & so easy with curry cubes! . . . In a pot of 2 cups water, boil potatoes until cooked. Stirfry veggies (carrots, broccoli, squash, mushroom, tofu) on a pan for 5 mins. Season with salt. Pepper, garlic powder. Add the veggies to potatoes and water. Throw in a curry cube mix and stir well. Simmer until thickens. Serve over brown rice 👍🏼 Good night🙏🏼❤️
Yummy spinach chickpea and fruit salad topped with sunflower seeds and a side of grilled peppers 🌶
I've been on a soup craze for the last little while and especially now that the temps are low to subzero. Tonight's supper is vegan cream of spinach soup garnished with @daiyafoods vegan cheese & coupled with organic sweet potato crackers. ⏩Ingredients: ▪ Organic spinach ▪ 1 can of coconut milk (full fat) ▪ 1 can of organic chickpeas ▪ 1 cup vegetable broth ▪ 1 onion chopped ▪ 1 tomato chopped ▪ Ground ginger ▪ Ground cumin ▪ Ground turmeric ▪ Ground nutmeg ▪ Paprika ▪ Parsley ▪ Thyme ▪ Oregano ▪ Basil ▪ Chili peppers ▪ Black pepper ▪ Sea or Himalayan salt ⏩Directions: ▪ Sauté onion, tomato, spinach & chickpeas until soft. ▪ Add coconut milk, vegetable broth & a pinch of all spices & cook until boiling & chickpeas is completely tender. ▪ Using an immersion blender, blend until all contents are pureed. ▪ Simmer on low for 10 minutes. ▪ Garnish with cheese & chow down with organic sweet potato crackers. Many people think soups are not satiating, but this is not the case at all. This soup has all 4 food groups and fills those hunger pangs because of the chickpeas. Bon appétit y'all!! 😋 xo...Farah 💕 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 #nomnom #mealprep #nutrition #healthyfood #vegetarian #recipe #vegan #eatclean #eatplants #plantpower #plantbased #hangryforhealth #dish #vegansofig #food4thought #food #whatveganseat #healthyeating #gymfood #dairyfree #fitfood #fitnessfood #delish #veganlife #healthylife #snack #veganlife #veganfoodshare #whatsyummyyummyinmytummytummy #glutenfree #organic
Zucchini stuffed with turkey, red peppers, onions. #nomnomnom #weightlosstransformation #foodisfuel #sundayfunday #justeatit #foodislife #hangryforhealth